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The Downer Party

Aug 7, 2022 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Casey

The Downer Party
10:00 AM
Brian Eno - Baby's On Fire
Brian Eno Baby's On Fire
Here Come The Warm Jets Island 1973


10:05 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:06 AM
All Bad - Shut Up
All Bad Shut Up
No Good Get Better Records 2017
10:08 AM
Dark Thoughts - Psycho Ward
Dark Thoughts Psycho Ward
At Work Stupid Bag 2018
10:10 AM
Mike Krol - An Ambulance
Mike Krol An Ambulance
Power Chords Merge Records 2019
10:13 AM
The Saints - Wild About You
The Saints Wild About You
(I'm) Stranded EMI 1977
10:16 AM
Teengenerate - This Is Rock'n Roll
Teengenerate This Is Rock'n Roll
Wild Wild Teengenerate Wild Wild 1996


10:18 AM
Bikini Kill - Capri Pants
Bikini Kill Capri Pants
Reject All American Kill Rock Stars 2012
10:20 AM
Harlem - Disneyland
Harlem Disneyland
Free Drugs ;-) Female Fantasy 2008
10:22 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:26 AM
Mannequin Pussy - Cream
Mannequin Pussy Cream
Patience Epitaph 2019

Playing Underground Arts on October 15th as part of the multi-venue Philly Music Fest with Screaming Females and many more

Festival poster for Philly Music Fest

Bandcamp | CD | Tickets

10:28 AM
Subhumans - Subvert City
Subhumans Subvert City
The Day the Country Died Spiderleg Records 1983
10:32 AM
Silkworm - Penalty Box
Silkworm Penalty Box
It'll Be Cool Touch and Go Records 2004
10:35 AM
Pity Sex - Drown Me Out
Pity Sex Drown Me Out
Feast Of Love Run For Cover Records 2013
10:38 AM
Jawbox - Spiral Fix
Jawbox Spiral Fix
Novelty Dischord 1992
10:43 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

PSA for Latin-American Legal Defense and Education Fund (LALDEF)


10:47 AM
Deeper - Taxi
Deeper Taxi
Deeper Fire Talk 2018
10:50 AM
Froth - Passing Thing
Froth Passing Thing
Outside (Briefly) Wichita Recordings 2017
10:55 AM
The Chameleons - View From A Hill
The Chameleons View From A Hill
Script of the Bridge Statik Records 1983
11:01 AM
Horse Jumper Of Love - Stray Dog
Horse Jumper Of Love Stray Dog
So Divine Run For Cover Records 2019

Playing several Philadelphia and New York metro area shows the next few months, including at the Ukie Club in Philly on August 13th and Union Transfer October 1st opening for Indigo de Souza

Bandcamp | Vinyl | Tickets

11:04 AM
Slowdive - Celia's Dream
Slowdive Celia's Dream
Just for a Day Creation Records 1991
11:08 AM
Yo La Tengo - Nowhere Near
Yo La Tengo Nowhere Near
Painful Matador 1993

Returning to the area on September 24 for Frantic City music festival in Atlantic City.


CD | Tickets

11:14 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:17 AM
King Tubby - Roots Of Dub
King Tubby Roots Of Dub
The Roots of Dub Total Sounds/Grounation 1975
11:20 AM
Flaccid Mojo - Dyslexic Uptalk
Flaccid Mojo Dyslexic Uptalk N
FM Castle Face 2022
11:27 AM
Versing - Entryism
Versing Entryism
10000 Hardly Art 2019
11:33 AM
The Clean - Diamond Shine
The Clean Diamond Shine
Vehicle Flying Nun Records 1990
11:36 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

PSA for Attic Youth Center


11:39 AM
Positive No - Northern Aggressor
Positive No Northern Aggressor
GLOSSA Little Black Cloud Records 2015
11:44 AM
The Breeders - Do You Love Me Now
The Breeders Do You Love Me Now
Last Splash 4AD 1993
11:47 AM
Ratboys - Control
Ratboys Control
GN Topshelf Records 2017
11:52 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:53 AM
Jeremy Cunningham, Dustin Laurenzi & Paul Bryan - Everything
Jeremy Cunningham, Dustin Laurenzi & Paul Bryan Everything N
A Better Ghost Northern Spy 2022
Chat is archived.
Casey (host) 10:06:41 AM
Welcome everyone. Chat is open!
TAndy 10:51:26 AM
Sick show so far Casey
Casey (host) 10:55:25 AM
Thank you!
TAndy 10:55:59 AM
Dude that Froth!! Just got added to my wishlist
Casey (host) 10:56:53 AM
That album is great! I remember seeing a lot of buzz around it when it came out but not much since then
TAndy 10:58:42 AM
Before I buy I'll have to check out their KEXP liveset, possibly later when I'm out ;)
TAndy 10:59:57 AM
Also appreciate the bandcamp links when applicable, wish Spinitron had that functionality by default.
Casey (host) 11:09:40 AM
Yeah definitely a perk to using it vs. the old playlists on our website
Casey (host) 11:10:05 AM
Fortunately I am of the MySpace generation, the last to learn HTML on their own
TAndy 11:11:15 AM
Oh sick. If Tumblr stayed caught on for another few years I would have been proficient enough myself.
TAndy 11:11:55 AM
Just wish things were as simple as BBcode lol
Casey (host) 11:17:22 AM
I actually learned from writing wikis. Tumblr had some interesting stuff though. You don't see people using custom cursors anymore
TAndy 11:18:55 AM
oh hell yeah king tubby. And yeah, the whole customized individual look is almost extinct now, you're lucky to even change your avatar on some sites anymore.
Casey (host) 11:23:19 AM
There is a new platform called NeoCities that's trying to bring back some of the amateurish (for lack of a better word) 90s style. I think Pax is working on one for consolidating their playlists and portfolio
TAndy 11:25:52 AM
oh word?? I completely forgot about neocities, nice!
Casey (host) 11:30:41 AM
Yeah I helped them collect some of their old playlist data a few weeks back. Idk how close it is to finished though
TAndy 11:33:22 AM
Can't wait to see how that looks, building a website must be dope
TAndy 11:36:31 AM
About to head out, thanks for the show Casey! That Yo La Tengo album is def getting a listen in the car
Casey (host) 11:48:00 AM
Have a good one! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday