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Jul 28, 2022 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

With Lizbot


5:02 PM
Ticc Tacc ft. Ambersunshower - War
Ticc Tacc ft. Ambersunshower War
War Astralwerks
5:06 PM
R.L. Crutchfield's Dark Day - No, Nothing, Never
R.L. Crutchfield's Dark Day No, Nothing, Never
Exterminating Angel Infidelity 1980
5:12 PM
Electric Youth - Final Girl (Bonus Track)
Electric Youth Final Girl (Bonus Track)
Innerworld (Deluxe Edition) Secretly Canadian 2014
Canadian synthpop duo from Toronto
5:16 PM
Electric Light Orchestra - Summer and Lightning
Electric Light Orchestra Summer and Lightning
Out of the Blue Epic/Legacy 1972
5:20 PM
Jimmy Cliff - Sitting in Limbo
Jimmy Cliff Sitting in Limbo
The Harder They Come (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 1972
5:25 PM
Sudan Archives - Selfish Soul
Sudan Archives Selfish Soul
Selfish Soul - Single Stones Throw Records 2022
Sudan Archives, AKA Brittney Denise Parks, is a violinist/vocalist who writes, plays, and produces her own music. She is self-taught on the violin, inspired by Sudanese fiddlers, R&B, West African rhythms, and experimental electronic music.
5:27 PM
Perfume Genius - Slip Away
Perfume Genius Slip Away
No Shape Matador 2017
Perfume Genius is the stage name for Seattle-based singer-songwriter and artist Mike Hadreas
5:30 PM
Helena Hauff - Qualm
Helena Hauff Qualm Helena Hauff
Qualm Ninja Tune 2018
Hamburg based DJ and producer
5:36 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


5:36 PM
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Deadly Valentine
Charlotte Gainsbourg Deadly Valentine Charlotte Gainsbourg
Rest Because Music 2017
5:42 PM
Dorcha - Bruiser
Dorcha Bruiser
Honey Badger Box Record 2020
5:46 PM
Mitski - That's Our Lamp
Mitski That's Our Lamp
Laurel Hell Dead Oceans 2022
Mitski Miyawaki is a NY-based singer/songwriter producer of art pop who is currently on tour and just played Philly on Monday
5:48 PM
Cocteau Twins - Carolyn's Fingers
Cocteau Twins Carolyn's Fingers
Blue Bell Knoll 4AD 1988
5:51 PM
Cate Le Bon - Sad Nudes
Cate Le Bon Sad Nudes Cate Le Bon
Reward Mexican Summer 2019
AKA Cate Timothy, Welsh singer-songwriter, who I just saw on a bill with Japanese Breakfast and Yo La Tengo at The Dell in Fairmount Park this week
5:54 PM
Petra Haden - Going to California- A-Cappella
Petra Haden Going to California- A-Cappella
Petra Haden
Led Zeppelin cover
5:58 PM
Q-Burns Abstract Message - Jennifer
Q-Burns Abstract Message Jennifer
Feng Shui Virgin 1998
Faust cover bu Orlando-based DJ & producer Michael Donaldson
6:03 PM
The Velvet Underground - I'm Sticking With You
The Velvet Underground I'm Sticking With You
VU Polydor
6:06 PM
Animal Collective - The Purple Bottle
Animal Collective The Purple Bottle
Feels Domino Recording Co 2005
6:12 PM
Dan Deacon - Learning to Relax
Dan Deacon Learning to Relax Dan Deacon
Gliss Riffer Domino Recording Co 2015
6:19 PM
Battles - A Loop So Nice...
Battles A Loop So Nice...
Juice B Crypts Warp Records 2019
6:21 PM
Petra Haden - idioteque
Petra Haden idioteque Thom Yorke
petra sings
Radiohead cover
6:26 PM
Lene Lovich - Bird Song
Lene Lovich Bird Song
Flex Stiff Records 1979
6:31 PM
Lena Platonos - Markos
Lena Platonos Markos Lena Platonos
Galop Lyra 1985
minimalist Greek pianist & composer from Crete
6:34 PM
Laurie Anderson - The Geographic North Pole
Laurie Anderson The Geographic North Pole
The Ugly One With the Jewels and Other Stories (Live) Rhino/Warner Records 1995
6:40 PM
Helena Hauff - It Was All Fields Around Here When I Was a Kid
Helena Hauff It Was All Fields Around Here When I Was a Kid
Qualm Ninja Tune 2018
6:44 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


6:44 PM
Beak> - Liar
Beak> Liar
>> INVADA Records 2012
6:46 PM
Green/Blue - Moving On
Green/Blue Moving On N
Paper Thin Feel It Records 2022
6:48 PM
The Associates - Nude Spoons
The Associates Nude Spoons
Sulk Beggars Banquet 1982
6:52 PM
Laurie Anderson - Example #22
Laurie Anderson Example #22
Big Science Warner 1982
6:55 PM
Oskar Sala - Concertando Robato
Oskar Sala Concertando Robato Oskar Sala
Elektronische Impressionen
one of the most innovative composers in the history of electronic music. His instrument, the Mixtur-Trautonium was first introduced to the public in 1952 and soon received international licenses. Its massive architecture remains so unique that nobody is able to reproduce the instrument nor interpret any of his compositions
6:58 PM
Tyndall - Großstadtgefühl
Tyndall Großstadtgefühl
Reflexionen Bureau B 2018
German synthesizer duo
7:02 PM
Kasra Kurt - Are We Technical
Kasra Kurt Are We Technical Kasra Kurt
Nino Tomorrow Nino Tomorrow Label 2017
7:04 PM
Cucina Povera - Pölytön nurkka
Cucina Povera Pölytön nurkka
Tyyni Night School 2020
Musical project of Glasgow-based Finnish musician Maria Rossi
7:07 PM
Swans - Breathing Water
Swans Breathing Water
Children of God / World of Skin Young God Records 1997
7:11 PM
Morphine - Let's Take a Trip Together
Morphine Let's Take a Trip Together
Cure for Pain Ryko/Rhino 1993
7:14 PM
Angel Olsen - All Mirrors
Angel Olsen All Mirrors
All Mirrors Jagjaguwar 2019
7:19 PM
The Chameleons - View From A Hill
The Chameleons View From A Hill
Script of the Bridge Statik Records 1983
7:26 PM
Superchunk - The Length of Las Ramblas
Superchunk The Length of Las Ramblas
Late-Century Dream - EP Merge Records 2001
7:29 PM
Scissor Sisters - That's Us / Wild Combination
Scissor Sisters That's Us / Wild Combination Arthur Russell
Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell V/A Yep Roc Records 2014
Arthur Russell cover
7:33 PM
Empress Of - Tristeza
Empress Of Tristeza
Systems - EP Terrible Records 2013
7:36 PM
Julia Holter - I Shall Love 2
Julia Holter I Shall Love 2
Aviary Domino Recording Co 2018
American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Milwaukee
7:41 PM
Lindsay Cooper - Women's Wrongs 4
Lindsay Cooper Women's Wrongs 4 Lindsay Cooper
Rags Arc Recordings 1980
Lindsay Cooper was an English bassoon and oboe player, composer and political activist best known for her work with the Rock In Opposition prog band Henry Cow. She was also a member of Comus, National Health, News from Babel and David Thomas and the Pedestrians. She collaborated with a number of musicians, including Steve Hillage, Egg, Hatfield and the North, Robert Wyatt, Chris Cutler and Sally Potter, and co-founded the Feminist Improvising Group. She composed many scores, including this score for the excellent feminist filmmaker Sally Potter, who later directer an adaption of Virginia Woolf's Orlando, starring Tilda Swinton - One of my all-time favorite films
7:45 PM
La Chica - La Loba
La Chica La Loba
La Loba Zamora Label / Tweny One 2020
7:49 PM
Mulatu Astatke - Tezeta (Nostalgia)
Mulatu Astatke Tezeta (Nostalgia)
Éthiopiques, Vol. 4: Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale (1969-1974) V/A Buda musique 2005
one of the most influential and legendary musicians from Ethiopia. During the 1960’s, he studied music abroad in London, Boston, and New York. He then returned home to Ethiopia armed with a love for jazz and Latin music. There he blended Ethiopian traditional music with the Latin-jazz he was so fond of to create a unique hybrid he called “Ethio-jazz”.
7:56 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


7:56 PM
Weyes Blood - Movies
Weyes Blood Movies Natalie Mering
Titanic Rising Sub Pop Records 2019
Chat is archived.
Lizbot (host) 5:00:23 PM
Bot is here, ready to play you the musics.
Lizbot (host) 5:03:46 PM
"Time to go to war again" keeps sounding like "Time to build a wall again" to me
Pethiieeeeee 5:05:47 PM
This is a swirl of delicious! Hi Liz Bot!
Lizbot (host) 5:05:51 PM
ah, a late 90s-style sample from an educational film. What trip-hop/jungle song would be complete without it?
Lizbot (host) 5:05:56 PM
Hi Peth!
Nice new blue piece of wardrobe in my mailbox today thanks
Brian D 5:07:16 PM
Lizbot! Hello
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦀 5:07:28 PM
Hello Lizbot!
Lizbot (host) 5:07:36 PM
@Pethie - That was single I bought in the late 90s at I believe the old Spaceboy Records on South Street during a time I was buying a good deal of trip-hop stuff and did a show on WHRC in Haverford called Caught Between Stations from '97-99
Zapshifter X 5:07:40 PM
Hello Lizbot.
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦀 5:07:53 PM
and Brian and Pethieeeeee and Carlos and Zapshifter
Lizbot (host) 5:07:56 PM
Hi Carlos! Yay! Glad you like the chef!
Lizbot (host) 5:08:03 PM
Hi Brian D!
Lizbot (host) 5:08:12 PM
Hi Rob from Maryland!
Lizbot (host) 5:08:20 PM
Hi Zapshifter X!
Lizbot (host) 5:09:02 PM
Did anyone else get to the Yo La Tengo / Cate Le Bon / Japanese Breakfast at The Dell this past week? I will be playing some Cate le Bon later in the show
Lizbot (host) 5:09:34 PM
@Carlose - I'm psyched to don my chef shirt with some orange accessories
Going to Portland on Saturday and it will definitely be worn at some point during week. Might be a great conversation starter
Lizbot (host) 5:11:30 PM
@Rob - My conure advertised my show today. He is staging a one-bird play where he tells anecdotes about his life
Lizbot (host) 5:14:34 PM
@Carlos - Oregon or Maine? I will probably be heading to Portland, ME in late August. You can regale whichever Portlanders with Tales from the Chat - It's sorta like Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City, but there are decidedly more references to Central Jersey, cicadas and Emeril Lagasse
Oregon..daughter and grand one out there
Lizbot (host) 5:17:39 PM
@Carlos - Nice! I haven't been out there since the Great Eclipse of 2017. People discarded their cardboard elipse-viewer glasses all over the Portland waterfront the second it ended! Lemme know on the chat when you get back if you run into anyone who recognizes WPRB!
Lizbot (host) 5:18:43 PM
@Pethie - I have a feeling you have more than a few ideas for accessorizing the PRB blue chef shirt. I am picturing chunky orange bakelite bangles
Lizbot (host) 5:22:03 PM
I need to rewatch The Harder They Come. It's been a long time
Pethiieeeeee 5:23:36 PM
Trip-hop FTW
Lizbot (host) 5:26:22 PM
@Pethiieeeeee - Truth! I was driving to my parents' house in South Jersey last week and felt like revisiting a buncha albums I bought 25 years ago of the jungle/drum n' bass/trip-hop variety and was really enjoying revisiting them.
Olga Boyko 5:29:09 PM
Anyone know where to see The Harder They Come? TCM had it on very late at night recently. I missed it!
Lizbot (host) 5:30:16 PM
Hi Olga! I still have a VHS of it! I don't know where it's streaming these days...
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦀 5:32:03 PM
@Lizbot, cool! Let's hope your conure only tells anecdotes about *his* life and not yours!
Lizbot (host) 5:32:19 PM
@Rob - oh noooo!
Lizbot (host) 5:32:56 PM
@Rob - reminds me of a story my kid read in 2nsd grade about a parrot who solves a murder!
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦀 5:33:33 PM
@Lizbot, what a clever parrot!
Ossy Hyouka 5:35:27 PM
Hello all in this smelly hot over weather :)
Lizbot (host) 5:36:39 PM
Hi Ossy!
Pethiieeeeee 5:37:24 PM
This song takes me round the block and then some (C. gainsbourg)
Lizbot (host) 5:38:01 PM
@Rob - I remember specifically that it was 2nd grade because all the kids had to choose a story to read aloud and illustrate and she chose that one, perhaps influenced by all the birds in the house!
Lizbot (host) 5:39:13 PM
@Pethiieeeeee - I love Charlotte. I think I might revisit that Michel Gondry film she was in in the mid/late 2000s with Gael Garcia Bernal where she makes a buncha etsy-esque felted twee animals and Gael swims in a sea of cellophane in his dreams
Lizbot (host) 5:40:14 PM
@Ossy - I went to two outdoor shows this week and it was so humid, but 100% worth it, especially since during the more intense heat earlier in the week, the night is the only time it's worth hanging around outside!
Pethiieeeeee 5:40:18 PM
Hmmm, that sounds familiar, especially the waves….
Pethiieeeeee 5:40:30 PM
Cellophane waves
Lizbot (host) 5:40:35 PM
@Pethiieeeeee - The Science of Sleep
Lizbot (host) 5:41:12 PM
@Pethieeeeee - I remember in the early days of AOL Messenger some dude I knew had the name "3D cellophane" cuz I guess he was trying to blow all our minds
Ossy Hyouka 5:43:28 PM
@Liz - Yeah, some fun events can be worth being outside, especially social movement events and carnival fun!
Lizbot (host) 5:43:50 PM
@Pethiieeeeee- cut cellophone "stained glass" panels on windows tinting the sunlight is kind of great. one of my favorite kid crafts!
Pethiieeeeee 5:44:41 PM
I wanna meet that dude
Lizbot (host) 5:45:54 PM
@Ossy - yeah, I am VERY grateful for good outdoor shows in the summer - something I already enjoy immensely when it's not a super-crowded giant music festival - but especially in this pandemic era! I need SOME shows and socialization with strangers to not lose my mind, but ones where I can be in a chill crowd that isn't overheated and smashed together and we can all experience something great together without necessarily talking!
Lizbot (host) 5:48:08 PM
@Pethiieeeeee - haha, he was in that PACMAN musician collective that used to play the Gate to Moonbase Alpha free monthly show series at The Rotunda in West Philly in the late 90s/early 2000s. There was always free vegan food from a guy named Chef Jeff, and Mr. 3D Cellophone had a band called tremolo and worked at Space Boy, the same place where I bought at Ambersunshower single from the top of today's show...It ALL comes full circle
Stephen Higgins 5:48:27 PM
Great show Liz!
Lizbot (host) 5:49:49 PM
@Stephen Higgens - Thank you!
Lizbot (host) 5:49:51 PM
Re: MITSKI I just played- She is one of my daughter's absolute favorite artists and I'm sad I couldn't see her show this week with my kid but she was away at camp. Alas and alack.
Krista 5:51:00 PM
Just read a horror book about "final girls", aka the last person left in a horror movie
Randy in Atco 5:51:08 PM
Hey there
Lizbot (host) 5:52:19 PM
Hi Krista! oh wow, so was it fiction, or a nonfiction book about that trope?
Lizbot (host) 5:52:28 PM
@Randy In Atco - Hi!
Krista 5:53:26 PM
Fiction! By the same author as The Southern Book Clubs Guide to Slaying Vampires (which sounds light but was actually dreadfully creepy and heavy)
Lizbot (host) 5:54:18 PM
@Krista - I just found out while at Mahoning Drive-In in the Poconos a few weeks back that there is a horror movie called Collingswood, shot and set in Collingswood, NJ a few minutes from my hometown. Of interest to Pethiieeeeee as well! I don't know if it's any good (I have my doubts) but I bought the DVD from the Exhumed Films guy who had a table set up there.
Randy in Atco 5:54:20 PM
Any bike riders out there? I highly recommend Le Tour France Femmes avec Zwift on Peacock
Krista 5:54:24 PM
I wish I could have seen Japanese Breakfast et al. What a bill!
Randy in Atco 5:55:07 PM
That vampire book WAS creepy; retold/remade vampires in a way I'd never imagined
Krista 5:55:22 PM
Randy, I used to bike commute 10 miles to work and 10 miles back in Minneapolis
Lizbot (host) 5:55:38 PM
Cate Le Bon song was to commemorate the Cate Le Bon / Japanese Breakfast / Yo La Tengo show at The Dell in Fairmount Park I saw last weekend - great show!
Krista 5:56:01 PM
Gotta fix up my Raleigh Capri and get on it again after I get a child seat for it. Love that bike.
Lizbot (host) 5:56:17 PM
I always listen to Going to California while driving through The Pineys on my way down the shore, and this is my absolute favorite cover of this song
Randy in Atco 5:56:38 PM
I always see Collingswood and think of Collinwood ("Dark Shadows")
Lizbot (host) 5:56:48 PM
@Randy in Atco - I have fallen way out fo the habit of bike riding but my husband and kid might be interested - def my husband
Lizbot (host) 5:58:44 PM
@Krista - it was such a crazy bill! It was interesting to observe who all came out - a lot of the younger fans seemed totally disinterested in yo La tengo, and it was unclear who all was there for Cate Le Bon, but there were Gen Xer's like myself who were psyched to see all three bands! I ran into 3/5 of my cousins and several old friends.
Randy in Atco 5:59:10 PM
These TDF girls are fit and badass!!!
Lizbot (host) 6:00:24 PM
@Randy in Atco - I grew up in Haddonfield, namesake of the Halloween movies, and just next door was a town called Crystal Lake, just like the Friday the 13th movies, (although that one was a coincidence, whereas the woman who wrote Halloween with John Carpenter was from my hometown)
Lizbot (host) 6:00:50 PM
@Krista - All our bike tires need air stat!
Lizbot (host) 6:02:09 PM
@Krista - Yikes! I like certain horror films, but don't often read horror...unless Cormac McCarthy counts!
Randy in Atco 6:02:50 PM
I'm from the mean streets of HDFLD as well!!!😎👻
Randy in Atco 6:03:38 PM
Saw Halloween when it opened at the Westmont Theater then walked home down Haddon Ave
Randy in Atco 6:04:08 PM
Don't forget about Jason VOORHEES
Lizbot (host) 6:04:26 PM
@Krista - I loved The Shining book when I was a teen - I'll never forget the detailed description of Jack nashing excedrin between his teeth! - and then I began Cujo and hated it cuz I love dogs too much for that book, then read "It" and hated the ending, thus ended my Stephen King reading
Lizbot (host) 6:04:48 PM
@Randy in ATCO - oh yes! I've pointed that one out before too!
Lizbot (host) 6:05:21 PM
@Randy in ATCO - Carpenter managed to pull off making Southern Cali look like Victorian haddonfield for the most part, save some palm trees in the distance!
Krista 6:05:47 PM
I don't like watching horror films but my husband loves them so I occasionally agree to watch them. Same goes for my friends who like reading horror, I'll agree to read them so we can talk about it
Randy in Atco 6:06:33 PM
The Meyers (spelled differently) lived at Rhoads Ave & Grove Street
@krista..huge Vikings fan here and before the pandemic I would go to minnesota every year for a long weekend to see the team. Saturday would always be spent all day on a bike going on the endless trail on both sides of the river
Lizbot (host) 6:09:17 PM
@Krista - There are horror films I LOVE, but I hate movies like the Saw series. I don't like most jumpscares for the sake of jumpscares. I love The Shining, Manhunter, Halloween, JAWS (which I argue isn't horror.) Midsommar and Hereditary are great but brutal. I am glad I saw them but they took a lot outta me. I know ppl who like Cabin In the Woods, which is sort of a tribute to all the horror movie tropes, but that movie made me dizzy
Ossy Hyouka 6:10:27 PM
Wrong Turn Dead End series are so the scary horror
Lizbot (host) 6:11:50 PM
@Randy - hmmm, who are these Meyers you speak of?
Lizbot (host) 6:12:19 PM
@Randy - I wonder if my mom knows them! My mom has lived and taught kids in Haddonfield since 1970
Wes Steenson 6:15:10 PM
Was very disappointed with Edgar Wright’s Last Night in SoHo. Jump scares just for the sake of jump scares. And the last 15 min or so really piled it on thick. This has been Your Movie Minute with Wesley! 🎞🎬🎥 (Ms Bot - I don’t like horror movies either)
Lizbot (host) 6:15:23 PM
@CARLOS RAMONE - That sounds amazing! I'd love to get back in the cycling habit. I actually visited a really fun multi-story museum called Bicycle Heaven in Pittsburgh this June. I highly recommend it! They have all kinds of cycling novelties - the Captain Kangaroos life-sized cardboard cut-outs for his ads for Schwinn, one of the Peewee's Big Adventure bikes, (they had many duplicates. I think there were 12 total for the film,) and so much other fun stuff. The owner has a great sense of humor
Lizbot (host) 6:15:30 PM
Hello Wes!
DSM 6:16:14 PM
Hey Lizbot! Great jams tonite!! The first Friday the 13th was filmed in NJ up at camp no be bo sko, in blairstown!
Lizbot (host) 6:17:12 PM
@Ossy- I'm not familiar with the Wrong Turn Dead End series, but willing to check it out. I love Twilight Zone as a kid. Horror stuff is pretty polarizing for me. Some of my favorite movies are horror, but I hate so much of the genre. It's an enormous genre with so many subgenres. I don't love gross-out stuff but sometimes it's called for!
Lizbot (host) 6:17:15 PM
Wes Steenson 6:18:29 PM
Many years ago before I had a drivers license I rode a bike all over Phila. Wouldn’t get on one now at my age. One bad spill and my old bones probably wouldn’t heal correctly.
Lizbot (host) 6:18:44 PM
@DSM - Ha! Add that to the roster of fun Jersey classic horror ties! Deborah Hill went to my high school (Before I was there or born!) but she's the reason Halloween is set in Haddonfield and the reason the ladies auxiliary Haddonfield Fortnightly got all up in a tizzy about it back in 1978 and insisted the name be changed to IL!
Randy in Atco 6:19:31 PM
Oh!!! The mental hospital Michael Myers escaped from could be Ancora - about 25 miles away pretty much right down 561
DSM 6:20:31 PM
Lizbot, cool fact! would be wild if they kept it as Haddonfield Nj in the movie, as intended. I bet the town would be bonkers every year at Halloween!
Randy in Atco 6:20:46 PM
"the ladies auxiliary Haddonfield Fortnightly" gotta love Haddonfield - actually, I hated it; that why I turned out a Punk
Randy in Atco 6:21:05 PM
They totally miss out on HUGE $$$$
Ossy Hyouka 6:21:17 PM
@Liz - Wrong Turn I think might be made for tv or something, similar to Lifetime drama movies and some of SyFy, but yeah it's very scary. Another scary movie I happen to see is called Siren(2016). Same, I'm not fond of too too scary things! I'll have to check Twilight Zone, makes me think of the Twilight wolf series.
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦀 6:22:38 PM
My wife is entranced by this Radiohead cover
Randy in Atco 6:22:45 PM
Two things Haddonfield contributed to society - Halloween and The Snowboard (Google Tom Sims)
Lizbot (host) 6:23:00 PM
@Wes - I'm not a fan of Edgar Wright, though I did appreciate his first attempt at docu-filmmaking, The Sparks Brothers! More Your Movie Minute with Wesley, please!
Wes Steenson 6:23:32 PM
2 Petra Haden tracks tonight! Yay!
Lizbot (host) 6:24:30 PM
@Wes - I don't even have a functioning bike. I'd need to borrow my husband's or kid's. I DO like cycling down in LBI cuz it's nice and flat and there aren't many cars on Bay Ave, which you can ride up and down the length of the island, but I haven't done it in years
Lizbot (host) 6:25:27 PM
@DSM - There is at least one video on YouTube I watched a while back of a Halloween fan touring Haddonfield NJ! Haddonfield, IL of course doesn't exist
Wes Steenson 6:27:40 PM
@Lizbot Yes, that’s very popular. The thing you deal with doing seashore boardwalk cycling is the wind. If it’s a windy day you can get pushed all over the place.
Pethiieeeeee 6:28:01 PM
Petra and Lene—yessssss
Wes Steenson 6:28:16 PM
Lene Lovich! 😻❤️
Lizbot (host) 6:28:25 PM
@Randy - Exactly! Joan Aiken was riding a power trip in that town! No purple houses! No hot dog vendors! No sidewalk signs outside businesses (which sucked for my friend Chris' bookstore business, Cabbages & Kings, back in the 90s, because she always brought in customers with a sandwich board with a literary quote of the day on it!) ! Reminds me of the Woody Guthie song "The Ladies Auxiiliary" A cute town but definitely a great setting for a deranged babysitter killer!
Lizbot (host) 6:28:38 PM
@Wes - The program is Petra-fied!
Lizbot (host) 6:28:52 PM
@Rob In Maryland - This bird song's for you!
Lizbot (host) 6:29:11 PM
@ROb - Glad to hear it (re: yr wife's entrancement)
Randy in Atco 6:29:39 PM
Joan Aiken - THAT brings back memories!!!
Lizbot (host) 6:30:38 PM
@Randy - haha! I'm glad you remember her and her reign of terror!!
Lizbot (host) 6:32:13 PM
@Pethiieeeeee - I WISH I'd gotten to see Lene at her in-store at Plastic Fantastic in Ardmore!! I didn't find that store until I lived in out that way in the mid-late 90s
Wes Steenson 6:32:34 PM
Could there be an Yma Sumac track in our collective future?
Lizbot (host) 6:33:44 PM
@RAndy - Crazy re; the snowboard! I knew SO many kids who desperately wanted snowboards and then promptly broke limbs on them! Coming back from winter break there was always the question of who went to the Poconos and broke their leg snowboarding over break. I only ever had a cast once...for tripping over a cat!
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦀 6:34:23 PM
@Lizbot, thanks for the bird song!
Lizbot (host) 6:34:59 PM
@Wes - Tempting...(re: Yma) Not currently queued but would fit in well with today's program!
@liz..I love PW hermans big adventure. Very happy to say both of my kids watch it and also enjoy it. I ride bike 4/5 times a week. First thing that I always say when I get to the garage..” I’m here “
Lizbot (host) 6:35:38 PM
Too hot this week, need more North Pole expeditions, but with fewer ax-related mishaps
Lizbot (host) 6:36:12 PM
@Rob - Of course! No problem! I love Lene
Wes Steenson 6:36:15 PM
Eddie Izzard on snowboarding- you either look cool, or you’re dead! Because you’re basically nailed to a plank.
I quote the movie everyday ..mostly in my mind
Lizbot (host) 6:37:37 PM
@Carlos - PW's Big Adventure is one of my favorite movies! Great road-trip movie with writing by the late Phil Hartman!
Wes Steenson 6:37:50 PM
@Carlos Ramone There’s no basement in the Alamo!
Lizbot (host) 6:38:12 PM
@Wes -PRetty much! It never appealed to me! I hate the idea of snowboarding!
Lizbot (host) 6:38:30 PM
@Wes - Also, look at the professional snowboarders - so many got horrible injuries
@ Wes…what do you remember??? I remember the Alamo!!
Lizbot (host) 6:39:40 PM
@Carlos - A Perfect Movie!!! Those dinos! Fruit, please!
Wes Steenson 6:40:10 PM
@Lizbot This may be the first time I’ve heard Laurie Anderson’s natural voice. Usually it’s thru a vocorder…
Wes Steenson 6:41:54 PM
@Carlos Ramone The stars at night, are big and bright..,
@ Wes…Simone let’s talk about your big but
Wes Steenson 6:44:41 PM
Honey Badger don’t care.
@ Wes..last one I could go all night..” oh were are they hosing him down at?
Ossy Hyouka 6:47:00 PM
Snowboarding and hiking are on my scary list. Camping in the wilderness is a living nightmare
Wes Steenson 6:47:49 PM
@Carlos Ramone I yield to your superior Pee Wee’d Big Adventure knowledge. 🙌
Lizbot (host) 6:48:33 PM
@Wes - There's quite a bit of Laurie's natural voice on the live concert album The Ugly One With The Jewels, which I adore. My favorite recording of her stories. She told stories like at at the ICA at Penn when I saw her in the early 2000s
Wes Steenson 6:49:29 PM
Pee Wee’D?! Curse my fumbly old fingers.
Lizbot (host) 6:49:42 PM
@Wes - ha, that meme popped into my head when I back-announced that Dorcha album!
Lizbot (host) 6:50:03 PM
@Carlos - And Peewee's forever owns TEQUILA!
@ Wes..every time I am on a boring call or meeting and someone is having a side bar??? Something to share with us Amazing Larry?
Lizbot (host) 6:51:11 PM
@Ossy - Agree - well, not about hiking. I used to hike quite a bit. I did some hiking in Ireland in 2019 but refused to go on a trail at the top of the highest sea cliff in Europe called "Dead Man's Pass" for a good reason! My husband went up there and I was all nerves. No cell service there!
Wes Steenson 6:51:27 PM
@Carlos Ramone 😹😹👍🏻👍🏻
Lizbot (host) 6:53:04 PM
Some more Laurie
Lizbot (host) 6:53:32 PM
@Carlos & Wes - Peewee's writing partner and co-star on PeeWee's Playhouse, John Paragon (he played Jambi) just died last year. Check out his early stand-up some time - it's completely bonkers! He sings, he was extremely athletic, doing full splits! He also seemed to be on quite a bit of coke...
Wes Steenson 6:56:18 PM
@Lizbot Meka Leka Hi, Meka Hi-dee oh.
Lizbot (host) 6:56:58 PM
cue robot dance!
Ossy Hyouka 6:57:19 PM
Liz - Yeah, and weather changes drastically, not to mention the hostile and rabid wildlife in the forest and mountains. I did some hiking on a field trip, long ago in the intermediate days, it was a somewhat safe sanctuary.
Lizbot (host) 6:57:23 PM
this part reminds me so much of a robot parade
Lizbot (host) 6:57:33 PM
mechanical toys
I work in retail stores..if I ever find myself in a situation with a sticky floor I always the time I want to the movies with Pee Wee
Lizbot (host) 7:00:12 PM
@Ossy - Okay, I DO have one story of a hiking misadventure from my past, but it was mostly due to our canoes overturning in the Mullica River in The Pine Barrens and thus us losing all our camping gear and our fresh drinking water. I hallucinated that the cedar water was iced tea at one point, I got so thirsty before we made it to civilization! I'm not selling you on this hiking/canoeiing, am I??
Wes Steenson 7:00:28 PM
@Lizbot Example #22 took me back to high school. As part of language class (I took German) we were given a booklet of 7” disc records that had practice dialogs on them.
Lizbot (host) 7:03:41 PM
@Carlos - oh boy. I worked in a lotta bookstores 20 years ago. The craziest thing I ever found on a retail job was a most toddler where the parents had completely left the store and forgotten him! The staff and I were having fantasies of raising a feral Bookstore Child who we'd teach to shelves books for us when suddenly an EXTREMELY panicked dad rushed in!
Lizbot (host) 7:05:56 PM
@Carlos - Good thing the child didn't find the boxcutter my coworker left on a low shelf of the children's book section while opening boxes of new books!
Lizbot (host) 7:07:09 PM
@Wes - Nice. I wish I'd taken German, or bothered to learned some from my German grandmother. Instead, my German cousins when they visited from Singen in the 80s just taught me and my brother curses and that's it. I still remember those@!
@ Liz. I use a box utter every day . It is your ass if you leave it unattended on self where someone can use it to high jack a plane with. I feel like a dork with it attached to my bel
Ossy Hyouka 7:09:30 PM
Liz - LOL, alright Liz, please don't be too scary!!! Blahahaha AAAAAAA!!!! Jk, anyways, that's some insane and stressful caneoning/hiking trip, I hate to be thirsty on a long adventure out in the wild, as well losing so much provisions packed for the adventure. Sorry you had that not so wild outdoor adventure :(
Wes Steenson 7:12:12 PM
@Lizbot My mother’s side of the family were German immigrants (mom was born here) so my mom was bilingual most of her life. I learned enough German to just begin to understand my grandparents’ dialect, but I could never learn to speak it.
Lizbot (host) 7:13:15 PM
Please excuse my momentary absence! I had run downstairs and feed my barking hound during that last song. No one else is home!
Wes Steenson 7:13:30 PM
Is Morphine that band that was just baritone sax, bass, and drums?
Lizbot (host) 7:14:35 PM
@Wes - yeah, I think that was the lineup, and the singer famously died on stage
Lizbot (host) 7:14:44 PM
Mark Sandman, RIP
Lizbot (host) 7:15:34 PM
@Wes - His surname was Sandman and he had just come out with an album called The Night with a song about the Chinese number that means death, then he toured for the album and died on stage
Lizbot (host) 7:17:09 PM
@Carlos - haha, the bookstore in question was in the Philadelphia International Airport pre-9-1-1, and only slightly pre-9-1-1, had it been after, I don't think we'd have been allowed to have boxcutters!
Lizbot (host) 7:18:33 PM
@Carlos Ramone - I can use box cutters with no incident, but I used to use x-acto knives to cut linoleum for block printing in art school, and man I ALWAY slipped and cut my fingers with those! One time required a hospital visit and still is a visible scar
Wes Steenson 7:18:43 PM
@Lizbot Yikes. I did not know that. I just remember reading about Morphine in one of the many music magazines I devoured as a youth.@
Lizbot (host) 7:21:34 PM
@Ossy - I'm getting too scary with x-acto knife mishap stories AND misadventures in hiking! I also burned horribly on that canoeing/hiking up the Mullica River trip cuz the sunblock went over the edge of the canoe to the bottom of the river, surely polluting it well and fine! I was 17, it was a particularly dry summer so the river water level was too low
Wes Steenson 7:22:20 PM
@Lizbot I’m always surprised that my parents allowed me to have X-Acto knives for my hobbies when I was a kid. I think my dad’s philosophy was “If he hurts himself with it it’ll teach him to be more careful with it.”
Lizbot (host) 7:24:13 PM
@Ossy - which meant our canoes capsized on every hidden fallen tree limb submerged just under the surface! This was a NEW program the Pine Barrens- based YWCA camp, Matollionequay, I attended since the age of 7 had just piloted that year for teens who were too old for the traditional camp experience but didn't want to train as Counselors-in-Training, wiping the noses of the little kids all summer - no thanks! I'd rather live out a Deliverance-style river misadventure!
Wes Steenson 7:26:41 PM
@Ossy The idea of camping gives me anxiety, especially now that I’m old. I have friends my own age who still camp out but not me. (One of my contemporaries is really into caving. Right about now he’s hanging off a 300ft rope somewhere miles from civilization)
Wes Steenson 7:28:21 PM
@Lizbot Paddle faster, I hear banjos.🪕
Lizbot (host) 7:28:52 PM
@Wes - yeah, I mean my parents were the same way. They were old school - My dad is a woodworker and is in his mid-80s. He let me use his basement woodshop tools and jigsaw for art and school projects! I loved it! Basement was full of sawdust.
Lizbot (host) 7:30:55 PM
@Wes - My dad always said we were lucky he was so hands-on, showing us how to use the tools first before leaving us to our own devices, because his dad in West Philly in the 1930s/40s would just tell him and his brother to go dig a ditch in the yard to bury the empty oil tank if they weren't busy with other work
Wes Steenson 7:31:22 PM
@Lizbot My dad was an auto mechanic. His son was going to learn to use tools.
Lizbot (host) 7:33:19 PM
@Wes - ha! I DID have a whitewater rafting mishap as a kid, but that was squarely my dad's fault! My dad is outdoorsy and was a teacher, so had the summers off for loads of road tripping and camping, and he had the idea to go whitewater rafting the Poconos, but I was the youngest and only 7 at the time, so he TIED my raft to his with a SWEATER....a SWEATER! SO that obviously got waterlogged and came undone and I drifted away from my family for what felt like HOURS. It was really prob only 30 min
Wes Steenson 7:34:53 PM
I hope Nuala had a good dinner.
Lizbot (host) 7:35:22 PM
@Wes - My brother was never interested in the tools, so that all went to me! He also couldn't get my brother to run track or cross-country (he coached both at the high school where he taught) so I had to run of course. That was nice while it lasted, but it didn't last long!
Wes Steenson 7:36:45 PM
A record label named “Terrible”?! I can imagine the ads - Don’t buy our records! They’re Terrible!
Lizbot (host) 7:37:48 PM
@Wes - Maybe the label is run by Les Enfants Terribles
Pethiieeeeee 7:39:25 PM
Julia Holter, always a pleasure. That is all.
DSM 7:40:16 PM
I feel like Julia Holter is underrated tbh
Lizbot (host) 7:41:31 PM
@Pethiieeeeee- Agree. That is all. That is all.
Wes Steenson 7:41:32 PM
Hi Pethiieeeeee! Hi DSM!
Lizbot (host) 7:41:55 PM
@DSM - YES! She is great!
DSM 7:42:19 PM
Hey Wes!
Pethiieeeeee 7:43:13 PM
Hi Wes! Hello everybody!!
Wes Steenson 7:44:32 PM
And there’s the Orlando mention! I tried to get an acquaintance interested in Orlando, but they said they didn’t want to see a movie about a bunch of smelly people.
Ossy Hyouka 7:44:38 PM
@Wes - True true, especially the horrible stories of human and wildlife conflict, day and night. Wow feat of your friend living far away from civilization on the mountains I presume
Wes Steenson 7:46:23 PM
PS - I did not bother to introduce that person to Perfume: Story of a Murderer.
Lizbot (host) 7:46:39 PM
@Wes - I have an original movie poster for Sally Potter's Orlando. I'm waiting to frame it. That person is missing out! I love the book and the movie, which is really saying something for the movie. It's such a great adaptation. I love the Jimmy Somerville soundtrack too!
Lizbot (host) 7:48:39 PM
@Ossy - It's always sobering when you read about someone who was stranded and died of exposure or hunger when they were actually not that far from civilization, but it was too risky to go searching for it! like the Jon Krakauer book, Into the Wild, based on the true of that young loner man who died alone in the woods in an abandoned bus
Ossy Hyouka 7:52:09 PM
@Liz - Oh my, polluted stinky rivers, heatwaves, x-acto knives and sunburning. Talk about horror more than an actual scary movie in the media and dangerous wildlife. Speaking of YMCA, I did one safe camping summer program in the high school days, playing with kids, managing with art-crafts and games. It was fun, but the weather wasn't for me and seeing some cicada wasps!
Wes Steenson 7:52:56 PM
@Ossy @Lizbot Rest assured my friend is very civilized and has a nice home close to Swarthmore. He just likes to go exploring in caves with a bunch of his friends.
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 7:55:11 PM
Just squeaking in to say I’ve been listening, sorry I couldn’t chat! Good show tonight.
Lizbot (host) 7:56:15 PM
Hi Addie!!! Glad you eked on in here!
DSM 7:56:23 PM
Thanks Lizbot!!
Lizbot (host) 7:56:57 PM
@Wes - Has he explored The Cave of the Unknown with Fred Schneider?
jimbeaux 7:57:01 PM
Lizbot (host) 7:57:13 PM
@Wes - Or the Wissahickon's own The Cave of Kelpius?
Lizbot (host) 7:57:21 PM
Hello there beaux!
Lizbot (host) 7:57:27 PM
THanks, DSM!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 7:57:48 PM
This song gets me every time!
Lizbot (host) 7:57:56 PM
@Addie - I'm so glad you got a chance to listen even if you couldn't hang in the chat! I hope the fam and animals are doing well!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 7:58:32 PM
All family members are doing very well, thank you!
Ossy Hyouka 7:59:01 PM
Lovely sounds and chat of camping and wilderners creepy stories Liz, all be well til the next or whenever sub!
Ossy Hyouka 7:59:13 PM
Lizbot (host) 7:59:39 PM
@OSsy - a BIG NOPE to cicada wasps! NOT for me! I'm allergic to bee venom and I'm not sure what those would do to me but I don't wanna find out! I had some close scrapes with some very stingy insects in Costa Rica and I care not to encounter a banana wasps or scorpions again!
Lizbot (host) 8:00:18 PM
@Addie - Same! I love Weyes Blood. Saw her live many times when she was not famous, so I feel invested in her fame somehow! She called into my show at the studio years ago!
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦀 8:00:21 PM
Excellent show, thanks Lizbot!
Lizbot (host) 8:00:25 PM
Thanks Rob!
Lizbot (host) 8:00:57 PM
Lizbot (host) 8:01:07 PM
whoops! I forgot to mention that on air!
Lizbot (host) 8:01:11 PM
I will be down the shore!
Wes Steenson 8:01:49 PM
Good night all! @Lizbot @Ossy @DSM @Addie @jimbeaux and anyone else I missed. Now let’s get the thumb goin’, along with the fingers… 🪕
Lizbot (host) 8:02:33 PM
Goodnight, All!