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❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ from the notebook ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀

Jul 25, 2022 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With rosasolis dream


˄̻ ̊σ(˃̴͈◡ुමੈॆ⋆)˄̻ ̊~♡⃛ hyperreal oneiric and wistful tunes from retrofuturist bitcrushed vaporware -- flooding the simulated lacunae of your imagined second life with absurdly ethereal polyglottic soundscapes courtesy of your local amnesic brainrot angel ✧*♡ᑕू✧ ✶ཹ։❀ ፧ ੈ✩



๑۞๑,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑۩ 🎀 💙 🎀 ۩๑°`°º¤ø,¸¸,๑۞๑


❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ from the notebook ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀
8:01 PM
High Rise - Ikon
High Rise Ikon
Live 96 1996


8:09 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


8:13 PM
T2 - In Circles
T2 In Circles
It'll All Workout in Boomland 1970


8:21 PM
Henry Cow - Nirvana for Mice
Henry Cow Nirvana for Mice
Leg End Virgin 1973


8:27 PM
The Muffins - The Adventures of Captain Boomerang (for Mike Forrester)
The Muffins The Adventures of Captain Boomerang (for Mike Forrester)
Manna / Mirage 1978


8:48 PM
Woody Shaw - Seventh Avenue (Live)
Woody Shaw Seventh Avenue (Live)
Stepping Stones: Live at the Village Vanguard Columbia/Legacy 1978


8:57 PM
Albert Ayler - Truth Is Marching in
Albert Ayler Truth Is Marching in
Live in Greenwich Village: The Complete Impulse Recordings Impulse


9:10 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


9:17 PM
feedtime - Shovel
feedtime Shovel
Shovel Sub Pop Records 2012


9:20 PM
Os Novos Baianos - o samba da minha terra
Os Novos Baianos o samba da minha terra
Novos Baianos F.C. 1973


9:23 PM
Marcos Valle - Mentira (Chega de Mentira)
Marcos Valle Mentira (Chega de Mentira)
Previsão do Tempo EMI 1973


9:27 PM
Volapük - Dunaj
Volapük Dunaj
Slang! Cuneiform Records 1997


9:31 PM
Lim Kim - Minjokyo (Entrance)
Lim Kim Minjokyo (Entrance)
Generasian - EP Universal Music Ltd. 2019


9:33 PM
Xiu Xiu - Luber
Xiu Xiu Luber
Knife Play 5RC 2002


9:38 PM
Eartheater - Volcano
Eartheater Volcano
Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin PAN 2020


9:42 PM
Rắn Cạp Đuôi - Aztec Glue
Rắn Cạp Đuôi Aztec Glue
Ngủ ngày ngay ngày tận thế 2021


9:46 PM
Jim Ferraro - Moonshocked Dudettes
Jim Ferraro Moonshocked Dudettes
On Air 2011


9:49 PM
Pragmatica Quartet - Orchestra Covered in Gelatin and Meat
Pragmatica Quartet Orchestra Covered in Gelatin and Meat N


9:57 PM
ENDON - Acme Apathy Amok
ENDON Acme Apathy Amok
Mama Daymare Recordings 2014


10:08 PM
Pedestrian Deposit - What Can't Be Given
Pedestrian Deposit What Can't Be Given
Dyers' Hands Monorail Trespassing 2019


10:14 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


10:23 PM
Lim Kim - Awoo
Lim Kim Awoo
Single 빅밴드 2015


10:26 PM
Blawan - Getting Me Down
Blawan Getting Me Down
Single 2011


10:32 PM
Swan-E - Looney Toons
Swan-E Looney Toons
Christmas Party '94 1994


10:40 PM
The Body Mechanic - Los Hermanos - Quetzal
The Body Mechanic Los Hermanos - Quetzal
WSEX 69.9 FM 2008


10:44 PM
UNIIQU3 - Afterparty
UNIIQU3 Afterparty
Phase 3 - EP NLV Records 2018


10:46 PM
! * 7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN * ! 2013


10:54 PM
Slutcore - Hixxy - Deep in the Night
Slutcore Hixxy - Deep in the Night
Hot Pursuit Mix 2013


10:58 PM
<<##33 - linkd2gthr ++ aldn
<<##33 linkd2gthr ++ aldn
linkd2gthr ++ aldn


Chat is archived.
DSM 8:02:28 PM
TAndy 8:02:49 PM
hey. the page art is on point tonight
rosasolis (host) 8:03:11 PM
hii dsm and tandy!! i know i love that first drawing... found it in a book
Mountain Lightning 8:03:22 PM
DSM 8:03:34 PM
I wanna try each of those dranks
rosasolis (host) 8:04:00 PM
hi matt! and agreed v pretty drinks
rosasolis (host) 8:04:11 PM
to accompany my current agua fresca
TAndy 8:04:31 PM
ohai matt
Oil is a guitar string drink. As are acids.
Mountain Lightning 8:05:18 PM
Horsewater 8:05:45 PM
this song is. so good
DSM 8:05:48 PM
howdy all. High Rise really obliterating with this one
rosasolis (host) 8:06:00 PM
hi roffle and horsewater! aggreeed the solos are getting crazier
Andrew WestCoast 8:06:38 PM
Ur tearing me apart TAndy!
rosasolis (host) 8:07:11 PM
hi andrew!!
Horsewater 8:07:55 PM
even the name "ikon"..ic
TAndy 8:08:26 PM
Your anime drops are so cool sometimes rosasolis."Strange moons?" is awesome, to me.
TAndy 8:12:56 PM
mmm. cracking open another canterbury creme eeg
Mountain Lightning 8:13:42 PM
If ye haven't seen Tom Green's version of Canterbury Tales, seek it out
TAndy 8:13:46 PM
When we getting some Zeuhl? >:)
rosasolis (host) 8:14:02 PM
yess @roffle im feeling very lunar today for some reason... saw too many crescent moons over the weekend
rosasolis (host) 8:14:31 PM
@matt ahh ill def check it out, and lol @tandy maybe in the second hour 🤔
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 8:14:54 PM
Zeuhl? 😺
TAndy 8:15:01 PM
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦀 8:15:05 PM
Hello everyone! My wife and I are looking forward to hearing the Muffins
TAndy 8:15:35 PM
hey rob and dto!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 8:15:37 PM
Muffins from MD!
Mountain Lightning 8:15:46 PM
rosasolis (host) 8:16:13 PM
hi rob and dave!! yess i recently got it on cd so im exciteddd for that long track 😇
Elise Cube 8:16:59 PM
hellooo im here for my weekly dose of salvation
rosasolis (host) 8:17:27 PM
hi elise!! muffincore 🤝 angelcore
Are you the gate keeper?
Mountain Lightning 8:17:52 PM
TAndy 8:18:51 PM
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦀 8:19:04 PM
Hiya TAndy DtO rosasolis. Yes, Rob from Maryland will hear Muffins from MD
rosasolis (host) 8:19:31 PM
Mountain Lightning 8:20:00 PM
Mountain Lightning 8:20:24 PM
TAndy 8:20:48 PM
DSM 8:21:28 PM
It'll Not Workout in Swampassland
Mountain Lightning 8:21:32 PM
I saw Shrek walk down the street today
TAndy 8:22:21 PM
You live in Trenton, Matt?
Mountain Lightning 8:22:39 PM
Elise Cube 8:23:38 PM
is shrek supposed to take place in trenton
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 8:23:42 PM
This is one of Henry Cow’s more Canterbury songs. Not so much RIO.
TAndy 8:24:19 PM
No I think Matt may have seen me walking 😅
Mountain Lightning 8:24:24 PM
lol Elise
rosasolis (host) 8:24:41 PM
yesss thats why i paired it with the muffins 😊 dave do u prefer in praise of learning?
I have often though of where I would land a musical craft from outer space, this could work!
TAndy 8:25:36 PM
I think Shrek is supposed to take place in Browns Mills, in the first movie he goes to the castle in Philadelphia.
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦀 8:26:04 PM
Humidcore indeed. Yesterday was horrible, today almost as bad. Then it rained
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 8:26:37 PM
@rosasolis, no LegEnd is my favorite.🧦🧦🧦
rosasolis (host) 8:27:10 PM
@rofflestomp love the idea of a ufo carrying their own golden record to us
rosasolis (host) 8:29:04 PM
@dave unrest for me 🧦 and @rob its ruining my hair
@rosasolis - I would love to hear that played back to us! Just as long as someone says it is from Jesus or whatever.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 8:30:48 PM
I like that Henry Cow has an emoji 🧦
The Monkeys will say it is religion.
Ossy Hyouka 8:32:04 PM
Hello Rosalina Notebook⭐🌌💠
Ossy Hyouka 8:33:23 PM
Cute art on the right, gloved girl!
This is amazing music!
rosasolis (host) 8:34:04 PM
@roffle i would want first dibs so i can air it exclusively on wprb... and @dave every RIO band needs their own emoji
rosasolis (host) 8:34:15 PM
hi ossy!! they are such good drinks right...
Elise Cube 8:35:35 PM
this goes
You have a high bar rosasolis! Love it!
Ossy Hyouka 8:35:55 PM
Yeah, add em with Star Bits from Mario Galaxy, which is said to apparently taste like honey, Rosa!
TAndy 8:37:57 PM
dat bass
Mountain Lightning 8:38:09 PM
Fuzzy bass
rosasolis (host) 8:38:21 PM
glad to hear we enjoy the muffincore! and omg star bits candy would be awesome...
DSM 8:38:45 PM
I thought it was doubled with some clavi for a minute, but nah
DSM 8:39:04 PM
yeah muffincore is a sweet treat
Mountain Lightning 8:39:26 PM
Mighta been keyboard bass @DSM
rosasolis (host) 8:39:43 PM
i was just about to say! very comforting sound tho...
Guelo 8:39:53 PM
Whole show been soooooo gooooooood
rosasolis (host) 8:40:28 PM
hi guelo!! sooo glad to hear that ❀
Mountain Lightning 8:40:50 PM
Pinkish Black as well as Zombi use keyboards to sound like overdriven bass at times
Andrew WestCoast 8:41:08 PM
Progtastic set! 🤩
rosasolis (host) 8:42:57 PM
love the name pinkish black... ima check em out.. and yess @andrew prog just feels so right for summer sunsets..
DSM 8:42:59 PM
I used to have a Fender Rhodes and would put my bass overdrive pedal on it, sounded siiiiiic
Ossy Hyouka 8:43:17 PM
I think of star bits as gummy snacks from its gummi like appearance, they essentially exist as star shaped gummed!
rosasolis (host) 8:44:28 PM
@dsm ill use that when i make my twerknation remixess;; @ossy i need to play that game again..
TAndy 8:45:05 PM
this song is like magic
DSM 8:45:31 PM
like a magic muffin
Ossy Hyouka 8:46:16 PM
My first time playing Mario Galaxy and to learn Rosalina is over 100 years old, but still fountain beautiful 💙....Plus, hi Tandy!
TAndy 8:46:26 PM
i will not eat the magic lsd muffin
Mountain Lightning 8:46:46 PM
@dsm nice @rosasolis Pinkish Black is good, but very dark. Bottom of the Morning is a good album
TAndy 8:46:49 PM
good evening ossy and guelo and i forgot to say hi to andrewg earlier oops
Andrew WestCoast 8:46:59 PM
I was born too late. I should have come of age in the early 70s. Would have had a blast. Imagine being able to go see these bands? 🤯
Enjoying this set!
Ossy Hyouka 8:47:24 PM
I'll eat the wish free muffin from Fairy Odd Parents
TAndy 8:47:25 PM
you could have been one of the old man PRB DJs!
Ambrose Hughes 8:48:34 PM
Hi rosasolis! Hello the chat!
rosasolis (host) 8:48:38 PM
omg the wish muffin 😭 and hahah i feel that way whenever i watch almost famous but then i realized the 70s would be meh
TAndy 8:48:42 PM
ohi ambrose
rosasolis (host) 8:48:43 PM
hi bo!
Ah, the stacks! There are tales of lost souls in there.!
TAndy 8:49:05 PM
wake me up when disco biscuits are made again
Mountain Lightning 8:49:43 PM
gorilla biscuits
DSM 8:49:54 PM
plenty of limp biscuits left over
TAndy 8:50:02 PM
Mountain Lightning 8:50:17 PM
I did it all for the nookie
Ambrose Hughes 8:50:25 PM
@TAndy, Scooby snacks?
Andrew WestCoast 8:50:39 PM
Go stick it in yer yah!
Andrew WestCoast 8:51:43 PM
@TAndy that pic summarized my whole IT career.
TAndy 8:52:05 PM
Rorer 714s >;) Always heard about luudes but obviously can never try one
Ossy Hyouka 8:52:26 PM
Cinnabon, annie pretzels and dunkin donuts!
Ambrose Hughes 8:52:35 PM
This is a tune and a half!
rosasolis (host) 8:52:47 PM
omg im just getting hungry reading the chat now... except for gorilla biscuits
rosasolis (host) 8:53:05 PM
and @bo this whole live album is something else!
TAndy 8:53:35 PM
gorilla biscuits omfg
Ambrose Hughes 8:54:43 PM
@TAndy, I'm clueless 'bout all drugs 'cept beer and caffeine.
TAndy 8:55:14 PM
It was one of those old sedatives that people back in the 70s used to use to melt into puddles
TAndy 8:55:21 PM
Gorilla Biscuits: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/4f/ce/62/4fce62259a3ac2ddfac40c690d6fac06.jpg
Ossy Hyouka 8:55:32 PM
Lovely mall days of the bakery serene scent of pretzels and cinnabon. In cherry hill mall, they have a waffle making stand, don't know of if it still exists
Andrew WestCoast 8:55:36 PM
The Vanguard still exists and it's a happening space. :D
Ambrose Hughes 8:55:48 PM
@rosasolis I bet judging by this gem!
Mountain Lightning 8:56:21 PM
Lol TAndy. Reminds me of that fukn hilarious pic of Donkey Kong that Ozzy posted 🤣
Ossy Hyouka 8:57:26 PM
Cause DK has clean white teeth like Ganon's scary moulin men in Wind Waker, LOOOOL
TAndy 8:57:29 PM
oh no which one 💀💀
TAndy 8:57:34 PM
Ossy Hyouka 8:57:44 PM
Lost in Teeth Flex Sludge!
TAndy 8:58:01 PM
Do NOT take the Wario pill https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EBqvKQ1XYAAJFy7.jpg
Ossy Hyouka 8:59:28 PM
Don't be fooled by Wind Waker Moblins by their seemingly sunny smile, LOL https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/i/2a152e3c-fc2f-47d8-85a8-049fd02c8bde/dbkilxc-fa50c61a-6ee7-4f73-9d38-a7d06394da5b.jpg
Mountain Lightning 8:59:31 PM
Wario LOL
Guelo 8:59:34 PM
That’s the wrong red pill. Jazz pill \(//∇//)\
TAndy 8:59:37 PM
i cant help but laugh thinking that someone's night out was ruined by sweats and jaw pain from their wario pill
rosasolis (host) 9:00:11 PM
we got a couple of pieces from the village :)
rosasolis (host) 9:00:24 PM
wait should i be afraid to click on the images
Ossy Hyouka 9:00:55 PM
That must be a stinky pill, concerning Wario!
Guelo 9:01:03 PM
They’re good haha. I love wind walker Ossy!
TAndy 9:01:13 PM
lolol windwalker
TAndy 9:01:26 PM
do not be afraid we are only human, rosasolis (host).
Ossy Hyouka 9:02:42 PM
I'm in the scary Earth Temple of Wind Walker, filled with so many scary, deadly and bloody monsters, but that bird girl named Medli is keeping me company, Guelo:)
TAndy 9:02:47 PM
rosasolis (host) 9:02:59 PM
omg i misread what the wario pill actually was lol 😵 and the wind waker one is so cutee
Mountain Lightning 9:03:45 PM
Human, all too human, as Nietzsche said
Mountain Lightning 9:07:23 PM
ok who gave the marching band acid
rosasolis (host) 9:07:48 PM
albert ayler be like
jimbeaux 9:09:00 PM
sgt peppa did it in the cloakroom with a glass of electric koolaid
Mountain Lightning 9:09:32 PM
Sax battle, John Zorn plays winner
rosasolis (host) 9:09:35 PM
omg hi jimbeux! electric koolaid sounds like better lean
rosasolis (host) 9:09:45 PM
zorn x ayler combo... omg
jimbeaux 9:10:52 PM
Check out this marching band skronk: https://debaclerecords.bandcamp.com/album/king-tears-bat-trip
Mountain Lightning 9:11:01 PM
What a set!
DSM 9:11:10 PM
green drank has entered the chat
TAndy 9:11:19 PM
goblin juice
Mountain Lightning 9:11:35 PM
Nice one @jimbeaux
rosasolis (host) 9:18:09 PM
lmaoooo @jimbeux i was like.. i recognize this band
Ossy Hyouka 9:18:45 PM
Tabitha Treat ❤ Fanta/Sunkist 🧡 Mountain Dew 💚 Coca-Cola 🤎
Mountain Lightning 9:19:04 PM
This band reminds me of Gas Huffer
Mountain Lightning 9:19:32 PM
Fun, dirty punkabilly
rosasolis (host) 9:21:04 PM
loveee punkabilly, omg i see that they did a single with mudhoney
TAndy 9:21:27 PM
i love this
rosasolis (host) 9:22:28 PM
i loveeee os novos bainos @tandy u gotta look at their album acabou chorare
TAndy 9:22:47 PM
will deaux
Mountain Lightning 9:25:36 PM
Dayum that's some in the pocket bass
rosasolis (host) 9:26:30 PM
with da keyboards mmm
Mountain Lightning 9:29:07 PM
Volapük !!
Mountain Lightning 9:29:44 PM
rosasolis (host) 9:30:47 PM
i kno its a bass clarinet but i like how it reminds me of a didgeridoo
TAndy 9:33:24 PM
time for saul
rosasolis (host) 9:33:34 PM
wait i thought it was already on
TAndy 9:34:46 PM
Andrew WestCoast 9:35:18 PM
Hmmm, just how explicit is that content? 🙁
rosasolis (host) 9:36:40 PM
the show?? 🧐
Colin 9:36:45 PM
love the slang in the album art for that volapuk
rosasolis (host) 9:37:25 PM
hi colin! i agree it makes the doggie look less menacing
Andrew WestCoast 9:37:42 PM
The Lim Kim album has an "Parental Warning".
rosasolis (host) 9:38:08 PM
omgg i just noticed... good thing the album is in korean hehe
Mountain Lightning 9:40:38 PM
Quite the album cover, Eartheater
rosasolis (host) 9:41:01 PM
lmao i cant tell if i hate ir or love it
Andrew WestCoast 9:41:13 PM
Parental Warning: Don't let your kids learn Korean.
rosasolis (host) 9:41:50 PM
its too late for me 😭
Mountain Lightning 9:43:12 PM
Zappa got slapped with a parental sticker...on an instrumental album 😶
TAndy 9:43:21 PM
this eartheater is great
Elise Cube 9:43:40 PM
Andrew WestCoast 9:43:43 PM
Yes he did cuz he's Zappa. The 80s were a messed up time.
Colin 9:44:17 PM
elise, same.
Mountain Lightning 9:44:30 PM
get yer bong ready E-Cube
Colin 9:45:04 PM
also, that eatheater song drew me in, then the album art. it was quite a ride.
rosasolis (host) 9:45:10 PM
yayy elise/tandy ❀ and omg i heard the censorship ratings were even a bigger joke back in
rosasolis (host) 9:45:35 PM
@colin lmao it really does... invite
Mountain Lightning 9:45:56 PM
My neck, my back/ get some magma in my ***** & my crack
Elise Cube 9:46:14 PM
@colin that album art is perfect
Elise Cube 9:46:54 PM
@mountain no bong, i got a j 2niteeee
TAndy 9:47:12 PM
oh i dig this
Colin 9:47:17 PM
there's a lot liberation going on in that art.
Mountain Lightning 9:47:19 PM
rosasolis (host) 9:48:00 PM
@elise i knew ud love it lolll and @tandy its a floating guitar in spacee
Mountain Lightning 9:48:15 PM
Colin 9:48:44 PM
then jim ferraro shows up with the mac paint plus album art of the year!!
Mountain Lightning 9:48:57 PM
Elise Cube 9:49:02 PM
this is rad
Elise Cube 9:49:09 PM
the matching album art
Mountain Lightning 9:50:08 PM
Jim Ferraro is on the air
rosasolis (host) 9:50:26 PM
theres also an alternative cover with a froggys hand on the dial wprb style
Mountain Lightning 9:50:48 PM
What in the sam hill is a moonshocked dudette
Mountain Lightning 9:51:33 PM
Haaaaaaaa the 1980s doorbell
rosasolis (host) 9:51:44 PM
its like a werewolf but in reverse
TAndy 9:52:13 PM
this is so new an esoteric that i cant find on youtube. all i got was frank zappa and something about pigs
Ossy Hyouka 9:52:48 PM
So PAX and Mike in Space
rosasolis (host) 9:53:13 PM
rosasolis (host) 9:53:20 PM
paxasolis in space
Mountain Lightning 9:53:23 PM
You know what needs a warning label? Bee pollen. Shit is addictive
TAndy 9:53:37 PM
thanks <3
rosasolis (host) 9:54:27 PM
:)) omggg but bees are all cute when they shake their pollen off
Mountain Lightning 9:55:12 PM
I'm gettin strung out on pollen
TAndy 9:55:40 PM
god i want cinnabon
rosasolis (host) 9:56:08 PM
lmao not the better call saul cinnabon
TAndy 9:56:42 PM
TAndy 9:56:54 PM
they added in a time lapse of one being baked
Mountain Lightning 9:57:46 PM
I eat a 13 Cinnabon, so my ahnoose may release if you attack it. - Borat, to police
TAndy 9:58:00 PM
Andrew WestCoast 9:58:00 PM
I stopped watching after last season. Did Jimmy ever get made as Saul Goodman at the Cinnabon?
TAndy 9:58:23 PM
@AndrewWC Yeah he thoguht he was getting made but he got wacked instead
TAndy 9:58:28 PM
Wait that's Goodfellas
rosasolis (host) 9:59:27 PM
omg i thought u spoiled it for me tandy
Colin 9:59:30 PM
is this what it sounds like when you throw a rock band down some stairs?
Andrew WestCoast 9:59:52 PM
😄 I get them confused.
TAndy 10:00:10 PM
Go watch it urself I'm not spoiling anything
rosasolis (host) 10:00:44 PM
honestly colin that description applies perfectly for this band
Mountain Lightning 10:01:39 PM
I love it. Like Melvins meet Lustmord, kinda
Colin 10:01:44 PM
this is the part where the keyboard player wires got caught on the banister and everything is teetering.
Mountain Lightning 10:03:19 PM
those slow dark ambient swells
Ossy Hyouka 10:03:46 PM
Speaking of bees here, Rosa, there's that bee alien planet in Mario Galaxy, where you get a bee powerup and see the large friendly Queen Bee!
rosasolis (host) 10:03:51 PM
yess one of my favorite types of noise..
Mountain Lightning 10:03:57 PM
Idk how Rosasolis finds music that has like 79 things happening at once 🤣
rosasolis (host) 10:04:42 PM
its what my adhd/ ocd brain cravessss and @ossy lmao i lovee that level!
Mountain Lightning 10:05:19 PM
I remember Mr. Bungle had a song with two different rhythms going and it was mindblowing at the time
rosasolis (host) 10:06:39 PM
lmao i blame obsessing over trout mask replica in hs for this
Ossy Hyouka 10:06:42 PM
A cute Queen Bee girl, Rosa! I love that one pastry sugar rush galaxy!
DSM 10:06:45 PM
Just playing 4 songs at once
Mountain Lightning 10:07:10 PM
Flaming Lips style
rosasolis (host) 10:07:14 PM
@dsm shuushhh🤫 thats the secrett
DSM 10:07:33 PM
Colin 10:08:43 PM
I think at this point the stairs are gone and the rock band in just suspended in an endess void.
Mountain Lightning 10:09:12 PM
Lol Colin
Mountain Lightning 10:09:54 PM
All that's left is Robert de Niro's serious face spinning in a void
rosasolis (host) 10:10:23 PM
the void of trusttt
rosasolis (host) 10:10:55 PM
honestly they should make more bands perform on stairways
Mountain Lightning 10:10:55 PM
Nice segue Rosasolis
rosasolis (host) 10:11:11 PM
Ossy Hyouka 10:11:21 PM
Like the ubiquitous scary dark black holes in Mario galaxy, LOL
Mountain Lightning 10:11:31 PM
that was smoov
Colin 10:12:11 PM
I have a game cube in the closet. what was the best mario game for that system.
rosasolis (host) 10:12:59 PM
i think theres only mario sunshine
TAndy 10:13:25 PM
double dash
Mountain Lightning 10:14:13 PM
very nice ambience, kinda aphex twin SAW Vol. 2 esque
Mountain Lightning 10:15:38 PM
Where's Chef Emeril to go with these cocktails
Ossy Hyouka 10:15:59 PM
Not a Mario game, but sharing the same universe, Wind Waker is scary like Twilight Princess and Majora's Mask
Colin 10:17:26 PM
I do have Wind Waker. started it but idn't get far.... i think. i hope i saved where i was.
Mountain Lightning 10:18:58 PM
DSM 10:20:42 PM
Resident Evil 1 for gamecube brought in those damn Crimson Heads
Mountain Lightning 10:20:49 PM
Never forget Jim Ferraro
Mountain Lightning 10:21:38 PM
Jim MF Ferraro
Mountain Lightning 10:23:04 PM
[pulls up stool at bar]: gimme a Jim Ferraro, barkeep
rosasolis (host) 10:23:47 PM
jim ferraro also known as Heavens Burst Creation Horizonz, Lamborghini Crystal, Pacific Rat Temple Band, etc etc
Ossy Hyouka 10:23:52 PM
Awesome Colin, yeah its a vast world in Hyrule!
Mountain Lightning 10:24:47 PM
Jim is a chameleon 🦎
Colin 10:24:50 PM
nice more lim kim!
Mountain Lightning 10:26:38 PM
@Rosasolis have you seen 964 Pinocchio ?
TAndy 10:27:31 PM
oh hell yeah blawan
TAndy 10:27:51 PM
Better Fuel Huell was p good too
rosasolis (host) 10:28:25 PM
those lim kim songs were just stuck in my head... and i havent!! omg im looking it up rn and it looks insane
rosasolis (host) 10:28:43 PM
cyberpunk horror... and blawans singles are so good omg
Mountain Lightning 10:29:10 PM
I'm traumatized from 964 Pinocchio-- free on youtube; it's NUTS
Mountain Lightning 10:29:40 PM
early 1990s cyberpunk, in vein of Tetsuo
rosasolis (host) 10:30:06 PM
omg yesssss feel like elise would also love that lmao
Mountain Lightning 10:30:30 PM
It's quite good, I prefer it over Tetsuo
TAndy 10:31:03 PM
WTF final 30 minutes??? Crying
rosasolis (host) 10:31:18 PM
yee ive only seen iron man iirc so this will be awesome...
rosasolis (host) 10:31:38 PM
hopefully im not horrified like when i saw sion sono
Colin 10:31:57 PM
blawan is new to me and i already added this one to my heavy rotation list.
Mountain Lightning 10:32:17 PM
964 Pinocchio is worth it, ultimately very humane
Mountain Lightning 10:33:15 PM
@colin there are good remixes out there of blawan, too
rosasolis (host) 10:33:46 PM
@colin u need to listen to "why they hide their bodies under my garage"
rosasolis (host) 10:34:05 PM
@tandy i forgot its the last 30 min...
TAndy 10:34:15 PM
@colin please listen to that
TAndy 10:34:49 PM
I think TB played that one at least twice, it's that good
Mountain Lightning 10:35:08 PM
And a great remix "why they hide their bodies under my nostromo" by ariel gardner @rosa @colin @Tandy
rosasolis (host) 10:35:16 PM
i spammed that during the spring show hahaha
rosasolis (host) 10:35:29 PM
oh yess!! i also remember someone mentioned the girl band cover
TAndy 10:35:48 PM
wake me up when there's bodies under MY bed
Mountain Lightning 10:36:22 PM
Colin 10:36:42 PM
there has been times where i woke up as the body under my bed.
Colin 10:37:48 PM
but yo. swan-e live tapes!
TAndy 10:38:10 PM
god i love these old rave tapes
rosasolis (host) 10:38:17 PM
swan e sooo good 😭
Colin 10:39:26 PM
this era/style may have been the sound tack to my 11th st apartment.
TAndy 10:40:33 PM
mom would have kicked me out it i was a teenager in the 90s because i would be blasting solely rave and punk in my bedroom
Colin 10:41:04 PM
11th and spruce 1994 above chinese place called wok n tofu
TAndy 10:41:22 PM
damn u too?
Mountain Lightning 10:41:24 PM
Interesting how the rapid snare influenced analog drummers, like Lightning Bolt
rosasolis (host) 10:42:42 PM
dont forget that goa trance
TAndy 10:43:30 PM
maybe goa, i prefer darkpsy. anything better than modern psytrance imo
Mountain Lightning 10:43:35 PM
TAndy 10:46:07 PM
uniiqu3 <3
rosasolis (host) 10:46:36 PM
darkpsyyy and honestly i can also just see myself listening to mad stereolab like i do now lol
TAndy 10:47:01 PM
i was a hardstyle kid so disregard my tastes
Colin 10:49:21 PM
lol tandy, that moment of self editing when i'm at the yard party with my peers, their neighbors and all the children, and they say hey colin, put on some tunes....
TAndy 10:50:00 PM
oh my god preteen me would have loved this song
rosasolis (host) 10:50:20 PM
TAndy 10:51:03 PM
i would have said some shit like "wow it sounds just like ddr music :DD"
Andy Wing 10:51:17 PM
Been listening in. The traditional "hour of madness" mix is awesome as usual.
rosasolis (host) 10:51:47 PM
hii andy!! nice to always see you
rosasolis (host) 10:52:04 PM
@tandy omg i hated nightcore until 2 years ago LOL
TAndy 10:52:06 PM
TAndy 10:52:44 PM
Nightcore still isn't real to me but i'll listen to it very rarely
Colin 10:53:14 PM
maximum ANDY achieved!!
TAndy 10:53:43 PM
oh hell yeah some good old frenchcore kicks
rosasolis (host) 10:53:45 PM
song ends sooo much better omg
Mountain Lightning 10:53:49 PM
Max Andy AND Jim Ferraro tonite
rosasolis (host) 10:54:15 PM
they should all collab
TAndy 10:54:21 PM
Who was it that said the line? Something about spring break? 🤔
Mountain Lightning 10:54:28 PM
and Jonny from Holland
Andy Wing 10:54:43 PM
7 minutes of insanecore?
Mountain Lightning 10:55:03 PM
Lol TAndy
TAndy 10:55:21 PM
Hixxy <3333333
rosasolis (host) 10:55:31 PM
from insanecore to slutcore
Andy Wing 10:56:19 PM
BTW, I always enjoy Albert Ayler, beautiful chaos. First heard Slugs Saloon on WPRB about 20 years ago, maybe Jon Solomon?
rosasolis (host) 10:56:30 PM
thumbs up for hixxy's deep in the nightt ❀༅
Mountain Lightning 10:56:35 PM
Slutcore !!
TAndy 10:56:46 PM
wake me up when we have gigolocore
DSM 10:56:53 PM
Thanks Rosasolis!
TAndy 10:56:54 PM
or zohancore
rosasolis (host) 10:56:56 PM
and @andy omg!! yes i feel like hes always there to liven things up.. need to play more
Andy Wing 10:57:15 PM
Corecore next week?
They passed me this thing, and they said rave thing, and I was like , okay..
Mountain Lightning 10:57:34 PM
Dimitri found out
Colin 10:58:07 PM
corecore says morcore!!!
TAndy 10:58:13 PM
thanks tyou fvuiro the shqwoe tohngiyth roskasiolkis
rosasolis (host) 10:58:33 PM
we are all slutcore
Mountain Lightning 10:58:45 PM
Nice show Rosasolis! Mr Toad's Wild Ride
Colin 10:58:45 PM
this notebook thing rules!!
Mountain Lightning 10:59:10 PM
Thanks dear!
rosasolis (host) 11:00:06 PM
thanks for listening everyone!! ❦ ♡ ♥ ❤ 💓 ❦ ♡ ♥ ❤ 💓
TAndy 11:00:54 PM
Ossy Hyouka 11:01:13 PM