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Follow the Train

Jul 23, 2022 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM

With CJ

A show with more variety than Big Smoke's Cluckin' Bell order


All aboard tonight's episode!

Follow the Train
11:00 PM
Set Break: Intro - Big Smoke's Order
11:02 PM
Rashomon - Patriot
Rashomon Patriot N
Nin-Gen 2021
11:04 PM
Rashomon - Musha Musha
Rashomon Musha Musha N
Nin-Gen 2021
11:06 PM
Conjurer - Suffer Alone
Conjurer Suffer Alone N
Páthos Nuclear Blast 2022
11:08 PM
Ohyda - ...I Dojdzie Do Katastrofy
Ohyda ...I Dojdzie Do Katastrofy N
Pan Bóg Spełni Wszystkie Pragnienia Lewaków... I Dojdzie Do Katastrofy! La Vida Es Un Mus Discos 2022
11:13 PM
Otoboke Beaver - Don't Light My Fire
Otoboke Beaver Don't Light My Fire Otoboke Beaver
Itekoma Hits Damnably 2019
11:15 PM
Thee Oh Sees - A Foul Form
Thee Oh Sees A Foul Form N
A Foul Form Castle Face 2022
11:18 PM
Lightning Bolt - Assassins
Lightning Bolt Assassins Lightning Bolt
Wonderful Rainbow Thrill Jockey Records 2003
11:21 PM
Warish - Seeing Red
Warish Seeing Red Warish
Next To Pay RidingEasy Records 2021
11:23 PM
Zig Zags - Magic
Zig Zags Magic Zig Zags
Zig Zags In The Red 2014
11:26 PM
Civic - Another Day
Civic Another Day Civic
Future Forecast Flightless Records 2021
11:27 PM
The Physics House Band - Surrogate Head
The Physics House Band Surrogate Head The Physics House Band
Mercury Fountain Small Pond 2017
11:36 PM
Set Break: CJ's Set Break
11:36 PM
Ningen Isu - 新青年まえがき
Ningen Isu 新青年まえがき Ningen Isu
11:40 PM
The Physics House Band - Obidant
The Physics House Band Obidant The Physics House Band
Mercury Fountain Small Pond 2017
11:43 PM
I am SAKURAN-ZENSEN たわしレコーズ 2020
11:45 PM
Flat Worms - The Mine
Flat Worms The Mine Flat Worms
Antarctica GOD? 2020
11:48 PM
Hella - Osaka
Hella Osaka Hella
Tripper Sargent House 2011
11:53 PM
Thee Oh Sees - Upbeat Ritual
Thee Oh Sees Upbeat Ritual Thee Oh Sees
Protean Threat Castle Face 2020
11:55 PM
Mind Spiders - You Are Dead
Mind Spiders You Are Dead Mind Spiders
Meltdown Dirtnap Records 2012
11:57 PM
Hot Snakes - 10th Planet
Hot Snakes 10th Planet Hot Snakes
Automatic Midnight Sub Pop Records 2018
12:00 AM
Set Break: CJ's Set Break - Halfway Point!
12:05 AM
Mind Spiders - Inside You
Mind Spiders Inside You Mind Spiders
Inhumanistic Dirtnap Records 2013
12:08 AM
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Little Moon
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Little Moon Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
High Visceral (B-Sides) - EP What Reality? Records 2017
12:10 AM
Nice Biscuit - Candle
Nice Biscuit Candle Nice Biscuit
Create Simulate - EP Believe 2020
12:17 AM
Nice Biscuit - Captain
Nice Biscuit Captain Nice Biscuit
Digital Mountain Nice Biscuit 2018
12:22 AM
The Murlocs - Manny's Bar
The Murlocs Manny's Bar The Murlocs
Tee Pee - EP Gaga Digi 2012
12:26 AM
Ty Segall - Hello, Hi
Ty Segall Hello, Hi Ty Segall N
"Hello, Hi" Drag City 2022
12:29 AM
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Pi
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Pi Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
High Visceral (B-Sides) - EP What Reality? Records 2017
12:32 AM
Ty Segall - The Keepers
Ty Segall The Keepers Ty Segall
Sleeper Drag City Records 2013
12:38 AM
Set Break: CJ's Set Break
12:39 AM
The Nude Party - Astral Man
The Nude Party Astral Man The Nude Party
The Nude Party New West Records 2018
12:44 AM
The Murlocs - Lonely Clown
The Murlocs Lonely Clown The Murlocs
Loopholes Flightless Records 2014
12:48 AM
Crumb - Thirty-Nine
Crumb Thirty-Nine Crumb
Locket - EP Crumb Records 2017
12:53 AM
Mcbaise - Water Slide (feat. Kamggarn)
Mcbaise Water Slide (feat. Kamggarn)
Tubes Dirty Melody 2021
12:57 AM
Set Break: End of the Line!
12:57 AM
Ty Segall - Saturday, Pt. 2
Ty Segall Saturday, Pt. 2 Ty Segall N
"Hello, Hi" Drag City 2022
Chat is archived.
TAndy 11:02:00 PM
goblin mode first hour yes good >:)
Commie Francis 11:02:09 PM
yayy rashomon
Ambrose Hughes 11:02:11 PM
Good evening CJ!
CJ (host) 11:02:48 PM
Good evening y'all!
CJ (host) 11:03:16 PM
Goblin mode always good mode >:)
TAndy 11:06:38 PM
Conjurer 😱
CJ (host) 11:07:35 PM
Very epic DJ Flex Luthor rec
CJ (host) 11:07:52 PM
maybe will play one of the 7 min tracks next week lol
Ambrose Hughes 11:07:59 PM
Right out of the traps!🏇
TAndy 11:08:02 PM
TAndy 11:08:24 PM
play dopesmoker 900% sped up
CJ (host) 11:08:49 PM
that's an idea there lol
CJ (host) 11:08:58 PM
live nightcore remixes lmao
Ambrose Hughes 11:09:56 PM
PRB Favs here!
CJ (host) 11:10:25 PM
TAndy 11:10:54 PM
still mad how the song flex played off this one gave me fknc lice removal on youtube
TAndy 11:11:01 PM
that comb was moving yo
CJ (host) 11:11:20 PM
bruh what lmao
CJ (host) 11:11:29 PM
wild af
CJ (host) 11:12:49 PM
throwing some otoboke beaver in here for fun
CJ (host) 11:13:08 PM
maybe a good transition to the new osees track
TAndy 11:13:58 PM
TAndy 11:14:10 PM
wtf that intro was so unlike the rest of this lol baited!! i got tricked
CJ (host) 11:15:01 PM
totally got me originally as well haha
TAndy 11:18:42 PM
this lightning bolt is super sick
TAndy 11:20:20 PM
I heard that
CJ (host) 11:20:32 PM
whoops lmao
CJ (host) 11:20:40 PM
Thought I silenced system sounds
Colin 11:21:28 PM
🤣 came over to my compy looking for an alert message.
Colin 11:24:01 PM
tandy was right, cj was gonna keep things bumping!
Colin 11:24:22 PM
f yeah!! zig zags!!!
CJ (host) 11:25:14 PM
had to make up for the accidental windows notification remix with some jams 😂
TAndy 11:30:11 PM
this track f-n bumps
TAndy 11:37:30 PM
This track immediately made me grow a biker mustache and a leather vest
Colin 11:38:46 PM
CJ (host) 11:39:08 PM
Couldn't put it better myself 😂
TAndy 11:42:14 PM
My sentence structure unfortunately makes it like I grew the vest. Ouch.
Ossy Hyouka 11:44:47 PM
Holla all, like Ceelo Green's song 🔥💫
CJ (host) 11:44:59 PM
Hey Ossy!
CJ (host) 11:45:14 PM
@TAndy sounds like some Senator Armstrong type shit haha
TAndy 11:45:52 PM
Nanovests, son!
Colin 11:45:54 PM
ossy! also, sakuran-Z! yooooo
TAndy 11:46:42 PM
Yeooo Colin and Ossy
Colin 11:46:45 PM
nanovest, provides the power of a vest, but inside the pocket.... secret power.
Ossy Hyouka 11:47:02 PM
Both station hits on a Saturday is "hot like fire" like Aaliyah's song! Hi Colin!
TAndy 11:47:45 PM
I could make a joke about white blood cells biker gangs beating the hell out of foreign microbes but unlike our world that's a good thing in our bodies. Keep that immune system stronk
Colin 11:51:28 PM
this track is one "hella" ripper
Guelo 11:53:26 PM
Guelo 11:53:45 PM
sup yeall
TAndy 11:54:00 PM
Yooo G
CJ (host) 11:54:19 PM
yo yo
Colin 11:54:44 PM
good Saturday evening guelo
Ambrose Hughes 11:55:12 PM
Hello Guelo!
Colin 11:55:29 PM
i just googled bacon in air fryer, my sunday morning is gonna rule.
Colin 11:55:59 PM
8min at 350.
CJ (host) 11:56:29 PM
might have to try that myself
Ambrose Hughes 11:56:33 PM
Never EVER Google bacon!
CJ (host) 11:56:35 PM
microwave bacon was a disaster
Colin 11:58:20 PM
sounds like a low budget monster movie, attack of the microwave bacon.
CJ (host) 11:59:09 PM
Oh it was horrifying alright :(
TAndy 12:00:14 AM
unless it's stovetop i don't want bacon
TAndy 12:00:27 AM
i like my bacon floppy with some fat still on it
Colin 12:00:50 AM
the initial incident came take place at a B-ger king. alpha microwave bacon monster can don a crown
TAndy 12:01:02 AM
TAndy 12:02:34 AM
Ambrose Hughes 12:03:08 AM
Irish bacon is what youse are after friends!
TAndy 12:03:41 AM
I love how Zach's promo photos for Death Grips makes him look like a UK Dubstep producer from 2007 lolol
Ossy Hyouka 12:03:42 AM
Sounds like that appetizer monster Mr Krabs created 🤣
Colin 12:04:21 AM
is irish bacon those burnt almost charcoal left in the forgotten corners of the pan?
Colin 12:05:18 AM
knowing that little death grips tid bit make the rule morer.
CJ (host) 12:05:48 AM
is this irish bacon thing really even bacon lol
Colin 12:06:39 AM
is irish bacon is a dab of whisky in your coffee?
jimbeaux 12:06:52 AM
Deejay ceejay, dis show is fiiiiiiiiiiiiire
Colin 12:06:59 AM
mmm irsh bacon.....
CJ (host) 12:07:01 AM
oh one more Death Grips tidbit of the night - they finally put Live from Death Valley on streaming services iirc
CJ (host) 12:07:21 AM
still hoping for exmilitary to be more easily available one day
jimbeaux 12:07:31 AM
Hellllooooo frenz
CJ (host) 12:07:42 AM
Hey Jimbeaux!
Ambrose Hughes 12:07:53 AM
@Colin, if you fancy yes!
Ossy Hyouka 12:08:08 AM
Speaking of this, I got a sample of BBQ bacon at some agricultural market
Ossy Hyouka 12:08:14 AM
Hi Jim!
CJ (host) 12:08:27 AM
bbq bacon sounds good now too mmm
TAndy 12:08:30 AM
jeaux jumbieausx
TAndy 12:08:40 AM
i dont know what my fingers did to your name sorry
Ossy Hyouka 12:10:14 AM
They taste so good! Imagine a shrimp bacon
Colin 12:10:30 AM
that could jimbeaux's name redesign for a pre-spring 2023 release!
CJ (host) 12:10:52 AM
need some BBQ bacon on a Nice Biscuit
Colin 12:12:00 AM
omg.... bbq shimp and bacon cooked in the airfryer at the same time......🎷
Colin 12:12:43 AM
lol.. Nice Biscuit i see what happen there.
Ossy Hyouka 12:14:00 AM
Popeyes biscuits are the mmmmm
jimbeaux 12:17:14 AM
Hmmm...have not renamed myself in a while
Colin 12:18:23 AM
double shot a biscuits for listeners everywhere!!
jimbeaux 12:18:29 AM
facon on ice biscuit
TAndy 12:22:06 AM
Love this band name
TAndy 12:22:15 AM
takes a shot of biskit batter
CJ (host) 12:23:03 AM
I can't recall if I've ever had a Nice Biscuit
CJ (host) 12:23:12 AM
Colin 12:23:14 AM
*imagines lil mini bbq, facon biscuit sliders for x-mas eve at my cousins pot luck. they are veggies. thanks jim!!
CJ (host) 12:23:44 AM
we should rename this timeslot to "Follow the Food" lol
TAndy 12:24:06 AM
Follows the theme of Big Smoke lolol
CJ (host) 12:24:13 AM
True lmao
CJ (host) 12:24:48 AM
I'll have 2 Mini BBQs, a Falcon Biscuit Large, a Microwave Bacon slider with extra dip...
Colin 12:25:26 AM
as well as 2 #9's
Ossy Hyouka 12:26:04 AM
With buttered toast and geavy7
TAndy 12:26:14 AM
Lemme get a double quarter pound king with extra onions large fries and a large diet coke with a side of mozz sticks
TAndy 12:26:31 AM
(That'll be $22 sir)
CJ (host) 12:27:09 AM
$22 with coupons at this point lol
Ossy Hyouka 12:27:09 AM
CJ (host) 12:27:42 AM
need a whole cup of Raising Cane's sauce for all these orders
Ossy Hyouka 12:28:56 AM
Pan fried noodles, sweat and pungent shrimp a knuckle sandwich- Those Chinese soldiers from Mulan named Yao, Ling and Chien Po!
jimbeaux 12:29:23 AM
No joke, folk make facon outta banana peels🍌🥓
CJ (host) 12:29:50 AM
I think I've actually seen a vid of that
CJ (host) 12:29:57 AM
Interesting concept at least
CJ (host) 12:30:06 AM
...not sure about the taste tho
Colin 12:31:10 AM
so one could say those making facon outta banna peels are smoking banna peels huh?
Colin 12:31:36 AM
CJ (host) 12:35:47 AM
CJ (host) 12:35:58 AM
it do be like that
jimbeaux 12:42:05 AM
Right on colin!
Ossy Hyouka 12:44:12 AM
One other station last year asked listeners what will be your last meal on death row, and I listed out ackee salt fish, jollof rice, chocolate fondue Sundae and shrimp, which was read on live air, the dj thought they were all fused together and got her in disgust and I died laughing, still to this day 🤣
CJ (host) 12:45:43 AM
lmao, sounds like they thought you were describing Spongebob's ketchup Sundae
CJ (host) 12:46:08 AM
All a good combo until they toss the sundae in there haha
TAndy 12:47:21 AM
i love onions so i wonder how onion and ice cream would taste
TAndy 12:47:32 AM
call me shrek i can eat a whole ass onion like an apple idgaf
Colin 12:47:48 AM
it may have been that whole "chocolate fondue Sundae and shrimp" part that thew them.🤔
Colin 12:48:30 AM
*also thinks onion ice cream would rule.
Ossy Hyouka 12:48:42 AM
She liked my suggestion, til it came the dessert part and I wrote shrimp and mac and cheese(forgot to mention) next to it, which threw her off LOOOOOL
Colin 12:48:49 AM
especially onion ring ice cream!!!
Colin 12:49:46 AM
omg, love this song
Ossy Hyouka 12:49:50 AM
Also CJ, that horribly describes the cooking of Chef Kawasaki from the Kirby anime and Akane Tendo from Ranma 1/2, lmso
CJ (host) 12:50:38 AM
true lmao
CJ (host) 12:51:14 AM
@Colin I need a new Crumb album so bad lol
TAndy 12:52:07 AM
Ossy you're making me remember that one damn episode of Arthur where one of the kids made some horrid looking icecram concoction
TAndy 12:52:17 AM
It was green and had weird shiz in it
Ossy Hyouka 12:55:03 AM
Now Tandy, you have me thinking of Hey Arnold, when Timberly, Gerald's sister, messed up their turtle cookies with too much salt!
Ossy Hyouka 12:55:33 AM
I don't recall that episode of Arthur, but will see it out LMAAAAO
Guelo 12:56:01 AM
Tomi Tyrrell 12:56:05 AM
I’m loving all the psych CJ!
CJ (host) 12:56:18 AM
Thanks Tomi!
Tomi Tyrrell 12:56:33 AM
I loved Kamggarns record from last summer
TAndy 12:56:42 AM
shit it IS that time already. Big ups on the show CJ, see ya next week
CJ (host) 12:56:43 AM
@Guelos Vibes indeed 😎
Colin 12:56:56 AM
CJ (host) 12:57:07 AM
yup, we at the end sadly
Colin 12:57:45 AM
this weeks episode was was lit!
Colin 12:57:56 AM
CJ (host) 12:58:33 AM
Thanks Colin!
CJ (host) 12:58:54 AM
Thanks for tuning in everyone! Have a great rest of your weekend!
Ossy Hyouka 12:59:12 AM
Pass the rnb in the sunset and crystal ocean!
jimbeaux 12:59:23 AM
Ossy Hyouka 12:59:52 AM
Great Saturday Night Experience, after club closing hours!
Colin 1:00:14 AM
Ossy Hyouka 1:00:37 AM
Now techno wdas til 2am