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PITTSBURGH & DETROIT - Lizbot Subbing for Commie's Uneasy Listening

Jul 2, 2022 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With Lizbot

PITTSBURGH & DETROIT - Lizbot Subbing for Commie's Uneasy Listening

Songs by bands from, or about, PITTSBURGH & DETROIT and road-tripping through them!

PITTSBURGH & DETROIT - Lizbot Subbing for Commie's Uneasy Listening
8:01 PM
Black Moth Super Rainbow - When the Sun Grows on Your Tongue
Black Moth Super Rainbow When the Sun Grows on Your Tongue
Dandelion Gum Rad Cult 2007
Yinzers from PITTSBURGH
8:04 PM
Black Nasty, featuring Herbie Thompson - Cut Your Motor Off
Black Nasty, featuring Herbie Thompson Cut Your Motor Off
Cut Your Motor Off / Keep On Stepping Big Hit 1976
Detroit funk
8:07 PM
DEVO - Doctor Detroit
DEVO Doctor Detroit
Theme From Doctor Detroit MCA 1983
8:10 PM
Super Furry Animals - Inaugural Trams
Super Furry Animals Inaugural Trams
Dark Days/Light Years Rough Trade 2009
Welsh, BUT Anthrocon, the annual conversion of fur-suited "Furries," was happening (and still is) in Pittsburgh while we were there Thursday & Friday, hence I gotta play one Super Furry Animals song in their honor!
8:16 PM
Gladys Knight & The Pips - Letter Full of Tears
Gladys Knight & The Pips Letter Full of Tears
Letter Full of Tears Fury Records 1962
8:18 PM
Don Caballero - Challenge Jets
Don Caballero Challenge Jets
Punkgasm Relapse Records 2008
These math-rock pioneers formed in Pittsburgh in 1991
8:22 PM
Black Nasty - Mama Didn't Lie
Black Nasty Mama Didn't Lie
Mama Didn't Lie / Hip Drop Tank Records
Detroit funk!
8:25 PM
David Bowie - Panic In Detroit
David Bowie Panic In Detroit David Bowie R
Aladdin Sane RCA Victor 1973
8:28 PM
They Might Be Giants - Say Nice Things About Detroit
They Might Be Giants Say Nice Things About Detroit
Say Nice Things About Detroit - Single Lojinx 2015
8:31 PM
Alec Holowka - Pierogi Toss
Alec Holowka Pierogi Toss Alec Holowka
Night in the Woods (Original Soundtrack, Vol. 1) [At the End of Everything] Alec Holowka 2017
great game set in Pittsburgh with a pierogi toss challenge side-game!
8:31 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

lizbot speaks

8:39 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

lizbot buzzes

8:40 PM
Calvin Williams / Jimmy Landers & His All Stars - Going & Get It (Bring It To You)
Calvin Williams / Jimmy Landers & His All Stars Going & Get It (Bring It To You)
Going & Get It (Bring It To You) Northern Del-La Record Co.
Detroit Funk
8:44 PM
Smokey Robinson - The Tracks of My Tears
Smokey Robinson The Tracks of My Tears
Going to a Go-Go Tamla 1965
MO-TOWN PERFECTION. Recorded at Hitsville USA
8:45 PM
The Lemonheads - Pittsburgh
The Lemonheads Pittsburgh R
Lemonheads Vagrant Records 2006
8:48 PM
MC5 - Baby Please Don't Go
MC5 Baby Please Don't Go
'66 Breakout!
The MC5 (Motor City Five) formed in Lincoln Park, Michigan in 1964. In 1968, the band relocated to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and following a performance at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Elektra Records A&R man Danny Fields signed them to Elektra Records.
8:52 PM
The Stooges - No Fun
The Stooges No Fun R
The Stooges Rhino/Elektra 1969
a song about being BORED IN ANN ARBOR, which makes sense as the most exciting happening while I was there last week was a gaggle of teens blaring music from the roof of the parking garage in the center of town. That, and me getting to try the mysterious Blue Moon ice cream flavor of michigan lore!
8:57 PM
Herbie Thompson - Jungle Time
Herbie Thompson Jungle Time
Jungle Time / Let Your Love (Grow Stronger) Big Hit 1971
Detroit Funk
9:07 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

lizbot twirls

9:07 PM
Fabulous Four - 438 S. Michigan Ave
Fabulous Four 438 S. Michigan Ave
Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils? V/A Dolores
9:11 PM
MC5 - I Can Only Give You Everything
MC5 I Can Only Give You Everything
I Can Only Give You Everything / One Of The Guys AMG Records 1967
9:13 PM
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Forever Heavy
Black Moth Super Rainbow Forever Heavy
Dandelion Gum Rad Cult 2007
9:18 PM
Don Caballero - Fire Back About Your New Baby's Sex
Don Caballero Fire Back About Your New Baby's Sex
American Don Touch and Go Records 2000
9:24 PM
Zombi - Digitalis
Zombi Digitalis
Surface to Air Relapse Records 2006
PITTSBURGH band, heavily influenced by the synth prog band Goblin and by John Carpenter soundtracks
9:27 PM
Black Moth Super Rainbow - We Might Come Back
Black Moth Super Rainbow We Might Come Back
Panic Blooms Rad Cult 2018
9:30 PM
SQÜRL - Streets of Detroit
SQÜRL Streets of Detroit
Only Lovers Left Alive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Sacred Bones Records 2021
9:31 PM
Jozef Van Wissem - The Taste of Blood
Jozef Van Wissem The Taste of Blood Jozef Van Wissem
Only Lovers Left Alive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Sacred Bones Records 2021
soundtrack to the vampire film starring Tilda Swinton, directed by Jim Jarmusch, set and filmed in Detroit on desolate streets at night
9:36 PM
Alec Holowka - Pierogies in the Dark
Alec Holowka Pierogies in the Dark
Night in the Woods (Original Soundtrack, Vol. 1) [At the End of Everything] Alec Holowka 2017
9:44 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

lizbot flits and ducks to avoid the killer swans

9:45 PM
Squarepusher - Detroit People Mover
Squarepusher Detroit People Mover
Be Up a Hello Warp Records 2020
9:50 PM
Mary Halvorson's Code Girl - Mexican War Streets (Pittsburgh)
Mary Halvorson's Code Girl Mexican War Streets (Pittsburgh) Mary Halvorson
Artlessly Falling Firehouse 12 Records 2020
Mexican War Streets is the neighhorhood in Pittsburgh where we stayed during the first leg of our road trip. Sampsonia Way there had colorful houses painted with poetry and murals and the large scale installation art museum The Mattress Factory!
9:59 PM
SQÜRL - In Templum Dei (feat. Zola Jesus)
SQÜRL In Templum Dei (feat. Zola Jesus)
Only Lovers Left Alive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Sacred Bones Records 2021
Detroit vampires, Jarmusch-style
10:02 PM
John Fahey - Medley: Ann Arbor / Death By Reputation
John Fahey Medley: Ann Arbor / Death By Reputation
Visits Washington, D.C. Takoma 1979
10:10 PM
R.E.M. - Cuyahoga
R.E.M. Cuyahoga
Lifes Rich Pageant I.R.S. Records
We crossed over the Cuyahoga River twice this trip!
10:15 PM
MC5 - One of the Guys
MC5 One of the Guys
Babes In Arms ROIR
10:17 PM
Reese McHenry - Detroit
Reese McHenry Detroit Reese McHenry
No Dados Suah Sounds 2019
10:21 PM
The Gizmos - Rock & Roll Don't Come from New York
The Gizmos Rock & Roll Don't Come from New York
Rock & Roll Don't Come from New York Gulcher 2006
mid-westerners gotta take a stand some time!
10:22 PM
The Who - Heinz Baked Beans
The Who Heinz Baked Beans
The Who Sell Out Track Records 1967
Pittsburgh's finest! 57 flavors!
10:24 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
  • lizbot spins outta control
10:34 PM
Mister Rogers - Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Mister Rogers Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Won't You Be My Neighbor? 1981
The Finest Yinzer EVER
10:36 PM
Was (Not Was) - Zaz Turned Blue
Was (Not Was) Zaz Turned Blue R
Born To Laugh At Tornadoes Geffen 1983
10:40 PM
Guy Mitchell - There's a Pawn Shop On the Corner In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Guy Mitchell There's a Pawn Shop On the Corner In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Singing The Blues (Digitally Remastered) Delta
Pittsburgh cheeeeeesy (in my pierogi) song, by a guy from Detroit! SYNERGY!
10:43 PM
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Plasticine Gene
Detroit Grand Pubahs Plasticine Gene
Funk All Y’all Detelefunk 2001
10:48 PM
Model 500 - Sound of Stereo
Model 500 Sound of Stereo
Make Some Noise / Sound of Stereo - Single Metroplex Records 1987
10:54 PM
Suzi Quatro - Can the Can
Suzi Quatro Can the Can R
Can The Can RAK 1973
10:58 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

lizbot chops ALL the meat pies

10:59 PM
Suzi Quatro - Devil Gate Drive
Suzi Quatro Devil Gate Drive R
Quatro Chrysalis Records 1974
Chat is archived.
Lizbot (host) 7:59:48 PM
hello hello! I'm back from my endless midwest road trip and subbing for Commie!
TAndy 8:00:47 PM
Hey Lizbot!! 💙 Seems like your road trip was epic
Lizbot (host) 8:01:18 PM
Hi Tandy! It WAS!
TAndy 8:03:18 PM
Oooh central PA rainstorm! Those random showers in the mountains are no joke
Ossy Hyouka 8:03:19 PM
❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤍🖤🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣⚪⚫ Black Moth Rainbow!!!!
TAndy 8:03:58 PM
Detroit Techno >:)))))
Lizbot (host) 8:04:37 PM
Hello Ossy!
TAndy 8:04:57 PM
Detroit FUNK >8)
Rob from Maryland 8:04:58 PM
Hello Lizbot, TAndy, Ossy!
Lizbot (host) 8:05:10 PM
@TAndy - Crazy rainbow over the highway yesterday cuz it was super sunny sun-shower before the sun set!
Lizbot (host) 8:05:16 PM
Hi Rob!
TAndy 8:05:24 PM
Hey Rob!
Lizbot (host) 8:05:44 PM
@Rob - I wish I knew how to describe the bird who hung out on my windowsill in Detroit but all I can say is it was a black bird of medium size??
Lizbot (host) 8:05:54 PM
It's so good to be back on air! It's been too long!
Lizbot (host) 8:06:15 PM
@Ossy - I love Black Moth Super Rainbow! We'll hear another from them tonight
TAndy 8:06:16 PM
Lizbot (host) 8:06:25 PM
@TAndy - haha!
jimbeaux 8:08:23 PM
yeoooo Bot! hope you had a good trip. Love da Yooper and Detroit.
Lizbot (host) 8:10:03 PM
Hello jimbeaux! Had a great time! Really epic road-trip! First time in Detroit! And finally got to MI's Upper Peninsula as well! And Pittsburgh I've been to many times but it's been a while and it's one of my fav cities!
Rob from Maryland 8:10:05 PM
@Lizbot, do you have any pictures? Common Grackle?
Rob from Maryland 8:10:34 PM
And, it sounds like a super wonderful trip!
TAndy 8:11:15 PM
You were in the UP??? One of my friends lives up there, beautiful area 💙
Lizbot (host) 8:11:36 PM
@Rob - Probably a grackle. There were SO many of those when I went to Austin years ago! I DO have a photo but it's not great. I'll send it when I get a chance.
David Shortell 8:12:27 PM
I never saw that flop movie, Dan Aykroyd's only star vehicle. I like one of the writers, Bruce Jay Friedman.
Lizbot (host) 8:13:09 PM
@TAndy- Yup! I wish I'd had more time to explore farther north into the UP, but at least we got to St. Ignace, visited a friend from Heyward, Wisconsin who drove up over and down through to UP to a campsite to meet up with us in St. Ignace and I hadn't seen her in many years, so that was a really nice reunion! Also got to Mackinac Island
Lizbot (host) 8:13:46 PM
Hi David! haha, that movie sucked. I watched it when I was a teen purely based on the DEVO soundtrack song, but it was so bad!
Lizbot (host) 8:16:28 PM
a litte mo-town sprinkled in
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 8:16:40 PM
Lizbot! Welcome back! Your trip looked super fun and very busy!
Rob from Maryland 8:17:26 PM
Thanks, Lizbot, whenever you can!
Rob from Maryland 8:18:11 PM
Howdy David and Addie
TAndy 8:18:25 PM
Mackinac Island is one of my friends favorite places. He lives in Sault Ste. Marie :)
Lizbot (host) 8:18:33 PM
Hi Addie!
TAndy 8:18:36 PM
I still want to visit there someday
Lizbot (host) 8:20:34 PM
@Addie - Yes! We fit a lot in! Still...I wish we could've made it to Belle Isle in Detroit! It has The Museum of the Great Lakes, a small aquarium, Scripps Conservatory greenhouses, and a large park, but none of it's open on the weekdays except Scripps, minimally, and it was a weekday. I hope to go back! Also, would love to get to more of the Upper Peninsula!
Lizbot (host) 8:21:12 PM
@TAndy - Nice! Yeah, it was pretty nice! I didn't get to the blacksmith of the butterfly garden - next time!
Lizbot (host) 8:24:25 PM
@TAndy - I met a woman from Michigan at Dabls Mbad's African Bead Museum in Detroit who said she had to cancel her Mackinac Island trip because her leg was in a cast! Those horses and bikes are fun but not great for accessibility!
David Shortell 8:25:09 PM
Did Johnny LaRue ever get his job back after the "Street Beef" helicopter shot Don Caballero fired him for?
Ambrose Hughes 8:25:11 PM
How do Lizbot!
David Shortell 8:25:12 PM
Oh, wait. I’m thinking of Guy Caballero.
Lizbot (host) 8:25:34 PM
Hi Ambrose!
Ambrose Hughes 8:25:43 PM
Hi TAndy, David!
TAndy 8:26:44 PM
Heya Ambrose!
Lizbot (host) 8:27:15 PM
@David - Speaking of Guy Caballero, I was already planning to revisit some SCTV and also Strange Brew since my husband never saw it.
Buck Wild 8:28:13 PM
Happy Freedom weekend Bot
Buck Wild 8:28:33 PM
Thanks for the jamz
Lizbot (host) 8:28:40 PM
Hi Buck Wild!
Lizbot (host) 8:29:21 PM
@Buck - ha. I prefer to think of it as my birthday weekend (since it is) and not the other stuff, which I'm not much in the mood to celebrate right now! I am a Fourth of July baby
Lizbot (host) 8:30:01 PM
@Ossy - I'm playing a game soundtrack song next, for a game set in Pittsburgh involving pierogis!
Buck Wild 8:30:18 PM
So let it be!
Buck Wild 8:30:33 PM
Glad you were born
Buck Wild 8:30:40 PM
Happy birthday
Ambrose Hughes 8:35:13 PM
Happy Birthday Lizbot my fellow Cancerian, knew I liked you for another reason!🦀😜
Ossy Hyouka 8:36:49 PM
Awesome DJ Milky Way Gaming, Liz and happy birthday!! So many July birthdays before 4th ❤🤍💙
George Korein 8:37:03 PM
Inaugural funiculars
Ossy Hyouka 8:38:25 PM
Looking forward to BMR(Black Month Rainbow) ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
TAndy 8:38:58 PM
BIG HUGE LOVE for the NiTW song 💙💙💙💙💙💙
TAndy 8:39:28 PM
Oh my god I literally just witnessed a cloud turn from blue to pink
Ossy Hyouka 8:40:57 PM
Lizbot (host) 8:41:21 PM
@George- Ha! Yeah! I actually forgot about the funicular tram we rode up the bluff early in the trip on the first leg of the Pittsburgh visit (we stopped there for a half a week, and then another day and a half on the way home at the end of the trip)
Lizbot (host) 8:41:55 PM
The funicular tram = The Duquesne Incline
Lizbot (host) 8:42:19 PM
A PERFECT mo-town track now. SMOKEY!
Lizbot (host) 8:44:42 PM
"my smile is my make-up I wear since my breakup with you" Is such a great line
Ossy Hyouka 8:44:43 PM
Smokayy 🔥🔥🔥. Being With You...A song I adore!
TAndy 8:44:55 PM
The sky has so many lovely colors this evening. Everyone please stop what you're doing and look towards the sunset
Ambrose Hughes 8:45:42 PM
@TAndy, right???
Lizbot (host) 8:45:51 PM
@Ossy - Smokey is P E R F E C T
Lizbot (host) 8:46:10 PM
I am not getting to a ton of mo-town tonight, but I HAD to play Smokey!
Ambrose Hughes 8:46:30 PM
Just took some photos, really is impressive!
George Korein 8:46:38 PM
Love that song.
Lizbot (host) 8:46:52 PM
@TAndy - Oh wow! I could sorta see the sunset from behind the trees outside my home studio set-up
Lizbot (host) 8:47:15 PM
@Ambrose - nice! I gotta experience vicariously through the chat!
George Korein 8:47:49 PM
Just saw a fox 🦊
TAndy 8:47:56 PM
WPRB and the skyfire sunset. There is literally nothing better than this vibe right now
Ambrose Hughes 8:49:21 PM
I live for moments like this!😍
Lizbot (host) 8:50:00 PM
@George - It's SO good. That arrangement. His voice.
Lizbot (host) 8:50:20 PM
@TAndy - Pure summer night vibes!
Lizbot (host) 8:50:45 PM
@George - send that fox my regards and ask it if it's heading to Pittsburgh for Anthrcon
Ossy Hyouka 8:51:05 PM
I saw a fox at Rowan campus in broad daylight, scavenging for food, near a forest!
Ambrose Hughes 8:51:20 PM
LUV MC5! Never heard this before, thanks Lizbot!
Ambrose Hughes 8:52:26 PM
Seeing a fox in daylight hours usually NOT a good sign, probably I'll.
Ambrose Hughes 8:52:43 PM
Lizbot (host) 8:53:16 PM
@Ambrose - see my notes for this song. Ann Arbor was pretty but BORING. Iggy was right!
TAndy 8:53:44 PM
A daytime fox means that they're prepping for a night time raid of historical magnitude
Lizbot (host) 8:53:47 PM
@Ambrose - it has a good record store, though. I bought the Morricone soundtrack to one of my favorite films, Pasolini's Teorema, there last week!
Ambrose Hughes 8:53:56 PM
@Lizbot, 👍
Lizbot (host) 8:54:11 PM
Encore Records! Great place!
TAndy 8:54:14 PM
If you hear fox noises at night beware, they may mob you trying to hustle you by selling mix CDs and questionable skincare products
Ambrose Hughes 8:55:16 PM
@TAndy, cunning.
Lizbot (host) 8:56:02 PM
@TAndy- Good to know! I hear them at night, living near the woods in Northwest Philly, screaming in the middle of the night their "vixen call" in March and April, even being so bold as to trot up onto my front porch!
Lizbot (host) 8:56:49 PM
@TAndy - Sadly, a fox DID plan and successfully execute a nighttime raid on our 6 pet chickens years ago and killed every last one of them. And yet, didn't EAT any! Vexing!
Ambrose Hughes 8:57:05 PM
@Lizbot, got any Dirtbombs, Detroit Cobras, (R.I.P. Rachel Nagy), handy?
Lizbot (host) 8:58:20 PM
@Ambrose - Almost cued up some Detroit Cobras, but didn't get to it...we'll see, but probably won't get a chance to slip that in cuz I'd gotta grab it!
Lizbot (host) 8:59:00 PM
@Ossy - I used to see foxes on Princeton's campus, particularly during winter and spring break at nighttime when most of the students were away
Ambrose Hughes 8:59:05 PM
No worries!😉
TAndy 8:59:41 PM
@Lizbot Foxes can be real cruel sometimes. My friend had some of hers taken by coyotes once, but they didn't eat a damn thing.
Ambrose Hughes 9:03:35 PM
I should warn you I come from a long line of hunters having grown up in Ireland, foxes being one of the main targets, didn't like it but they were/are vermin and cause a lot of damage to farmers, fowl especially.
Ossy Hyouka 9:08:19 PM
A campus public safety told me a story of seeing a fox preying on Canada geese and scared it off by beeping his horn.
Ambrose Hughes 9:08:58 PM
@Ossy, RESULT!
Lizbot (host) 9:09:11 PM
@TAndy- Exactly! I love foxes and coyotes, but ppl often say humans waste their food...at least EAT the chickens you killed, wild canines! Sheesh! Instead my daughter, who was really young at the time, found their bodies strewn all over the yard!
Lizbot (host) 9:10:03 PM
@Ossy - I'm more intimidated by those Canadian geese than the foxes! Foxes trot away from us for the most part. Geese are MEAN! I've had a group of them rush at me at a lakeside once!
Ossy Hyouka 9:10:25 PM
Coyotes are more scary, but wolves are dead vicious!
Ambrose Hughes 9:11:55 PM
@Lizbot, they'd be carcasses not bodies... Geese are the meanest bird on EARTH!
Lizbot (host) 9:12:06 PM
A coyote trotted out in front of us on the driveway leading out of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taleisin West in Scottsdale years ago while we were visiting there, and I was in awe! It was at the height of sunset in the Sonoran desert, and it was backlit and so pretty
Ossy Hyouka 9:12:52 PM
@Liz - Same, although ones on Rowan campus seem chill, even when resting or walking by, I always keep my distance, especially when they're with kids! Whoa, sorry of that, Liz. Swans on the other hand, death symbols
Lizbot (host) 9:13:10 PM
@Ambrose - My maternal granddad used to feed the Canadian geese and he had a little man-made pond in his yard, so they all flocked there and once attacked my mom when she was a little kid! She HATES them to this day!
Ambrose Hughes 9:13:29 PM
@Lizbot, OOOHH!😊
Ossy Hyouka 9:13:53 PM
A read that a swan drowned a man
TAndy 9:14:30 PM
That one great blue heron who gulped some of my mom's koi when I was a kid 🤣😭😭😭😭
Ossy Hyouka 9:14:52 PM
Can't blame your mom, Liz. Canada geese are 2nd vicious from swans!
jimbeaux 9:15:06 PM
Pardon, had to step out for a bike ride and bat/sunset watching. 🦇
Lizbot (host) 9:15:18 PM
@TAndy - oh no! Those koi can live a very long time, provided no herons prey on em! I have a friend whose pond freezes every winter in PA but the koi are alive under the ice.
Ambrose Hughes 9:15:38 PM
@Lizbot, YOU visited Telesien!?! Me TOO!!!😀
Lizbot (host) 9:16:33 PM
@jimbeaux - nice! I have a lotta bats in my yard I love to watch from the back porch as the sun sets. A few years back a friend led a group of us and some other friends in building bat houses to put in the park near my house
Lizbot (host) 9:17:46 PM
@jimbeaux- the kid had a bat obsession for a while - her 7th birthday party was bat-themed and her cake was a big bat. Maybe it started after we kept getting little brown bats stuck in our house and rescuing them, which was always exciting and little scary since you supposedly can't feel their bite
jimbeaux 9:18:20 PM
Nice! Ironically, most bat activity in my neighborhood is between two belfrys!
Ossy Hyouka 9:18:20 PM
On vacation in Nigeria at my uncle's summer house, I see some bats flying about, a few years back.
Ambrose Hughes 9:19:00 PM
@jimbeaux, was just admiring the, what seems to be, the only bat in my back yard, been watching it all this past week!
jimbeaux 9:19:29 PM
Lonely bat :(
Ossy Hyouka 9:19:58 PM
When I was way younger, at my aunt's summer house in Enugu, Nigeria. I think I saw like a large bat, flying by. I was scared to see what kind of creature it is.
Lizbot (host) 9:20:13 PM
@jimbeaux - I used to live near the Divine Lorraine hotel when it was vacant in the early 2000s and bats swarmed out of it by the hundreds every dusk! Almost as thrilling as when I went to Austin to the Anne Congress "Bat Bridge" and watched the throngs of bats - you can take a boat underneath, and I saw some ppl do that...and you can guess how that ended! I am not a fan of guano!
George Korein 9:20:20 PM
How is it going? All according to plan. Now I am knowing that a swan drowned a man
Ambrose Hughes 9:20:32 PM
@jimbeaux, "two belfries", 😮😆😆😆
Lizbot (host) 9:21:07 PM
On that same Texas trip, we drove an hour or so into Texas hill country to visit a cave that is home to the smallest species of bat in the world. There were only females in there. The guide claimed they had kicked out all the males
Lizbot (host) 9:22:02 PM
@George - oh man, that true story about the park ranger murdered by swan in the middle of a lake! Swans are as scary as geese! Now I'm having A Zed and Two Noughts "Swan Rot" thoughts
Ossy Hyouka 9:22:25 PM
Ambrose Hughes 9:22:31 PM
@Lizbot, OOFAH! Guyana was once HIGHLY prized BTW!
Ambrose Hughes 9:22:59 PM
Lizbot (host) 9:23:25 PM
@Ossy - I wonder what kind of bats are in Nigeria. I only ever see the little brown bats around my house! I love the flying foxes at the zoo.
George Korein 9:23:46 PM
Wine ‘em and dine ‘em, and once they are blotto, clown ‘em and drown ‘em, that’s the swan motto 🦢
Ossy Hyouka 9:24:01 PM
More scary animals like white tailed deer, when their kicks are a painful as a cinderblock and hear their hooves are a sharp as knives!!!!
Lizbot (host) 9:24:23 PM
@George - COLD.
Lizbot (host) 9:24:57 PM
@George - Don't be fooled by the beauty of a swan. It's a glamorous killer.
Ambrose Hughes 9:25:42 PM
@Ossy, name me one person whose got that close to a white tail deer?👀
Ossy Hyouka 9:25:48 PM
Liz - Not too sure what kind of bats they are in Nigeria, but see silver and small black ones. Probably vampire bats, from the looks of their size.
George Korein 9:26:20 PM
If you get a scam email from a “Nigerian prince”, it’s from a bat
Lizbot (host) 9:26:27 PM
@Ossy - one of the freakiest things I ever saw was wild deer who had lost all fear of humans, walking right up to people at Mt. St. Helen's in the early 90s when most vegetation at the leveled peak hadn't grown back yet. Same with the chipmunks there - they straight-up ran across my lap, begging for food, when I took out my lunch
Wes Steenson 9:26:30 PM
This band sounds like “What if Kraftwerk were Americans?”
George Korein 9:26:39 PM
Who is impersonating Prince
George Korein 9:27:00 PM
In Nigeria
Ossy Hyouka 9:27:11 PM
Or Rouge the Bat, the sent bat with long white gloves and boots,, that steals jewels!
Lizbot (host) 9:27:43 PM
Hi Wes!
George Korein 9:27:44 PM
Write off the bat
Ambrose Hughes 9:27:46 PM
My late Father witnessed a Pike take down a full grown Swan on a Lough near where we come from!
George Korein 9:28:16 PM
I must look up this rogue rouge
Lizbot (host) 9:28:44 PM
@Wes - hmmm, yeah, there's a bit of Kraftwerk influence with Zombi, but mainly the band Goblin, with their dark synth-y Dario Argento soundtracks + the soundtracks of John Carpenter
George Korein 9:29:19 PM
Ok rouge has the anthrocon vibe
Ossy Hyouka 9:29:21 PM
Ambrose - I read it up on wiki and wikihow. No sane person is foolish enough to get that close to a deer, lmao, except for those high strong PETA fanboys, lol
Ossy Hyouka 9:30:42 PM
Liz - Thats fascinating, cute and a somewhat scary at the same time, as they can act vicious, when denied food.
jimbeaux 9:30:54 PM
Bo...whoa, pikes are feisty. Ever seen a big muskie?
Ossy Hyouka 9:31:15 PM
Moose, are obviously the deadliest breed of deer.
George Korein 9:31:33 PM
“Fire back about your baby’s sex” prefigured gender reveal explosions
Lizbot (host) 9:31:51 PM
@George - true. Don Cab were visionaries, evidently
Lizbot (host) 9:32:02 PM
@George - and not just in math rock
Lizbot (host) 9:32:16 PM
feisty pike - a good band name, jimbeaux!
Ossy Hyouka 9:32:40 PM
Speaking of deer, mountain goats are a force of bloody terror like mountain lions!
George Korein 9:34:05 PM
Unlike lions, they are the greatest of all time
Lizbot (host) 9:34:54 PM
okay, so first of all, everyone should look up the story about the park ranger who was drowned by a swam. Secondly, I MTV got in a bit of legal trouble when they filmed on UC Santa Cruz's campus and put their reality tv actors us to a stunt involving stealing and subsequently killing the campus' very old and beloved koi. I am so glad they actually got in a huge amount of trouble for it
Ossy Hyouka 9:36:04 PM
Yeah, people think they're not dangerous, when mountain lions are no different than African lions. Those things will tear you apart in seconds, lmao.
Lizbot (host) 9:36:30 PM
thirdly, watch this! bat goth dance night! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9A8PFlqM4U (sound on, then put my show back on! please!)
George Korein 9:37:01 PM
Night woods OST so good again
Ambrose Hughes 9:37:12 PM
@jimbeaux, no, don't have muskies in Eire or Pickerel but all in the Pike family, yes?
George Korein 9:38:14 PM
These pierogies are pensive as hell
TAndy 9:39:11 PM
Even more NiTW???? Good lord you're after my heart, Lizbot.
Ambrose Hughes 9:39:53 PM
Jim Jarmusz is great!
TAndy 9:41:01 PM
Even though the game takes place in Autumn, I love playing it in February or March. Fits that winter mood
jimbeaux 9:41:55 PM
Bo, same genus as pikes, but bigger and nastier!
Hey, hey, hey! What's all this Lizbot goin' on 'round here?!? My super hot Computer-Chips and Dale calendar can't be wrong, because, science and stuff.
TAndy 9:43:47 PM
Hey Roffle!!
Ossy Hyouka 9:43:57 PM
In Nigeria, there's a large meat version of pieroges, called meat pie,
Hiya TAndy, hey folks!
George Korein 9:44:17 PM
A pierogie came out of the darkness… and she ate it!
TAndy 9:44:29 PM
Are they like beef patties/empanadas, Ossy? I understand that Nigerian food uses a lot of spice 😋🤤
TAndy 9:45:18 PM
🟦➡️ 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Lizbot (host) 9:45:48 PM
Hi Roffle!!
George Korein 9:45:52 PM
The Detroit people mover is trying to move people… to tears
jimbeaux 9:46:21 PM
I luv the People Mover!
Hello Lizbot! Nice treat! Glad to see ya!
Ambrose Hughes 9:46:25 PM
In Scotland they're called 'bridies' contain lamb/beef, tasty wee morsels.
George Korein 9:47:00 PM
Pittsburgh pierogi mover
Lizbot (host) 9:47:11 PM
@Ossy - In Michigan I discovered during this trip that there's a regional meat pie called "pasties" and when I first a sign for them on the side of the road, I thought it was a type of "pastries" until my Wisconsin friend filled me in!
TAndy 9:47:31 PM
I love how the concept of meat surrounded by pastry is such a universal food for many cultures, and then we as Americans decided to be different and create hamburgers instead
George Korein 9:48:17 PM
They pronounce it past-ees so it rhymes with nasties
Lizbot (host) 9:48:45 PM
I've had pastelillos, fried meat pies similar to empañadas, before, and another take on that in Miami, but Cuban-style, in addition to the pressed Cuban sandwiches
jimbeaux 9:48:55 PM
Don't forget runzas and bierocks.
Ambrose Hughes 9:51:19 PM
@Lizbot re pasties, they originally came from Cornwall, we're made for the coal miners, the dough was discarded due to the miners dirty hands, only the inside was consumed.
Lizbot (host) 9:51:34 PM
@jimbeaux - mmm, bierock. Why aren't there more songs about meat pies, I ask you?
jimbeaux 9:52:02 PM
Lizbot (host) 9:53:16 PM
@Ambrose - Huh! Nice pastie factoid! I was told in Pittsburgh by a yinzer that pierogis were popular amongst the coal miners and steel mill workers there since they had to get out the door at the crack of dawn and work long hours, so the pierogi was a nice portable hot meal
Lizbot (host) 9:53:43 PM
Now what I wanna know is WHY do they called hot dogs "Coney Islands" in Detroit?! That's everywhere there!
Lizbot (host) 9:54:17 PM
@jimbeaux - I'd like to bake the handpies of the world in perfect harmony
Lizbot (host) 9:54:37 PM
@TAndy - Honestly, I like burgers better! Less fried!
Lizbot (host) 9:55:05 PM
Glad to see you here, Rofflestomp! I missed the PRB community, being on the road so long!
I have a pack of Nathan's dogs in the freezer for no reason whatsoever.
So nice to see you back!
Ambrose Hughes 9:56:15 PM
@Rofflestomp, they might come in handy some day!😆
Lizbot (host) 9:56:20 PM
@Rofflestomp - grilling em or collecting them for a rainy day?
I mean You have been a staple for me since around 2012ish. Also I am sure you will outlast anything in the freezer with me as far as I can tell. :)
Rainy daay.
Ambrose Hughes 9:58:34 PM
When I was going to Secondary School we were served hamburgers that were battered... Cholesterol anybody?
@Ambrose - I am a prepper now... lol
Lizbot (host) 9:59:27 PM
@Ambrose= yikes!
Lizbot (host) 10:00:17 PM
@ambrose - haha! I meant "-" not "=" regarding the battered burgers!
Battered burgers need counseling.
Lizbot (host) 10:02:05 PM
@Roffle - true! I only eat a burger if I really really like it, otherwise, not worth it! Battered burgers are never okay!
Ambrose Hughes 10:02:20 PM
@Rofflestomp, after the "Disco" let out we had the Fish 'n Chip Vans in the car park selling their grub to all the famished, battered sausages were a fav!😆😆😆
jimbeaux 10:03:20 PM
Buttered Burghers
Ambrose Hughes 10:03:51 PM
Ireland is a truly messed up land!😜🍀
@Lizbot - Yeah, burgers need love. I like grilled burgers best. Not a lonely position. :)
Lizbot (host) 10:04:21 PM
@jimbeaux - Moribund the Buttered Burghermeister
Ambrose Hughes 10:04:30 PM
@jimbeaux, I'll have a dozen sir!
TAndy 10:05:24 PM
Also does anyone know if CJ's on tonight or if he has a sub?
Lizbot (host) 10:05:53 PM
@Ambrose - ha, true! The last place I wanna see giant color ads for greasy sausage rolls is the inside door of a petrol station's restrooms, and YET...there they were, all over Ireland!
Lizbot (host) 10:06:05 PM
@TAndy - not sure
Ambrose Hughes 10:06:18 PM
Beautiful tune this!😍
Lizbot (host) 10:06:56 PM
@jimbeaux - I want the People Mover from Disney World, but running through the skies over Detroit...oh wait, they have that!
@Ambrose - I am not saying that in the right hands of a cook that those would not be wonderful. Kinda sounds searching out. I am good with Chicken fried steak at a truckstop when I feel no fear.
Lizbot (host) 10:07:24 PM
Hoagie > pierogi
Lizbot (host) 10:07:52 PM
Hot Take (AKA "Pierogi Grab")
Ambrose Hughes 10:08:07 PM
@Lizbot, have you watched The Van based on Danny Boyle's book?
Lizbot (host) 10:08:16 PM
Morbid Bun, The 'Burgher Mister
OMG! You had me at Pierogi!
TAndy 10:08:52 PM
Urgh your comment about morbid bun made me laugh and shoot soda out my nose. Ouch 🤣🤣🤣
Lizbot (host) 10:09:05 PM
@George - "They pronounce it past-ees so it rhymes with nasties" - next thing you know, they'll be producing video nasties featuring pasties at that film school up in Interlochen, MI
Ossy Hyouka 10:09:48 PM
I love hoagies!
Ambrose Hughes 10:10:32 PM
@Rofflestomp, when you are hungry... Any port in a storm.
Lizbot (host) 10:10:33 PM
@Ambrose - I love Jarmusch as well, and a mid-westerner, to boot! From Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio! We're about to hear about the Cuyahoga River, which I drove over twice during this trip
Ossy Hyouka 10:10:37 PM
hoagie!, meat pies that exist in Michigan, in a different name!
Petrol station's restrooms! Holy cow, I don't know where that fits with gas station sushi, but wow.
Ambrose Hughes 10:13:10 PM
@Lizbot, He's a genius!
Lizbot (host) 10:13:41 PM
All manner of meat pies, cheese-filled franks, and Strombolis burn the roof of my mouth with their wicked, molten internal grease reserves and I don't like it!
R.E.M. so perfect. I just ordered parts to turn a Washburn guitar into a Rickenbacker sounding Frankinguitar. lol... love it.
Lizbot (host) 10:14:26 PM
@Roffle - My friend had some memorable food poisoning with day-old airport sushi
Ambrose Hughes 10:14:37 PM
@Rofflestomp, I'll never look at petrol stations the same way again, smells fishy.
I do nothing but fresh Sashimi. Anything else just ain't gonna get et .
Ambrose Hughes 10:16:14 PM
@Rofflestomp, LUVZ me a "rick".
Lizbot (host) 10:16:31 PM
@Rofflestomp - Every time we crossed the Cuyahoga transversing Ohio and PA in our circular route, that song INSTANTLY popped into my head
Ambrose Hughes 10:18:20 PM
I need to read Wayne Kramer's book!
Lizbot (host) 10:18:51 PM
@Roffle - I just avoid the stuff entirely, but I DO love the card game Sushi Go!
@Lizbot - I love that! Happens to me too at certain places I go. Even NYC. Depends on where, but it happens. Love that. Great to see you resolve it. I have to put in the tune on the drive. Love it!
Lizbot (host) 10:19:13 PM
@Ossy - Hoagies for the win! No to subs or grinders! Hoagies 4eva
Ambrose Hughes 10:19:27 PM
WOWZA...This lady!!!
George Korein 10:19:29 PM
such ego
George Korein 10:19:52 PM
sushi go a go go
Don't know that game. Sounds 'cutting edge'. :)
Ambrose Hughes 10:21:58 PM
@Lizbot, hey, you have to play some Suzy Quatro, I mean...
Lizbot (host) 10:22:06 PM
@George - I'd pay good money to see a Sushi a-Go-Go show along the lines of Chi-a-Go-Go or Ghoul-a-Go-Go with giant plush dancing sushi rolls!
Wow, book a ticket to Japan. I bet that's a thing somewhere.
George Korein 10:23:06 PM
i second the quatro
Rob from Maryland 10:23:51 PM
What was for tea anyway?
Rob from Maryland 10:24:06 PM
I third the request for Suzy Quatro
jimbeaux 10:26:47 PM
I quatro Quatro.
OMG, saw Tommy at the Moorestown Mall cinema back in the kid days. Beans for days indeed. I have some scars I bet. lol
Nothing but love for Suzy Quatro. She was a pioneer.
Not a float chamber? A drown chamber. Gonna pass that e-ticket me thinks.
Rob from Maryland 10:33:53 PM
I think I'm going to miss any Quatro as it is late for me
Ossy Hyouka 10:35:06 PM
Mister Rogers!!!!
Rob from Maryland 10:35:37 PM
@Lizbot, thanks for this awesome show. Goodnight and happy 4th weekend to everyone!
Mr. Robinson!
G'nite Ro.
So many Rob's! AiYi Yi
Lizbot (host) 10:37:05 PM
Thank you, Rob! See you next Thursday, I hope!
Ossy Hyouka 10:37:16 PM
In Oscars 19 or 20. Singer Janelle Monae did her version of Mister Rodgers in the opening and for Tom Hanks!
George Korein 10:37:32 PM
ZAZ ! !
Lizbot (host) 10:37:36 PM
Which Suzy Quatro song do yinz want?
George Korein 10:37:46 PM
this story is so true
George Korein 10:38:15 PM
It's appropriate that a song about not being able to breathe be sung by the velvet fog
Rob from Maryland 10:39:56 PM
I'm always up for Can The Can, but on the other hand I won't be around to hear it
George Korein 10:40:09 PM
I have not heard the Janelle Monae version
George Korein 10:40:13 PM
I heard a version by Joy Ike, a Pittsburgh-to-Philly transplant
Lizbot (host) 10:40:35 PM
A velvet fog blanketed the land when we first got to Michigan
I put my trust in the chat support for awesome Quatro works squarely in the hands of the best of for sure. I am not the expert. I also don't want to wait for the return email from my obsessed friend on the matter.
George Korein 10:42:20 PM
I know no Quatro, but my last minute investigation points to "Shine My Machine"
George Korein 10:42:59 PM
which has a nice electric piano solo and lyrics all about Detroit
Ambrose Hughes 10:43:08 PM
Devil Gate Drive for me @Lizbot if you have!
Lizbot (host) 10:43:12 PM
@Ossy - Oh I remember that! Love Janelle! Marielle Heller, who I really like, directed A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood that year and it was nominated. She also made Can You Ever Forgive Me?, which was a true story about autograph forgers and so good. and Diary of a Teenaged Girl!
George Korein 10:43:26 PM
"Down in Motor City where I come from People like their music loud Motown was born down the east side Detroit is the name of my town Factory-workers, hippies and crew-cuts Jumping up and down in their seats In the daytime it sure looks different But at night it's just a rock-n-roll beat So rev my engine Shine my machine Drive me-pet me, baby Fill me with Slo-Gin Soul-brother likes his old Motown The greaser still likes to jive You can't knock a rocker for rockin' It's what keeps this city alive"
Lizbot (host) 10:43:59 PM
@AMbrose - I'll see what I can do!
An autograph forger stole my cool AF bike battery last week! True story. lol
Thanks Fedex!
Ambrose Hughes 10:45:32 PM
@Lizbot, speaking earlier of midwest, have you heard Namen Namen yet?
Ambrose Hughes 10:46:18 PM
@Rofflestomp the WHAT NOW?!
jimbeaux 10:47:06 PM
My fave Detroit things were riding in the Slow Roll (thousands of people on a monthly city bike ride) and the Heidelberg Project!
Yeah, Ambrose. They signed CROD. WTF? Not me, so nutsy as usual. :)
Lizbot (host) 10:47:36 PM
okayyy, please excuse my temporary absence from the chat. grabbing quatro
Do that thing you do Liz!
Ambrose Hughes 10:48:47 PM
@jimbeaux, WOW! PBS did a Special on that a few years ago, sooo cool!
George Korein 10:49:05 PM
Oh yeah!
Lizbot (host) 10:49:08 PM
@ROb - I will try to grab Can the Can too
jimbeaux 10:50:11 PM
Carpe de quatro 🐟
Ambrose Hughes 10:50:23 PM
Detroit... The City that was left to die...shame, shame, shame.
Ossy Hyouka 10:50:36 PM
Speaking of PBS, Arthur had a closure in the future, where all the Ellwood kids are adults!
Ambrose Hughes 10:50:54 PM
Lizbot (host) 10:51:32 PM
Suzi Quatro on deck!
Ambrose Hughes 10:51:40 PM
@Ossy, good one!😆
My gal!
Lizbot (host) 10:53:41 PM
@Ossy - I heard about that! So weird! I saw some stills from it but haven't watched adult Arthur and his friends!
Lizbot (host) 10:54:08 PM
@jimbeaux - Carpe de quatro! Ha!
Lizbot (host) 10:54:23 PM
I'm woefully behind in the chat now, but I was fulfilling all Quatro needs
TAndy 10:54:48 PM
Lixbot!! Thank you so much for the show tonight, it was so much fun! Big love to Commie Francis on her night off <3
Lizbot (host) 10:55:10 PM
Thanks for hanging and listening, TAndy!
Ambrose Hughes 10:55:23 PM
Lizbot (host) 10:56:14 PM
@Rofflestomp - Wot?! I NEED to hear that forger/bike thief story!! I never got over my next door neighbor's kid stealing my bike and just sticking it in his yard to taunt me when I was about 8! The jerk!
Ambrose Hughes 10:56:21 PM
So glad things are right and you are back. Commie covered stuff all around a bit this week, so Tao and stuff. Always glad to see you! Made my day.
Ossy Hyouka 10:57:15 PM
I haven't seen that timeskip Arthur yet, but a preview of it. It's gonna be good like that Hey Arnold Jungle Movie, Liz!
Oh, we can do bike horrors next time for sure. :
Ambrose Hughes 11:00:09 PM
As a six year old from innocent Catholic Ireland seeing Suzi on the Tele was 👀👀👀😍
Ossy Hyouka 11:00:22 PM
Splendid Saturday Show, Liz!
Thanks Lizbot! Again Nice surprise! Best to you and yours.
Lizbot (host) 11:00:44 PM
Ambrose Hughes 11:00:45 PM
Thank you so much Lizbot!😍
jimbeaux 11:01:03 PM
Thanks lizbotttttttttt!
Lizbot (host) 11:01:18 PM
thx yinzzzzzzzzzz. now to catch some zzzzzzzzzzzz
Lizbot (host) 11:02:00 PM
thanks Ossy, jimbeaux, roffle, rob, Ambrose, TAndy et.al.! N
Lizbot (host) 11:05:11 PM
@jimbeaux - oh damn! just saw your Heidelberg Project comment now! We went there this week! Took loads of photos. So much great street art!