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Jun 30, 2022 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

With Krista

l a m b d a , the EPA, my work has been described as strongly vaginal

a dramatic reading of excerpts from the supposed lambda transcript

what is the definition of sentience

do you believe elephants conduct funerals? did they check the woolly mammoth baby for funeral markings? why are elephants all over funerals right now?

no ac summer and getting worse

4:48 PM
Nuela Charles - Nerve
Nuela Charles Nerve N
Blissful Madness - Single Nuela Charles Music Inc. 2021
5:04 PM
Daikaiju - Attack of the Crab Women
Daikaiju Attack of the Crab Women
Daikaiju Reptile Records 2005
5:09 PM
Tanya Tucker - You Don't Do It
Tanya Tucker You Don't Do It
Complicated Capitol Nashville 1997
5:12 PM
Helen Love - Shifty Disco Girl
Helen Love Shifty Disco Girl
Love and Glitter, Hot Days and Musik Damaged Goods 2001
5:15 PM
Horsegirl - Homage to Birdnoculars
Horsegirl Homage to Birdnoculars N
Versions of Modern Performance Matador 2022
5:20 PM
Doris Duke - Bad Water
Doris Duke Bad Water
Hits Anthology Essential Media Group 2013
5:25 PM
Caravan Palace - Lay Down
Caravan Palace Lay Down
< I°_°I > Café de la Danse under exclusive license to MVKA 2015
5:28 PM
Parov Stelar - Dirty Mariposa
Parov Stelar Dirty Mariposa N
Moonlight Love Affair Etage Noir Recordings 2022
5:33 PM
Rue Oberkampf - Never Stop to Dance
Rue Oberkampf Never Stop to Dance N
Never Stop to Dance - Single Rue Oberkampf 2022
5:46 PM
Odetta - Sail Away Ladies
Odetta Sail Away Ladies
It's Impossible (Live) Four Leaf Clover Records 1976
5:51 PM
Naomi Akimoto - Lion In My Pocket
Naomi Akimoto Lion In My Pocket
5:54 PM
France Gall - Ella, elle l'a
France Gall Ella, elle l'a
France (Remasterisé) Warner (France) 1996
6:02 PM
Ruth Brown - Tain't Nobody's Biz-Ness If I Do
Ruth Brown Tain't Nobody's Biz-Ness If I Do
Blues On Broadway Fantasy Records 1989
6:12 PM
The Loving Sisters - Try Again
The Loving Sisters Try Again
A Deeper Dig: Gospel Funk of ABC Peacock & Songbird (1969-1975) Geffen 2017
6:22 PM
Be Steadwell - Greens
Be Steadwell Greens
Queer Love Songs be steadwell 2018
6:26 PM
Birigwa - Kanemu-Kanabili
Birigwa Kanemu-Kanabili
Birigwa Porter Records 2007
6:29 PM
Olive - Olive
Olive Olive
6:31 PM
Lorde and Marlon Williams - Mata Kohoto (Stoned at the Nail Salon)
Lorde and Marlon Williams Mata Kohoto (Stoned at the Nail Salon)
Live alexandra palace london
6:36 PM
Sharon Van Etten - We Are Fine
Sharon Van Etten We Are Fine
Tramp Jagjaguwar 2012
6:49 PM
Witch Prophet - Leilani
Witch Prophet Leilani N
Leilani - Single Ki An Projects 2021
6:50 PM
Singers from Nai Soi refugee camp - Makoto
Singers from Nai Soi refugee camp Makoto
Karenni, Music from the Border Areas of Thailand and Burma PAN Records 1994
6:58 PM
K, Le Maestro, Rilan Raquel - Solitude
K, Le Maestro, Rilan Raquel Solitude
Solitude 2019
6:59 PM
Nyarons - Life Goes On
Nyarons Life Goes On N
Life Goes On - Single MARU STUDIO 2022
7:06 PM
Pendamental - The Light (feat. Larisa Marie)
Pendamental The Light (feat. Larisa Marie) N
Two Days In Time Funk Bazaar Records 2022
7:11 PM
Tanya Tagaq - In Me
Tanya Tagaq In Me N
Tongues Six Shooter Records Inc. 2022
best album of 2022 imo
7:14 PM
Barbara Dane - Don't Sing Love Songs
Barbara Dane Don't Sing Love Songs
American Folk Songs Isac Music 2015
7:18 PM
Ravyn Lenae - Venom
Ravyn Lenae Venom N
Hypnos Atlantic Records 2022
7:22 PM
Marty Bootyspoon - As Clear As Day
Marty Bootyspoon As Clear As Day
7:27 PM
Dorothy Moore - Ain't That a Mother's Luck
Dorothy Moore Ain't That a Mother's Luck
Misty Blue Malaco Records
7:34 PM
Phelimuncasi - Dlala Ngesinqa (feat. NET GALA)
Phelimuncasi Dlala Ngesinqa (feat. NET GALA) N
Ama Gogela Nyege Nyege Tapes 2022
7:40 PM
Tarasa Bulba - The Time Has Come
Tarasa Bulba The Time Has Come
7:41 PM
June11 - A Peaceful Vale
June11 A Peaceful Vale
11000 Dreams Stroom 2017
7:46 PM
Pete Minns - But We Hardly Know You / Pigeons Enthralled
Pete Minns But We Hardly Know You / Pigeons Enthralled
Crab Nebula Dating Agency interestinGorilla 2010
7:59 PM
The Mustangs - Turn Back The Hands of Time
The Mustangs Turn Back The Hands of Time N
Jetstar Records: The Soul Side 2022
Chat is archived.
Krista (host) 5:01:13 PM
good afternoon
Rob from Maryland 5:16:29 PM
Hello Krista! Thanks for playing Horsegirl, and this song
Krista (host) 5:16:52 PM
hey rob! fall into the wormhole
Rob from Maryland 5:17:35 PM
I'm not! I just found the lyrics to this song and I see that birds and binoculars are not actually discussed.
Krista (host) 5:17:50 PM
yes!! I was about to discuss that
Krista (host) 5:17:59 PM
Rob from Maryland 5:18:03 PM
Being a birder, this song's title immediately piqued my interest.
Krista (host) 5:18:07 PM
I guess that's the trap eh
Krista (host) 5:18:35 PM
I'm only an amateur but I did love seeing a scarlet tanager and reading the NYC parks department birding website
Rob from Maryland 5:18:49 PM
Krista (host) 5:18:55 PM
worms do rob
Krista (host) 5:19:00 PM
worms have to do with birds
Rob from Maryland 5:19:16 PM
Krista, how cool! I saw and heard some on migration
Rob from Maryland 5:19:34 PM
True, worms do have to do with birds
Rob from Maryland 5:21:10 PM
You don't have ac, Krista? Yikes!!!
Krista (host) 5:21:12 PM
I saw one just yesterday. I wonder how the warming climate will affect their migration
Rob from Maryland 5:21:45 PM
I wonder too.
Krista (host) 5:22:07 PM
I have one that's old and stinky, one of those portable things. But we haven't used it yet this summer
Rob from Maryland 5:22:17 PM
I did a lot of birding in May but haven't really done much this month.
Krista (host) 5:22:23 PM
I'm not sure it works tbh I should probably check
Rob from Maryland 5:22:44 PM
You should check! It's going to be even hotter tomorrow.
Krista (host) 5:23:18 PM
I'm in the attic room right now with the windows open, it's livable in a t shirt and linen shorts
Rob from Maryland 5:23:41 PM
We keep the house at about 78 to 80 degrees during the day in the summer, and 75 to 77 at night. But we would be really stressed without the a/c at all
Krista (host) 5:24:11 PM
Oh I feel you. My house is pretty wooded, 4 acres and that cools it considerably
Rob from Maryland 5:24:14 PM
The windows open usually help
Krista (host) 5:25:22 PM
when it gets super hot in summer I need AC for sure.
Rob from Maryland 5:25:32 PM
The woods really do help. The wooded park near our house can be 5 or even 10 degrees cooler than the more open areas, at sunrise. We often wear long-sleeved shirts there
Rob from Maryland 5:28:31 PM
In the (at the time) very hot summer of 1988, my urban group house bedroom was at street level but the bars on the windows prevented an a/c. So the overnight temperature only got down to the lower 80s for several days running. A floor fan was my savior
Krista (host) 5:29:36 PM
I didn't have AC in a 3rd floor brownstone in Minneapolis in 2005, it was blistering. I used to take as cold of a bath as I could to cool off.
Rob from Maryland 5:31:29 PM
I bet. I used to take 2 or 3 cold showers after getting home from work during that summer
Ambrose Hughes 5:34:04 PM
Hello Krista! Hello Rob!
Rob from Maryland 5:34:26 PM
Hello Ambrose!
Krista (host) 5:35:22 PM
Hi Ambrose!
Rob from Maryland 5:37:22 PM
Krista, are the birds that Lizbot is posting, publicly viewable? The unidentified one has me intrigued
Grink Ashman 5:39:11 PM
Hey, Krista, my neighbors are listening to WPRB!,.... well, because I have it cranked up to absurd levels.
Krista (host) 5:46:54 PM
hey Grink and I don't know Rob!
Brian D 5:48:17 PM
Classic Odetta
Krista (host) 5:51:59 PM
It was a treat to listen to the live recording. The pandemic really made me enjoy live recordings in a way I never had before.
Rob from Maryland 6:16:42 PM
Hooray for groundhogs!
Ossy Hyouka 6:22:02 PM
Yeah, groundhogs!
Rob from Maryland 6:30:23 PM
Krista, reading the "do you believe elephants conduct funerals" etc. reminded me of the Pink Military album and title song Do Animals Believe In God? from 1980
Krista (host) 6:31:17 PM
I've not listened to it.
Rob from Maryland 6:33:07 PM
I taped one of its songs off the radio years ago but never owned the whole album
Liz Bot 6:41:02 PM
Hey Krista! Hey Chat! Hello from Pittsburgh. Just left Detroit earlier this afternoon
Liz Bot 6:41:14 PM
Hooray for Odetta!
Liz Bot 6:42:55 PM
That’s an incredible story
Krista (host) 6:43:26 PM
hello liz bot!
Li Maria 6:43:34 PM
Way to go, Krista! RIP. IT. OFF!!!
Rob from Maryland 6:44:46 PM
I'm sorry you have had these incidents, Krista. The rip it off chanting is spectacular.
Krista (host) 6:46:05 PM
I think you'll find, Rob, that many have similar stories of fear, much much worse too
Krista (host) 6:46:46 PM
thank you for your kindness
Rob from Maryland 6:46:53 PM
Hi Liz Bot! How was your Michigan trip? Krista said earlier you had an unidentified bird. Please feel free to dm me about it.
Krista (host) 6:47:00 PM
and I agree Li Maria
Liz Bot 6:47:54 PM
hi Rob! I have a photo of one bird that briefly landed on my windowsill in Detroit this morning! Trip’s been great! Almost over, sadly
Liz Bot 6:48:52 PM
@Krista- I have too many stories like that. It’s an f’d up world for women
Li Maria 6:49:07 PM
Quick thinking on your part! You're right--so many women with so many stories
Liz Bot 6:49:12 PM
Hi Ossy! hi Brian D!
Ossy Hyouka 6:49:14 PM
Hi Liz
Grink Ashman 6:49:14 PM
Hey Liz Bot, you should hit up Fallingwater and Kentuck knob (Ohiopyle) on your way.
Liz Bot 6:49:31 PM
Hi Grink! Hi Li Maria! Hi Ambrose!
Li Maria 6:50:14 PM
Hi Liz Bot!
Rob from Maryland 6:50:31 PM
Krista, I have heard/read similar as well as worse stories over the years.
Rob from Maryland 6:50:55 PM
Each one of them saddens me
Rob from Maryland 6:51:04 PM
and angers me
Krista (host) 6:52:29 PM
Hi Ossy by the way, don't think I said hello!
Krista (host) 6:52:52 PM
And not quick thinking, just pure emotion on seeing something I didn't want to see
Krista (host) 6:53:21 PM
sometimes it's flight sometimes it's fight
Krista (host) 6:53:37 PM
sometimes it's regroup and charge up like Pikachu
Li Maria 6:55:39 PM
Ha, I know what you mean. One time I stupidly chased my mugger--was NOT thinking. I did get my stuff back and he was arrested but it could have gone much differently
Ossy Hyouka 6:57:37 PM
Hi Krista and superb rnb like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and Sampa the Great!
Rob from Maryland 7:00:48 PM
Yikes, Li! I'm glad it turned out ok
Grink Ashman 7:00:54 PM
That was a crazy story, glad you were able to channel those emotions and boogie!
Li Maria 7:04:44 PM
Thanks, Rob. Luckily there were enough people in the subway who saw me running and screaming "He took my bag!" and I had a little group running w me and the guy was cornered
Rob from Maryland 7:10:55 PM
Li, excellent!
TAndy 7:11:35 PM
Aw hell naw I missed Daikaiju and Caravan Palace
Grink Ashman 7:12:15 PM
yeah , the neighbors hear this! Testing my sub. Holy shit!
Li Maria 7:23:12 PM
Love the name--Bootyspoon
Ossy Hyouka 7:23:15 PM
Mystical like last sorry Li that you had that experience of getting robbed. I had an agonizing night after a gym, a few years back losing my car key and was never found
Li Maria 7:29:30 PM
Sorry about your car key, Ossy--they can be expensive to replace!
Li Maria 7:32:18 PM
@Krista--Yeah, I really don't get the people who say "Gov't hands off" unless it's a woman's womb. SMDH
jimbeaux 7:33:01 PM
Evening Habitat! Helllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Ossy Hyouka 7:34:02 PM
Indeed, I got a backup clone, but can never replace and erase that traumatizing night, Li
Krista (host) 7:34:28 PM
hi Jimbeaux
Li Maria 7:34:46 PM
Oh, so there was more going on--so sorry, Ossy :(
Ossy Hyouka 7:37:37 PM
I spent a long night trying to find it retracing my steps, including ran into one rude filled laundry man, who threatened to call the cops for having my hands in my pocket for casual sake and it was cold. He thought I was high! Luckily a friend of mine stayed through my plight and gave me a ride home.
Li Maria 7:38:21 PM
Good friend :)
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 7:40:04 PM
Finally made my way over to the chat! Hi everyone!
Li Maria 7:40:33 PM
Hi Addie and Jimbeaux!
Krista (host) 7:40:46 PM
Hi Addie!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 7:41:25 PM
Had a wild few days, good to be chillin with y’all.
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 7:41:45 PM
Hey Li Maria! hey Krista!
Krista (host) 7:41:46 PM
odetta tried to start up again, haha. My laptop and I are melting
Li Maria 7:45:41 PM
@Addie--good wild, I hope
Pethiieeeeee 7:46:34 PM
Love this piece, Krista!!!
Krista (host) 7:47:06 PM
Hi Pethie!! looking forward to your show!
TAndy 7:50:39 PM
Final ten minutes????? Crying
Krista (host) 7:51:15 PM
TAndy is pigeon, confirmed (look at name of song haha)
Pethiieeeeee 7:51:24 PM
Hi Krista! Thanks! I have been enjoying yours!!
TAndy 7:51:48 PM
Ossy Hyouka 7:56:48 PM
Nice show Krista!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 7:57:36 PM
Thanks, Krista! Always an interesting show!
Li Maria 7:58:32 PM
Great show, Krista--thanks!
TAndy 7:59:01 PM
Thanks for the show! 💙
Krista (host) 8:00:07 PM
nice to have everyone! Thanks for listening!
Rob from Maryland 8:00:12 PM
Ossy, I'm sorry you lost your key
Rob from Maryland 8:00:29 PM
Thanks for this show, Krista!