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A Lull in Conversation

May 26, 2022 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

With Lili

biscuits on route 1

what is your #1 most controversial pizza topping?

A Lull in Conversation
3:00 PM
Kikagaku Moyo - Field of Tiger Lillies
Kikagaku Moyo Field of Tiger Lillies N
Kumoyo Island Guruguru Brain 2022
3:03 PM
Born Ruffians - Don't Fight the Feeling
Born Ruffians Don't Fight the Feeling N
Don't Fight the Feeling/Chrysanthemums - 7" Yep Roc Records 2022
3:07 PM
Tenniscoats - ルーティー・ルーティー / Lutie Lutie (feat. Tape) [2022 Remaster]
Tenniscoats ルーティー・ルーティー / Lutie Lutie (feat. Tape) [2022 Remaster] N
ルーティー・ルーティー / Lutie Lutie (2022 Remaster) [feat. Tape] - Single Morr Music 2022
3:12 PM
Vanille - L'été bleu
Vanille L'été bleu
Soleil '96 Bonbonbon 2020
3:16 PM
Pol - Comme Ça
Pol Comme Ça N
Comme Ça - Single New Ams 2022
3:20 PM
Bananagun - Modern Day Problems
Bananagun Modern Day Problems
The True Story of Bananagun P-VINE RECORDS 2020
3:23 PM
Guaxe - Povo Marcado
Guaxe Povo Marcado
Guaxe Overseas Artists Recordings 2019
3:32 PM
Carabobina - ¿Adónde vas juliano? (feat. Boogarins)
Carabobina ¿Adónde vas juliano? (feat. Boogarins) N
¿Adónde vas juliano? (feat. Boogarins) - Single Overseas Artists Recordings 2022
3:36 PM
Betina & Boogarins - Polaroids
Betina & Boogarins Polaroids N
Polaroids - Single Tratore 2022
3:39 PM
Mayssa Jallad & Khaled Allaf - Madina min Baeed
Mayssa Jallad & Khaled Allaf Madina min Baeed N
Madina min Baeed - Single Thawra Records/Found Sound Nation 2022
3:42 PM
Tagore & Pupillo - Areias de Jeri
Tagore & Pupillo Areias de Jeri
Maya Estelita 2021
3:45 PM
Crise dos 20 Overseas Artists Recordings 2021
3:51 PM
Dendê & Band - Yemanjá
Dendê & Band Yemanjá N
Agô Ropeadope 2022
released in full tomorrow! Friday 5/27 -- sextou!
3:59 PM
Dendê & Band - Sextou
Dendê & Band Sextou N
Agô Ropeadope 2022
4:04 PM
Oruã - Slowmotion
Oruã Slowmotion N
Íngreme Transfusão Noise Records 2021
4:10 PM
Monet's Pond - Floating In Air
Monet's Pond Floating In Air
Floating In Air - Single s/r 2021
4:14 PM
MižerijaDIY - Lanci
MižerijaDIY Lanci N
Demo s/r 2022
4:17 PM
Banned from Japan - Carpet Farm
Banned from Japan Carpet Farm
I Can't Believe It's Not Meth Dog the Cat Records 2019
4:18 PM
RAT!hammock - Ghost
RAT!hammock Ghost
Ghost - Single s/r 2019
4:23 PM
Moaning Lisa - Carrie (I Want a Girl)
Moaning Lisa Carrie (I Want a Girl)
Carrie (I Want a Girl) - Single Hysterical Records 2018
4:27 PM
Preschool - Lil' Lady
Preschool Lil' Lady
Lil' Lady - Single DistroKid 2019
4:35 PM
Monet's Pond - Bloom
Monet's Pond Bloom N
Bloom - Single s/r 2022
4:39 PM
Wet Tuna - Kinda Feelin' Good
Wet Tuna Kinda Feelin' Good N
Warping All by Yourself Three Lobed Recordings 2022
4:45 PM
Kikagaku Moyo - Yayoi, Iyayoi
Kikagaku Moyo Yayoi, Iyayoi N
Kumoyo Island Guruguru Brain 2022
4:51 PM
Nice Biscuit - Pink River
Nice Biscuit Pink River
Create Simulate - EP Believe 2020
4:59 PM
Buzzed Lightbeer - Zyprexa
Buzzed Lightbeer Zyprexa
Zyprexa - Single s/r 2020
Chat is archived.
Brian D 3:05:14 PM
Hey Lili! I think your intro and Kikagaku got snipped off... heard a mid sentence comment at beginning then 2nd song o well. Just got that Kumoyo Island lp! Good stuff.
lili (host) 3:07:59 PM
long awaited album for me :)
DSM 3:10:25 PM
Hey good afternoon. Was able to catch Kikagaku Moyo up in VT a couple weeks ago, the put on a great live show.
lili (host) 3:11:56 PM
oh wow! i bet! are they in the area anytime soon?
DSM 3:12:04 PM
not sure I have a controversial pizza topping tho, I'd better start experimenting harder
DSM 3:12:45 PM
I think they just played Philly recently, this is their farewell tour apparently!
lili (host) 3:13:07 PM
no way! splitting up for solo projects or was there intra-band conflict?
DSM 3:16:00 PM
Not really sure why, their statement in pretty vague
DSM 3:16:05 PM
Christine 3:17:50 PM
Just a thought: rhubarb is available now, and I've never put it on a pizza. 🤔 I'm thinking a white pizza...
Christine 3:18:19 PM
Hi Lili! 👋 Brian, DSM
lili (host) 3:20:38 PM
ooo rhubarb pizza... an interesting thought
lili (host) 3:20:56 PM
i'm a big fan of spinach on pizza. it really rounds out the meat flavors for me
DSM 3:22:34 PM
Hey Christine, I like the rhubarb white pie idea
DSM 3:24:29 PM
I had ramps for the first time finally, and they would probably go pretty well on a pizza
Christine 3:29:07 PM
What did you think of the ramps, @DSM?
Christine 3:30:48 PM
@Lili, I love spinach on a garlicky white pizza.
DSM 3:31:49 PM
@Christine, I believe they were simply pan roasted with some olive oil and that's it, maybe some sea salt to finish, but for some reason they were ridiculously delicious
Christine 3:44:49 PM
Sounds lovely.
Brian D 3:45:12 PM
This is great the Brazil here
lili (host) 3:46:41 PM
for my nana listening in now from sao paulo <3
TAndy 3:48:00 PM
Good afternoon everyone 😁
lili (host) 3:49:34 PM
Christine 3:51:07 PM
Love for all nanas everywhere 🙌❤
DSM 3:51:40 PM
Heyo TAndy! Heyo nanas!
Christine 3:52:36 PM
Westside TAndy!
TAndy 3:54:28 PM
TAndy 4:04:20 PM
These are some big jams
lili (host) 4:05:15 PM
hell yeah thanks man!
TAndy 4:05:24 PM
Glad to be here!
Ossy Hyouka 4:24:51 PM
Hello all, great play of that Dende and Band earlier!
lili (host) 4:27:26 PM
heya! glad you liked it :)
Ossy Hyouka 4:36:41 PM
And this one, never heard before!
TAndy 4:41:47 PM
TAndy 4:45:35 PM
Another one
lili (host) 4:47:08 PM
big tomorrow is an octopus vibes right now haha
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 4:48:57 PM
Straying into TNA territory as well 😸
Brian D 4:49:24 PM
Good mood here yeah. Anyone ever listen to the artist Psychic Temple? Chris Schlarb. Has a cool lp titled Houses of the Holy that's good stuff (no relation to LZ). That came out 2020. The lp is a 4 way collab w Cherry Glazer , Dream Syndicate, Chicago Underground Trio and Xolonxino. i see now that i read more. Had that on the phone for a while.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 4:50:17 PM
Thanks for the lead, Brian D!
lili (host) 4:50:19 PM
oh dang that sounds good
TAndy 4:51:12 PM
This song is INSANELY good omg
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 4:51:56 PM
Is this really new, or newly reissued?
Ossy Hyouka 4:52:03 PM
lili (host) 4:52:24 PM
released may 6!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 4:52:46 PM
Had a retro sound.
TAndy 4:54:11 PM
Final 6 minutes???????????? I sky
TAndy 4:56:48 PM
$40 after shipping for the Kimoyo Island album... Very tempted I'll have to check it out later to see if that's worth it but I think it will be
TAndy 4:57:35 PM
Thank you for the show Lili!
Ossy Hyouka 4:58:14 PM
Awesome as factual!
Brian D 4:59:16 PM
Good show Lili!
lili (host) 4:59:28 PM
thank you all! see you monday afternoon <3
Brian D 5:00:08 PM
Kikagaku Moyo new lp is so good yeah!