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Sound Goods

Apr 29, 2022 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

With Wax

membership drive final day

membership drive final

membership drive


Sound Goods
9:59 AM
Peel Dream Magazine - Up and Up
Peel Dream Magazine Up and Up
Agitprop Alterna Slumberland Records
10:04 AM
Jack and Eliza - Quarter Past the Hour
Jack and Eliza Quarter Past the Hour
Gentle Warnings Yebo Music 2015
10:07 AM
Ghetto Brothers - There Is Something In My Heart
Ghetto Brothers There Is Something In My Heart
Power Fuerza Salsa Records 1972
10:13 AM
Yamasuki Singers - Aisere I Love You
Yamasuki Singers Aisere I Love You
Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki Jean Kluger 1969
10:15 AM
Cate Le Bon - What's Not Mine
Cate Le Bon What's Not Mine
Crab Day Amplify Music 2016
10:22 AM
Surface To Air Missive - Time Being
Surface To Air Missive Time Being
A V Leaving Records 2016
10:26 AM
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Dirt
Penguin Cafe Orchestra Dirt
Signs of Life EG Records 1987
10:29 AM
Kiwi jr. - Salary Man
Kiwi jr. Salary Man
Football Money Mint Records 2019
10:33 AM
Low Cut Connie - Rio
Low Cut Connie Rio
Get out the Lotion Contender Records 2011
10:37 AM
Isabella Iannetti - Cuore Innamorato
Isabella Iannetti Cuore Innamorato
Isabella Iannetti Ricordi 2002
10:40 AM
Kilo - Last Yearn
Kilo Last Yearn
10:45 AM
Speedy Ortiz - Lucky 88
Speedy Ortiz Lucky 88
Twerp Verse Stop Start Music 2018
10:50 AM
Incantation - Cacharpaya
Incantation Cacharpaya
Panpipes from the Andes Cooking Vinyl 1994
10:51 AM
Snakefinger - The Model
Snakefinger The Model
Chewing Hides the Sound Klanggalerie 2016
10:55 AM
Miaow - When It All Comes Down (12" Version)
Miaow When It All Comes Down (12" Version)
When It All Comes Down LTM Publishing 1985
11:05 AM
Alien Nosejob - King's Gambit
Alien Nosejob King's Gambit
Paint It Clear Feel It Records 2021
11:09 AM
La Luz & Adrian Younge - Watching Cartoons
La Luz & Adrian Younge Watching Cartoons
La Luz Hardly Art 2021
11:13 AM
Kim Jung Mi - Ganadaramabasa
Kim Jung Mi Ganadaramabasa
Now Lion Productions 2012
11:15 AM
Kalbells - Purplepink
Kalbells Purplepink
Max Heart NNA Tapes 2021
11:19 AM
The Reds, Pinks and Purples - Summer at Land's End
The Reds, Pinks and Purples Summer at Land's End N
Summer at Land's End Tough Love Records 2022
11:30 AM
Cured Pink - The New Public
Cured Pink The New Public
Current Climate Rough Skies Records 2020
11:33 AM
Tim Maia - O Caminho do Bem
Tim Maia O Caminho do Bem
World Psychedelic Classics 4: Nobody Can Live Forever - The Existential Soul of Tim Maia Luaka Bop 2012
11:39 AM
Juaneco Y Su Combo - Ya Se Ha Muerto Mi Abuelo
Juaneco Y Su Combo Ya Se Ha Muerto Mi Abuelo
Leyenda Amazónica Infopesa 2016
11:43 AM
Combo Chimbita - Babalawo
Combo Chimbita Babalawo
IRE Anti/Epitaph 2022
11:49 AM
Bedouine - The Wave
Bedouine The Wave
Waysides Bedouine Music 2021
11:53 AM
La Femme - Où va le monde
La Femme Où va le monde
Mystère Universal Music Division Virgin Records 2016
11:58 AM
The Kinks - Tired of Waiting for You
The Kinks Tired of Waiting for You
Kinda Kinks Sanctuary Records 1998
Chat is archived.
dj wax (host) 10:00:05 AM
HELLO!!! pledge.wprb.com
ѕтєνιє mØŇTђŁY ρ 10:00:39 AM
Hello wax
Brian "D" for Donor! 10:01:05 AM
Hey DJ Wax! FYI there were 2 links for today's date for the playlist
dj wax (host) 10:02:24 AM
thx brian should be fixed
Brian "D" for Donor! 10:02:47 AM
Yep all good!
TAndy 10:03:33 AM
Hey DJ Wax! I completely forgot till the day after last week's record store day to record a hype thing for the station as you requested. Apologies for that 😭
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 10:04:38 AM
Keep it going for DJ Wax, everybody.
dj wax (host) 10:04:58 AM
hey tandy! no worries, your presence alone at prex was much appreciated
TAndy 10:05:06 AM
TAndy 10:06:04 AM
I'll soon be winding down, though. Staying up late yesterday morning is starting to hit me now, have a good day everyone. Falling asleep to the cool sounds of PRB soon ;)
Liz Bot 10:09:58 AM
‘Night, TAndy! May you drift off on the gentle radio waves 😴 📻
Liz Bot 10:10:21 AM
👋 Wax!
Brian "D" for Donor! 10:11:01 AM
Hmmm I had to switch over to the Spinitron url instead of the wprb playlist url (that one was giving me a 'this page isn't working try clearing your cookies' then redirect to a '429 error - too many requests' page... But I'm here through Spinitron ok.. others may be stuck in the void...
dj wax (host) 10:13:36 AM
hello lizbot!
dj wax (host) 10:14:00 AM
hmm wprb.com/chat is working for me, but spinitron has been failing lately so i wouldn't be surprised
Brian "D" for Donor! 10:19:37 AM
Aha yes that url works... I always forget about that url with the word chat in there... i have bookmarked the Spinitron url and usually use that. 3 different urls ti get to the same spot....
Lupica Pledged & Confused 10:20:30 AM
Hey Brian, thanks for this report. This started happening sporadically yesterday and I notified Spinitron about it. It is a known issue which they are trying to correct.
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 10:21:15 AM
Liz Bot 10:21:33 AM
@Brian D & Wax - Spinitron site started that 429 error “too many requests” for me yesterday 2 hours before my show and never let me into the site. It’s still doing that on all of my wifi-connected devices. The only way I’m able to be in the chat right now and the only way I could enter my playlist last night was on my phone through a data plan! I hope this is fixed soon
Brian "D" for Donor! 10:22:00 AM
Cool. Yeah the Spinitron url works fine spinitron.com/wprb and the chat url Wax mentioned works
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 10:22:26 AM
They limited their rate too extremely to avoid possible issues and an adjustment to something that would avoid 429 errors has been promised...
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 10:22:33 AM
Tech talk!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 10:22:47 AM
Lizbot, you broke it! Your show is too popular!
Liz Bot 10:23:51 AM
@mike - didn’t see yer post as I was typing mine, but yeah. Fingers crossed that’s fixed soon. Still screwy on my end
Liz Bot 10:24:08 AM
@DTO- 😆 Oops!
Liz Bot 10:26:04 AM
Digging this strummy upbeat Surface To Air Missive
Brian "D" for Donor! 10:26:40 AM
Yeah! Wax has a good thing going here on Fridays
dj wax (host) 10:31:26 AM
to be a japanese salary man...
Liz Bot 10:33:47 AM
Nice Beach Boys reference in there. Sailing on the Sloop John PRB
Brian "D" for Donor! 10:33:57 AM
Liz Bot 10:34:59 AM
I feel this is the best emoji to denote a salaryman 🕴🏼
DonatingSupportingMember 10:35:27 AM
Yo Wax, great Friday vibes here today!
dj wax (host) 10:35:45 AM
hello dsm thank you!
hanna 10:50:51 AM
guten morgen!
hanna 10:51:21 AM
loving the pipes
Dan "Pledging Cephalopod" Ruccia 10:52:17 AM
This is such a great cover
ketamina 10:53:07 AM
dj wax (host) 10:54:09 AM
hello hanna, dan, and ketamina!!
Guelo La donadora 10:54:21 AM
Hi wax! Been groovin to ur spins today big time!
Dan "Pledging Cephalopod" Ruccia 10:54:47 AM
There need to be more bizarro pedal steel-driven covers out there
Dan "Pledging Cephalopod" Ruccia 10:55:37 AM
Like Japancakes full album cover of Loveless: https://japancakes.bandcamp.com/album/loveless
dj wax (host) 10:56:06 AM
hey guelo thanks for listening!
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 10:56:12 AM
Love this Miaow song. Unrest does a great cover on their 45 of all Factory records tunes.
Grady 11:12:16 AM
tuninɡ in while i start my italian translation for the day ... pleasantly surprised to hear last years la luzǃ
Brian "D" for Donor! 11:16:33 AM
Dan "Pledging Cephalopod" Ruccia 11:21:44 AM
Loving all the wooziness of this set
dj wax (host) 11:24:58 AM
that's what we do on friday's here at sound goods
Lupica Pledged & Confused 11:25:05 AM
I dig this Red, Pinks and Purples album, but their lack of a serial comma makes me furious.
Grady 11:26:03 AM
society has progressed passed the need for an oxford comma. i applaud the bravery of slumberland for this
Dan "Pledging Cephalopod" Ruccia 11:26:25 AM
I mean, maybe he's just making some commentary about the alternate color uniform choices of the baseball team from Cincinnati??
esoterica! 11:26:50 AM
nice tunes, wax! happy drive finale day
Brian "D" for Donor! 11:27:35 AM
Ditto Grady
Lupica Pledged & Confused 11:28:00 AM
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 11:28:37 AM
Mike, Grady and Brian.
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 11:28:44 AM
Grady and Brian, Mike.
Grady 11:28:47 AM
exactly @jon
Lupica Pledged & Confused 11:28:52 AM
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 11:28:57 AM
Wanted to make sure everyone was properly introduced.
Dan "Pledging Cephalopod" Ruccia 11:29:34 AM
Historian voice: "everything was going swimmingly at WRPB until they started talking about the serial comma. And then......."
Lupica Pledged & Confused 11:30:03 AM
...."and then shit got real"
Grady 11:30:31 AM
the associated press is on my side, for the record
Dan "Pledging Cephalopod" Ruccia 11:33:34 AM
Brian "D" for Donor! 11:34:05 AM
Back in the 1970s when i noticed some older books in the elementary school library still had instances of that silly extra comma and then again some didn't, I asked. They told me, no need for that extra comma anymore. Yer all good. I was liken great! Whew. Less to worry about. I never had any lawsuits crop up or missile code failures yet ha!
Lupica Pledged & Confused 11:34:13 AM
Whatever, forget it. Tim Maia heals all.
Jimbo Daily 11:34:57 AM
I think,,, the worst is,,, when people,,, ((not like !me!)) ;;; feel free to invent,,, new 'punk'uation
Brian "D" for Donor! 11:36:39 AM
Ink. Maaaann... precious ink.... and terabytes of data saved ha! But that story about the Maine transportation workers was interesting. Crazy.
Readie 11:37:22 AM
Love Tim Maia AND the serial comma. Take that, my beautiful friends, neighbors, and DJs!
Jimbo Daily 11:38:10 AM
WPRB = Where Punctuation (is) Really Bold
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 11:38:28 AM
Tim Maia 👾
Lupica Pledged & Confused 11:38:47 AM
It is impossible for me to divorce this song from its use in the end scene of "City of God"
dj wax (host) 11:39:24 AM
one of my favorite movies
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 11:39:46 AM
@Readie, agree re: serial comma.
Readie 11:40:24 AM
@Jimbo Daily...nice!
Readie 11:40:46 AM
Ah, good morning, Christine!
Readie 11:41:46 AM
Thanks, DJ Wax for a wonderful soundtrack to my (slow) wakeup this morning!
Jimbo Daily 11:42:04 AM
I've been edited! WPRB = We Punctuate Radically Bold I'm Cereal!
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 11:43:42 AM
Sound Goods is sounding good, @Wax 👍
Dan "Pledging Cephalopod" Ruccia 11:44:27 AM
Combo Chimbita!!!
Dan "Pledging Cephalopod" Ruccia 11:44:45 AM
Did anyone here see them when they passed through Philly last month?
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 11:44:55 AM
One of the best albums in 2022 so far, imo.
Dan "Pledging Cephalopod" Ruccia 11:45:34 AM
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 11:45:40 AM
@Dan 🐙 no, missed it! Did you see them?
Dan "Pledging Cephalopod" Ruccia 11:46:44 AM
Sadly no. I wasn't anywhere close to where they went on that tour...
dj wax (host) 11:48:52 AM
dang i had no idea
dj wax (host) 11:48:57 AM
would've loved to see
Brian "D" for Donor! 11:56:27 AM
Great show Wax! Jerry time!
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 11:56:54 AM
Thank you, Wax!✨
Lupica Pledged & Confused 11:57:20 AM
Great show this AM, Wax!
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 11:57:55 AM
TY Anika!
esoterica! 11:58:00 AM
Thanks much, Anika and Wax!
Readie 11:58:24 AM
Thx, Wax, c u later!
dj wax (host) 11:58:35 AM
bye everyone!! see you later readie!!
Readie 11:58:45 AM
And Anika!
Readie 11:59:00 AM