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The Scarlet Pumpernickel

Apr 26, 2022 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

With Pangaeo

With Pato, not Pangaeo

Pledge during this show and I'll send you my special Red Bread recipe (after I make one up)


The Scarlet Pumpernickel
9:01 AM
Tom Tom Club - Happiness Can't Buy Money
Tom Tom Club Happiness Can't Buy Money
The Good the Bad and the Funky Nacional Records 2021
Second annual spring drive show in a row I've started with this subtle song. Does that make it a tradition?
9:05 AM
Set Break: --------------Brief pause in the music to beg for your membership. pledge.wprb.com--------------------------------------
9:09 AM
Holger Czukay - Ode To Perfume
Holger Czukay Ode To Perfume
On the Way to the Peak of Normal Groenland 2016
This is the first song I ever played as a WPRB DJ, subbing for Wilbo way back when ...
9:24 AM
Chris Chandler - You're so Mundane
Chris Chandler You're so Mundane
Convenience Store Troubadours Prime CD 1996
9:26 AM
Madeline Kahn - Sing After Me (with Grover)
Madeline Kahn Sing After Me (with Grover)
Songs From The Street: 35 Years of Music V/A Legacy 2003
9:30 AM
Set Break: and now it's time for the SCARLET PUMPERNICKEL GAME SHOW. Is this cover song A. Better than the original. B. Waaaay better than the original. D. All of the above ... G'luck
9:33 AM
UB40 and Chrissie Hynde - I Got You Babe
UB40 and Chrissie Hynde I Got You Babe
Pretenders: the Singles Sire 1987
9:36 AM
Cal Folger Day - Act 2
Cal Folger Day Act 2 N
Piece-dye Dead Lady 2022
advance single for June 3 LP release
9:41 AM
Vic Chesnutt - Girls Say
Vic Chesnutt Girls Say
Silver Lake New West Records 2003
9:44 AM
George Jones and Tammy Wynette - Did You Ever
George Jones and Tammy Wynette Did You Ever
Tears Of Fire: The 25th Anniversary Collection [Disc 2] Epic 1992
9:46 AM
Leandrul - Interim (Choir Version)
Leandrul Interim (Choir Version) N
Versions EP Handmade 2022
single from May 6 album
9:50 AM
Susan Werner - Bring 'Round the Boat
Susan Werner Bring 'Round the Boat
Time Between Trains The Bottom Line 1998
9:53 AM
Johnny Dowd - Betty
Johnny Dowd Betty
No Regrets Mother Jinx Records 2012
9:57 AM
jess joy - silver dagger
jess joy silver dagger
PATREEARCHY Joyful Noise Recordings 2021
Chat is archived.
Joek 9:03:58 AM
Always love TTC in the morning. Yes, very subtle choice.
Pato (host) 9:04:21 AM
Another loaf of Red Bread is ready for consumption! It's the membership drive, so consider returning some bread to the WPRB coffers at pledge.wprb.com
Pato (host) 9:05:19 AM
Morning Joek and welcome. Don't mind the "subtle" msg of today's opening song
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 9:06:56 AM
Whoa, breaking the rules @Pato 🎙
Brian "D" for Donor! 9:10:06 AM
Holger C nice!
Pato (host) 9:10:30 AM
Breaking the Rules, yes, @Christine. That's what independent rebel radio is all about!
Brian "D" for Donor! 9:11:01 AM
Another piece looped by Joe Frank in his radio plays
Pato (host) 9:12:14 AM
I like that Joe Frank!
Brian "D" for Donor! 9:16:35 AM
Eno Byrne, Holger, Donald Byrd, John Hassel, Jorge Ben, Coltrane, Miles, Bill Evansn, Paul Simon n many more used by Joe Frank as background loops , edits etc
Pato (host) 9:17:11 AM
I LOVE that Joe Frank.
Brian "D" for Donor! 9:18:07 AM
Joe Frank music wiki: https://jfwiki.org/index.php/The_Joe_Frank_Music_Page
Brian "D" for Donor! 9:18:23 AM
Wprb platlist fodder for years....
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 9:18:26 AM
Hey, maybe a future Red Bread could be Joe Frank-centric.
Pato (host) 9:21:44 AM
A Frank on Pumpernickel. Tasty
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 9:22:39 AM
Sir Paul MokCartney 9:24:03 AM
Eula Dylan?
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 9:24:14 AM
The voice of Miss Eula!
Pato (host) 9:24:19 AM
Eula Zimmerman, actually
Brian "D" for Donor! 9:24:38 AM
She sounded remarkably like Al Kooper on organ there
Pato (host) 9:25:08 AM
Sounds like Al Kooper, looks like Alice Cooper
Joe 9:25:26 AM
Bob "Mole" from .. Husker Du
Brian "D" for Donor! 9:25:30 AM
Faking it well, finally realizing what chord they were supposed to play on beat 2
Pato (host) 9:25:56 AM
And inventing a whole new technique in the process
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 9:26:11 AM
Speaking of therapy, this couple needs it.
Pato (host) 9:26:18 AM
Bob and Eula? Siblings?
Commie Francis 9:28:18 AM
I don't think grover and Maria (or whoever this is) are a couple
Commie Francis 9:28:38 AM
Oh Madeline kahn
Brian "D" for Donor! 9:28:54 AM
Madeleine Kahn definitely
Pato (host) 9:29:11 AM
Commie Francis, welcome. No, I'm afraid they had a messy breakup years ago.
Pato (host) 9:29:29 AM
Thanks for feeding the tip jar, Commie Francis, by the way ..
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 9:29:40 AM
At first I thought It was Fozzie Bear.
Commie Francis 9:29:48 AM
Of course!
Brian "D" for Donor! 9:30:02 AM
The land of Oz
Commie Francis 9:30:04 AM
Christine i know Grover anywhere
Joe 9:30:45 AM
I'm having a nightmarish vision of Pato leading the staff at WPRB in this song as extortion for the pledge drive .. pledge or we
Teresa Yes I Did!nate 9:30:49 AM
Oh My GOD -- Madeline Kahn and Grover (< my 'spirit muppet' <3) sing the echo song! SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNN!
Brian "D" for Donor! 9:30:50 AM
Grover Fozzy Yoda all in the land of Oz
Joe 9:30:57 AM
we'll sing 1
Commie Francis 9:31:09 AM
Yeah it's all frank
Commie Francis 9:32:04 AM
I, Grover am very small, and very smart, and kind of cute and wonderful
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 9:32:26 AM
Teresa! Great to see you in the chat. We miss you!
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 9:32:39 AM
Morning, Commie!
Commie Francis 9:33:05 AM
Good morning Christine! And definitely always great to see Teresa!
Pato (host) 9:34:56 AM
Hey Joe, Teresa Yes I Did!nate, thanks for joining the chat. I treasure your participation!
Teresa Yes I Did!nate 9:35:37 AM
Best of mornings to you all! I've missed youz guyz too! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Pato (host) 9:35:49 AM
Now if we could just get Joe Frank Oz to make a pledge.
Pato (host) 9:37:40 AM
@Christine, you're insane! Thanks so much, again. Hope you haven't spent all your lunch money!
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 9:39:11 AM
I'll just eat red bread @Pato
unoclay 9:40:01 AM
this song is very interesting.
Pato (host) 9:41:00 AM
Welcome unoclay! Yes, whole album, coming in June, is intriguing
Pato (host) 9:46:10 AM
Thanks Brian D. for pumping up the pumpernickel. Much appreciated, as is your involvement and sharing of knowledge each and every week
Pato (host) 9:47:34 AM
Thank you Teresa for your pledge. Miss Eula says "three chairs for Teresa"
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 9:49:53 AM
Teresa Yes I Did!nate 9:50:21 AM
Hahaha! Eula has become so much more proficient in her musicianship of late! I attribute it to getting so much weekly exposure on The Pumpernickel <3
Brian "D" for Donor! 9:50:36 AM
Very welcome all!
Teresa Yes I Did!nate 9:55:11 AM
Oh, and HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to DJ extraordinaire and all-around-amazing person Commie Francis!
unoclay 9:55:18 AM
i finally popped my covid cherry. Just got the double pink line. A viral baby is on the way
unoclay 9:56:00 AM
in fairness, it took 2 years, and ive been to about 40 concerts (fully masked) before it finally happened.
Commie Francis 9:56:29 AM
❤️❤️❤️ Teresa
Teresa Yes I Did!nate 9:56:40 AM
Oh man! Sorry to hear that, Unoclay. Hope you are/remain symptom-free <3
Pato (host) 9:57:13 AM
@Commie Francis Happy Bday!
Pato (host) 9:57:40 AM
unoclay. Hope your ears were masked while you were listening today
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 9:59:11 AM
Take care of yourself, @unoclay 😷 Hydrate
Brian "D" for Donor! 9:59:55 AM
always a fun ride! Enjoy the rest of the day all
Christine (PRB pledger allegiance) 10:00:04 AM
TY Pato!
Pato (host) 10:00:41 AM
Thank You all. Love ya much.
unoclay 10:01:57 AM
im hydrating with coffee, does that count? And my ears are a solid 6 feet from the speakers so you are all safe