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The Scarlet Pumpernickel

Apr 12, 2022 9:00 AM β€“ 10:00 AM

With Pangaeo

with Pato, not Pangaeo

The Scarlet Pumpernickel
9:00 AM
James Singleton - So Long Tail Rex
James Singleton So Long Tail Rex N
Malabar Sinking City Records 2022
LP coming April 15
9:07 AM
Em Spel - Overstory
Em Spel Overstory N
Overstory - Single Carillonia Records 2022
Album coming May 20
9:11 AM
Crystn Hunt Akron - Fill Me with Your Love
Crystn Hunt Akron Fill Me with Your Love N
Fill Me with Your Love - Single Seayou Records 2022
9:18 AM
Melissa Weikart - Ocean Song
Melissa Weikart Ocean Song N
Here, There Northern Spy 2022
album coming May 26
9:21 AM
David Aubaile and Julien Tekeyan - Mash Mash
David Aubaile and Julien Tekeyan Mash Mash N
HiMA UVM Distribution 2022
9:25 AM
Coyote Poets of the Universe - The Trilobite Song
Coyote Poets of the Universe The Trilobite Song
Unmistakable Evidence Square Shaped Records 2007
9:29 AM
Set Break: and now it's time for the SCARLET PUMPERNICKEL GAME SHOW. Is this cover song A. Better than the original. B. Waaaay better than the original. D. All of the above ... G'luck
9:34 AM
Suede - Brass In Pocket
Suede Brass In Pocket
Suede (25th Anniversary Edition) Edsel 2018
9:38 AM
Love & Pain - White Lilies
Love & Pain White Lilies N
White Lilies - Single Love & Pain 2021
"It Comes in Waves" album coming in May
9:42 AM
Khasi-Cymru Collective - To the Men with Hate Speech on Their Lips
Khasi-Cymru Collective To the Men with Hate Speech on Their Lips
'Sai-thaiΓ± ki Sur Naxos World Music 2021
9:47 AM
Trombo Combo - Min Mor Sa Till Mig
Trombo Combo Min Mor Sa Till Mig
Swedish Sound Deluxe Embe Music - X5 Music Group 2006
9:50 AM
Clara Engel - Golden Egg
Clara Engel Golden Egg N
Their Invisible Hands self-release 2022
9:54 AM
Vicky Farewell - Forever
Vicky Farewell Forever N
Sweet Company Mac’s Record Label LLC 2022
9:56 AM
Can - Pnoom
Can Pnoom
Delay 1968 Mute 2013
9:57 AM
XTC - Spinning Top
XTC Spinning Top
White Music (Bonus Track Version) Virgin Records 2001
Chat is archived.
Christine πŸ¦‰ 9:01:36 AM
Pato, oh nooo
Christine πŸ¦‰ 9:02:20 AM
LOL you are messing with us!
ǝɹnΙ”sqκ“³ ǝΙ₯κ“• ΗΚŒΙκ“· 9:02:26 AM
The Baron was not amused by the interruption
Brian D 9:02:44 AM
The connection got smΓΆrg'd for just Γ₯ little
Joe 9:03:17 AM
that's what you get for mispronouncing shmorghezburd..
Pato (host) 9:03:22 AM
Can't go a whole show without some FF. I blame the previous DJ.
Christine πŸ¦‰ 9:05:48 AM
Now we'll never know what poem Sir Percy was going to recite...
Pato (host) 9:06:17 AM
no rhyme or reason
Joe 9:06:46 AM
mz.mole better set it all right ..
Pato (host) 9:07:24 AM
I hope so, Joe. As of now, she hasn't shown up yet.
Joe 9:14:02 AM
it's ok Em Spel did fine .. who needs Eula anyway ..
Pato (host) 9:16:28 AM
I need Eula, Joe. She's the only reason some tune in to the show. That, and the poetry, of course.
Christine πŸ¦‰ 9:18:17 AM
It's magic time
Pato (host) 9:18:49 AM
Short but ... sweet?
Mok Knopfler 9:18:50 AM
haha Eula nailed it
Joe 9:19:11 AM
not arguing with you pat .. you are the boss after all ..
Pato (host) 9:20:03 AM
Miss Melissa Weikart here took some lessons from Miss Eula
Joe 9:21:05 AM
I think Eula is playing keys on 'Ocean Song' those dissonances are very ''familiar'' wouldn't you say
Pato (host) 9:21:43 AM
I think they're dissonant relatives.
Joe 9:22:30 AM
you are the greatest patato hah
Pato (host) 9:23:34 AM
You say patato, I say ... S'mores are good.
unoclay 9:24:02 AM
i believe the kids would say "this slaps"
Joe 9:24:16 AM
if i had any friends i'd tell them all about your show
unoclay 9:24:38 AM
If i had a show i'd tell them all about your friends
Pato (host) 9:24:51 AM
Welcome Unoclay. Not Will Smith jokes please.
Brian D 9:25:04 AM
Like this heading towards HerbieHunters territory and beyond
unoclay 9:25:26 AM
bwahaha slap joke
Pato (host) 9:26:01 AM
Everyone raise their chat hands if they want to be Joe's friend ...
Brian D 9:26:14 AM
That last one. This and that... Aubaile Tekeyan
Joe 9:26:16 AM
you dirty dogg
Pato (host) 9:27:06 AM
A long lost VU song?
unoclay 9:27:15 AM
i want to know more about how joe treats his friends. and my birthday is coming up so make it suite
Brian D 9:27:47 AM
Robyn Hitchcock has a great Trilobite song too. Future request if possible. Trilobite meets a talented keyboard player named Dwight
unoclay 9:28:15 AM
its like if the VU quit heroin and decided kids music was the next frontier to conquor
Pato (host) 9:28:31 AM
Hmmm Brian D
Pato (host) 9:28:53 AM
From heroin to juice boxes
Brian D 9:29:10 AM
I hear more Dan Hicks here
unoclay 9:29:54 AM
i wonder how sick they got of people telling them "you guys gotta hear this velvet underground band, you're just like them"
Christine πŸ¦‰ 9:30:12 AM
uno, lol
Brian D 9:32:36 AM
And some John Lurie in there too. More loungey and maybe more west sounding than the grit of East VU sound
Brian D 9:34:40 AM
I got an 'ole in mee pockit...
unoclay 9:42:20 AM
not as good as the original.
Pato (host) 9:43:32 AM
That is a correct answer, unoclay. You win the right to be friends with Joe.
Joe 9:44:38 AM
sorry patat you'll need a new consolation prize .. i have a ''no friends'' rule .. ever since i started haunting WPRB ..
Christine πŸ¦‰ 9:44:42 AM
Wow, this Khasi-Cymru Collective track. Powerful.
Joe 9:46:48 AM
''to the men ..'' this is the soundtrack of trump's brain and he wakes up screaming trying to get it out of his head .. thank god melania's there for him
unoclay 9:46:57 AM
joe has been strangely silent on my birthday gift. sitting on fence here
Pato (host) 9:47:07 AM
it's great to have fun, Christine πŸ¦‰, but we also have to make room for reality on the playlist
Joe 9:47:40 AM
pat .. tell unoclay about my zero friend's rule please ..
unoclay 9:48:19 AM
PAT, please tell JOE about my +1 BIRTHDAY PRESENTS rule
Pato (host) 9:49:30 AM
Unoclay. You see, Joe here, he has this no friends rule. Like I have a rule I'll never date J-Lo. If it's not gonna happen, make a rule about it.
Pato (host) 9:50:32 AM
And Joe, as gifts go, I hear Unoclay is a big collector of Hummel figurines.
Joe 9:52:44 AM
dear pat i may need to find another chat room .. it always ends this way .. and one last thing .. j-lo isn't that bad .. just sayin'
Pato (host) 9:54:18 AM
Nooo Joe. Friend or foe, please stick with us.
Pato (host) 9:55:24 AM
"together, together, like it's forever."
Brian D 9:55:42 AM
I liked her in U Turn ok
Guelo 9:55:45 AM
: ]
Brian D 9:56:35 AM
She has that last name in her stage name. Then... this song title... hmmmm
Pato (host) 9:57:08 AM
Contrary, ya think?
Brian D 9:57:28 AM
Farewell.... Forever... Then " together ' in the lyrics... excellent! Love a good puzzle
unoclay 9:58:11 AM
whoa this is a great song to go out on
Pato (host) 9:58:24 AM
This is today's late slice of pumpernickel red. Thanks to all my friends β€” and Joe β€” for listening and chatting. Stay tuned for Stitch it Good.
Christine πŸ¦‰ 9:58:32 AM
Thank you for another toothsome hunk of red bread, Pato 🍞
unoclay 9:58:47 AM
i'll be looking forward to getting a corner cabinet for my first ever hummel figurine. im not sure what it is but it sounds wonderfully kitch
Brian D 9:58:57 AM
Great tune!