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The World's Fare

Apr 12, 2022 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM

With Pangaeo

It may be a so-so Tuesday, but I promise you it will be a Good Friday. Until then ...

The World's Fare
7:01 AM
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra - Georgia (former anthem)
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra Georgia (former anthem)
Complete National Anthems of the World Marco-Polo 2013
7:02 AM
Abdullah Ibrahim - Ishmael
Abdullah Ibrahim Ishmael
The Enja Heritage Collection: Banyana AlFi Records 1987
7:17 AM
Set Break: ---------welcome to another World's Fare breakfast buffet of flavors from other places-------------------------------------------
7:22 AM
David Aubaile and Julien Tekeyan - Kobagna feat. Kaabi Kouyaté
David Aubaile and Julien Tekeyan Kobagna feat. Kaabi Kouyaté N
HiMA UVM distribution 2022
April 15 release
7:30 AM
David Arcos - Tú me das
David Arcos Tú me das N
Tú me das - Single Seayou Records 2022
7:33 AM
Miquel Pujadó - L'infern I la Glòria (feat. Xavier Batllés, Toni Calvó & Quim Ollé)
Miquel Pujadó L'infern I la Glòria (feat. Xavier Batllés, Toni Calvó & Quim Ollé) N
De Foc i de Vellut Microscopi 2022
7:37 AM
Ecko Bazz - Mugulu E'yo
Ecko Bazz Mugulu E'yo N
Mmaso Hakuna Kulala 2022
7:39 AM
El Khat - Djaja
El Khat Djaja N
Albat Alawi Op. 99 Glitterbeat Records 2022
7:43 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:48 AM
Bareto - Cumbia Circular (feat. Maria Cardona)
Bareto Cumbia Circular (feat. Maria Cardona) N
El Amor No Es Para Los Débiles Agogo Records 2021
7:53 AM
Lehtojärven Hirvenpää - Elämän nälkä (feat. Jaakko Laitinen & Harri Kuusijärvi)
Lehtojärven Hirvenpää Elämän nälkä (feat. Jaakko Laitinen & Harri Kuusijärvi)
Lehtojärven Hirvenpää (feat. Jaakko Laitinen & Harri Kuusijärvi) Helmi Levyt 2019
7:57 AM
Narajama - Nebudeš ty můj
Narajama Nebudeš ty můj
Concurrere Indies Scope 2017
8:01 AM
Orchestra Baobab - Ledi ndieme m'bodj
Orchestra Baobab Ledi ndieme m'bodj R
Pirates Choice Nonesuch 2001
8:10 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:15 AM
Amaru Tribe - La Serpiente
Amaru Tribe La Serpiente N
Between Two Worlds Vibrating Planet 2021
8:20 AM
Electrogralla - Malaguenya de Barxeta (feat. Miquel Gil)
Electrogralla Malaguenya de Barxeta (feat. Miquel Gil) N
Empelt Microscopi 2022
8:24 AM
Adama Yalomba - Waati Sera
Adama Yalomba Waati Sera
Waati Sera Studio Mali Recordings 2016
8:27 AM
Agepê - Ela Não Gosta de Mim
Agepê Ela Não Gosta de Mim
Agepê WM Brazil 1994
8:31 AM
Ravi Shankar - Title
Ravi Shankar Title
Genesis Milan Records 1986
8:35 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:42 AM
Kyllikit ja Tähdenlento-orkesteri - Ihastumislaulu
Kyllikit ja Tähdenlento-orkesteri Ihastumislaulu
Monta mieltä Luova Records 2018
8:46 AM
Tarika - Sulawesi
Tarika Sulawesi
Soul Makassar Triloka 2001
8:52 AM
Adam Ben Ezra - Mamaja
Adam Ben Ezra Mamaja
Hide and Seek Adam Ben Ezra 2020
8:56 AM
Sly5thAve & Roberto Verastegui - Poinciana
Sly5thAve & Roberto Verastegui Poinciana N
Agua De Jamaica Tru Thoughts 2022
Chat is archived.
Pangaeo (host) 7:01:18 AM
Good Tuesday and welcome to another piping hot World's Fare buffet of delectable music flavors from other places ... dig in, pig out, rig up and jig down ... (fig, anyone?)
Mok Knopfler 7:09:25 AM
good morning
Pangaeo (host) 7:10:23 AM
G'morn Mok Knopfler. Hope you don't find yourself in dire straits this fine day.
Mok Knopfler 7:13:47 AM
Mok Knopfler 7:13:57 AM
no worries..im the sultan of swing
Pangaeo (host) 7:15:21 AM
and I want money for nothing
Brian D 7:22:53 AM
Just got that El Khat new one. Lot of fun
Pangaeo (host) 7:23:29 AM
Morning Brian. I just got it myself on Friday.
Addie Plum 🐍 7:28:43 AM
Good morning! I’m usually at work, happy I get to enjoy your show today!
Pangaeo (host) 7:29:56 AM
Good morning and welcome Addie Plum 🐍. Hope you have nice day off.
Addie Plum 🐍 7:34:49 AM
Thanks! Off to a good start so far ☺️
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 7:38:30 AM
I heard sitar! 🦻🏻
Pangaeo (host) 7:39:48 AM
Morning ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ. I've selected only songs that have sitar in them for today's show.
Commie Francis 7:42:48 AM
Good morning, here we are again!
Commie Francis 7:43:13 AM
I love that last song!
Pangaeo (host) 7:49:54 AM
Good morning Commie Francis. El Khat is rocking stuff fer sure
Christine 🦉 7:55:00 AM
Cumbia 🌀 good morning Pangaeo & gang!
Pangaeo (host) 7:56:05 AM
Good morn, Christine 🦉. I'm a bit dizzy from that tune myself
Mok Knopfler 8:02:57 AM
Woooohaaa thanks. OB rocks my socks
Pangaeo (host) 8:03:57 AM
Thanks to someone who looks a lot like you but has a different name who requested it last week
Mok Knopfler 8:05:08 AM
Sounds like a cool person. Aces in my book
Pangaeo (host) 8:06:04 AM
The coolest.
Brian D 8:06:46 AM
Mike L said last night that they fixed the in studio missing channel issue. Mgmt said a cable was long overdue for replacement. I think it's mostly at home djs today tho .. Hey! Orch Baobab sounding great!
Mok Knopfler 8:07:46 AM
Maybe it's a good Tuesday indeed
Brian D 8:08:17 AM
Pangaeo (host) 8:08:20 AM
Channeling good vibes. Both left and right speaker.
Christine 🦉 8:09:14 AM
He fixes the cable?
Pangaeo (host) 8:09:28 AM
Mike the cable guy
Mok Knopfler 8:10:29 AM
I think this song could be 3 hours long and I'd be fine with it
Christine 🦉 8:10:51 AM
👨‍🔧 good job
Brian D 8:11:06 AM
Mike alerted us during Hanna's show that there would be a slight Finn Funk interruption. said it was specifically related to that problem. Few seconds later he said it was fixed.
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 8:12:08 AM
beautiful words what you said about songs like that not ending, just fading off into the sunset. BAM 👨‍🍳😎
Christine 🦉 8:14:20 AM
So tempting to follow the orchestra into the sunset...
Pangaeo (host) 8:16:47 AM
BAM back atcha, Chef. Welcome. You were today's missing ingredient in the chatroom.
Pangaeo (host) 8:18:50 AM
There goes Christine, following the sun and Orchestra Baobab. Good thing she's got her shades on.
Mok Knopfler 8:27:48 AM
The good vibes continue.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 8:32:26 AM
More sitar!
Pangaeo (host) 8:32:45 AM
an up and coming player, Ravi something.
Addie Plum 🐍 8:35:34 AM
All the sitar. Good stuff this morning!
Mok Knopfler 8:40:52 AM
that Ravi guy might have a future if he puts in the work
Pangaeo (host) 8:42:46 AM
I don't know. Every time I see him, he's sitting down on the job.
Joe 8:44:40 AM
pan .. big words like ''smorgasborg'' are hard to pronounce .. i can't pronounce it but just wanted to say .. ''well done''
Pangaeo (host) 8:45:26 AM
Thanks Joe. Actually, I was trying to say "S'mores are good."
Pangaeo (host) 8:46:41 AM
("S'mores are good."- opinions expressed on this show do not necessarily represent the views of the station.)
Joe 8:47:09 AM
i realeyes that but inadvertint ponunciation kownts for sumpin .
Pangaeo (host) 8:48:06 AM
realeyes: good name for a band
Guelo 8:52:23 AM
Been greatly enjoying the fair this morning. Thankee Pangaeo
Pangaeo (host) 8:53:28 AM
Hiya Guelo. Thanks for checking in. I feel better knowing you were out there listening.
Brian D 8:55:00 AM
Beautiful selections today!
Guelo 8:55:15 AM
:). The ears are instantaneous world travelers. A realization
Christine 🦉 8:55:31 AM
Final 5 minutes 😢
Christine 🦉 8:55:52 AM
Brilliant show, Pangaeo. Thank you!
Brian D 8:56:48 AM
A fine smorgasbord where you won't get bord
Pangaeo (host) 8:56:51 AM
Thanks all. The beauty is contagious. Time flies ... This is the last selection of the day. Remember to come back next week and enjoy the rest of today's radio lineup
Pangaeo (host) 8:57:53 AM
(yeesh, GROANING, bord)
Brian D 8:58:42 AM
I didn't try to get all the Swedish vowels right... things on top of o's etc...
Pangaeo (host) 8:59:18 AM
Dot can be confuzing
Brian D 8:59:59 AM
finally started learning that "long press" function for vowels. Easier on the phone than pc really