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Apr 9, 2022 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

With ameena

new wprb special dark roast ambient coffee coming soon to stores near you! but until then, join me on the sofa of life with a delicious advance copy cup of ambient joe. mmmm... velvety.

subbing for weird, old america !

welcome to my sminky little lounge...

6:02 PM
yes,mama ok? - perfect young lady
yes,mama ok? perfect young lady
perfect young ladies 1996
6:04 PM
bitter cherry jam - i just want to call you up
bitter cherry jam i just want to call you up
i just want to call you up 1994
6:09 PM
Mallowe - Under My Thumb
Mallowe Under My Thumb
9 Pieces of Brownie V/A 1999
6:12 PM
La Sellrose Can Can - Aerobicise
La Sellrose Can Can Aerobicise
Soft Selection 84 V/A Soft (Japan) 1983
6:16 PM
Nelories - Trampoline
Nelories Trampoline
Banana Por Supuesto 1992


6:20 PM
Brilliant at Breakfast - Strawberry V
Brilliant at Breakfast Strawberry V
Being Verbose is Easy, Being Verbose Isn't Easy Paperplane 2011


6:23 PM
three berry icecream - marble arch
three berry icecream marble arch
three berry icecream dogprint 1999


6:25 PM
9 Pieces of Brownie V/A Brownie 1999
6:28 PM
Mayumi Kojima - Babu Rock
Mayumi Kojima Babu Rock
Me And My Monkey On The Moon Pony Canyon 2000


6:36 PM
Kahimi Karie - Nikon 2
Kahimi Karie Nikon 2
I Am A Kitten Crue-L 1995
6:40 PM
blueberry, very blue - rock your baby
blueberry, very blue rock your baby
blueberry note God's Pop 1997


6:43 PM
Sugar Plant - i was You
Sugar Plant i was You
trance mellow PONY CANYON INC. 1996
6:52 PM
Beanpole - In a Muddle
Beanpole In a Muddle
From Blue to You JIGSAW RECORDS 2013
6:55 PM
advantage Lucy - Red Bicycle
advantage Lucy Red Bicycle
Have a Good Journey (1996-2000) 2001
6:59 PM
Yuka Ijichi - A Sand Dune
Yuka Ijichi A Sand Dune
Peanuts Butter Sloow Tapes 2010


7:07 PM
Maruo Maruko - いのちの鳥 / inochi no tori
Maruo Maruko いのちの鳥 / inochi no tori
カメ子の空 / kameko no sora Hirune 2009


7:12 PM
Mami Chan Band - Driving Pillows
Mami Chan Band Driving Pillows
Mami Chan Band Live! Fresh Air 2001


7:16 PM
California☆Roma - Casio Blue
California☆Roma Casio Blue
California☆Roma Trolley Bus 2001


7:18 PM
Syzygys - A Bao a Qu
Syzygys A Bao a Qu
Complete Studio Recordings Tzadik 2003
7:23 PM
Yumbo - もみの木
Yumbo もみの木
明滅と反響 7e.p. 2018
7:28 PM
めめ - さっきまで泣いてたのは誰だ?
めめ さっきまで泣いてたのは誰だ?
ちとてとち Poet Portraits 2005


7:37 PM
Luna Park Ensemble - パノラマ島
Luna Park Ensemble パノラマ島
遊園地を壊せ Super Fuji 2016


7:41 PM
ammakasie noka - Murmuring at Dusk
ammakasie noka Murmuring at Dusk
MOIRA'S ROOM Novel Cell Poem,INC 2003
7:48 PM
three berry icecream - Happy Day, Happy Time
three berry icecream Happy Day, Happy Time
three berry icecream dogprint 1999
7:51 PM
Instant Cytron - See For Miles
Instant Cytron See For Miles
Change This World Suite¡ Supuesto! 1995


7:57 PM
MEMBOUS - たびたび
Honey Chapatti Gyuune Cassette, Japan 1995
Chat is archived.
Ameena (host) 6:02:38 PM
Brian D 6:04:43 PM
Hello Ameena!
Brian D 6:05:51 PM
Sounds like the missing speaker problem but it sounds kinda cool!
Sofia Lee 6:06:19 PM
looove this song
Ameena (host) 6:06:28 PM
missing speaker?
Ameena (host) 6:06:35 PM
hey brian and sofi!
Brian D 6:07:05 PM
You can't hear the one person's voice and guitar really you can just hear the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Ameena (host) 6:07:24 PM
ohhh yeah i see that now haha
Brian D 6:07:33 PM
Wprb has been having a problem with in studio broadcast where one channel is missing
Brian D 6:07:51 PM
It has been going on for the past six or seven months I've mentioned it many times
Brian D 6:08:06 PM
Hopefully they will fix it soon
Ameena (host) 6:08:32 PM
oh weird.... i haven't heard about it but i'm not really on the tech side of the board so i'm not sure if someone is already working on it
Brian D 6:08:35 PM
This sounds great here!
Ameena (host) 6:08:41 PM
Christine 🦉 6:09:36 PM
Cool cover here by Mallowe. 💎
Christine 🦉 6:09:58 PM
Hi ameena! Hi Brian!
Christine 🦉 6:10:24 PM
There is a gorgeous rainbow out right now in Princeton 🌈
Ameena (host) 6:11:38 PM
i wish i could see it !
Christine 🦉 6:11:52 PM
I wish you guys could see this! 💘
Ameena (host) 6:15:42 PM
would be really nice after the weather this morning...
Christine 🦉 6:17:57 PM
Your set goes perfectly with the (fading) rainbow.
Ameena (host) 6:19:29 PM
heheh i'm glad
Nelories! Love it!
Ameena (host) 6:21:04 PM
Sofia Lee 6:21:26 PM
this is such a great lineup!!
Sofia Lee 6:21:36 PM
perfect for listening to just after midnight
Ameena (host) 6:22:18 PM
Proof that the accordion is not just for polka bands
Ameena (host) 6:22:35 PM
Ameena (host) 6:22:41 PM
i love accordion...
Alan Pasnyk 6:23:46 PM
Hi Ameena! and all you sminky lounge listeners...
Ameena (host) 6:24:05 PM
hi alan!
Sofia Lee 6:24:13 PM
someone should make a super cut of every twee instrumental break
Ameena (host) 6:24:25 PM
Ossy Hyouka 6:25:59 PM
Ameenatronics on a Saturday evening after the jamming SOTC!
Ameena (host) 6:26:43 PM
Christine 🦉 6:29:51 PM
Hi Alan! 🔭
Alan Pasnyk 6:33:34 PM
Christine!! Good to see you again, no rainbow in Philly now...
Sofia Lee 6:34:58 PM
indonesian twee is so good and so overlooked, same with filipino twee
Ameena (host) 6:36:56 PM
really need to dig in more...
Ossy Hyouka 6:43:25 PM
I hear a kawaii cover of George McCrae's 1974 Rock You Baby
Brian D 6:43:37 PM
Found a great Indonesian band Mooner couple years back. Album named Tabiat is good stuff. Strong female vocals. Riff rock stoner rock w some psych
Ameena (host) 6:47:14 PM
i'll check it out!
Ameena (host) 6:47:25 PM
@ossy oh that's what it is?
Ameena (host) 6:47:38 PM
i play a lot of covers without realizing they're covers haha
Ossy Hyouka 6:50:59 PM
So far for George, yeah Ameena, which I know most, hehe
Sofia Lee 7:12:22 PM
excellent album covers
Ameena (host) 7:12:32 PM
Mike Lupica 7:33:17 PM
Hey Brian or Ameena. Do you remember what song was playing when you heard the channel dropout?
Ameena (host) 7:34:48 PM
i'm assuming either of the first two?
Ameena (host) 7:35:04 PM
from the beginning of the show
Mike Lupica 7:35:20 PM
Cool. Was that laptop, CD, or turntable? Trying to isolate this issue.
Ameena (host) 7:36:43 PM
Mike Lupica 7:38:34 PM
Gotcha. Should be an easy fix. On it!
Ameena (host) 7:38:58 PM
Dante Sudilovsky 7:43:02 PM
sminky rainy day
TAndy 7:45:00 PM
Good evening clowntronics 2.0 crew :)
Ameena (host) 7:47:13 PM
TAndy 7:48:21 PM
Oh noooooo I woke up too late this tracklist looks fire 🔥
Ameena (host) 7:49:06 PM
at least there are 10 more mins!
Sofia Lee 7:49:45 PM
love this song so much!
Ameena (host) 7:50:12 PM
the best...
Dante Sudilovsky 7:52:14 PM
Ameena (host) 7:53:06 PM
omg this got reissued last year ....
Ameena (host) 7:53:11 PM
on LP...
Ossy Hyouka 7:53:24 PM
Drops of sweet twilight lyrics in this time of night 🌙 ✨💙
TAndy 7:53:55 PM
Thanks for the show anyway, I'm gonna have to look back at some of these songs later tonight :)
Sofia Lee 7:54:14 PM
Ameena (host) 7:54:39 PM
: (
crucialobject 7:56:13 PM
omg I didn't know we were clowntronicking 😭
Ameena (host) 7:56:37 PM
it was a surprise sub!
crucialobject 7:56:40 PM
I've been sitting here in silence while the whole world was moving forward
crucialobject 7:57:25 PM
time will be divided by those who were present and those who weren't
Ameena (host) 7:59:22 PM
Ameena (host) 7:59:37 PM
maybe i should start announcing these somewhere...
Alan Pasnyk 7:59:44 PM
Thank You Ameena!
TAndy 7:59:55 PM
This song is so pretty 😭
Ameena (host) 8:00:05 PM
thank you all for tuning in! :o)
Ossy Hyouka 8:00:10 PM
🇯🇵⛩🍡㊗️🍙🌸 😊
Ameena (host) 8:00:12 PM
it is...
Ossy Hyouka 8:00:59 PM
Membous, love their water song 💙💙💙
Ameena (host) 8:01:22 PM
they're sweet!