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Apr 7, 2022 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

With Lizbot


scruggs keep scrugging along

5:01 PM
Ludus - My Cherry Is In Sherry
Ludus My Cherry Is In Sherry
The Visit / Seduction LTM Recordings 1980
5:04 PM
Scientific Americans - Diseases
Scientific Americans Diseases
Load & Go! Reachout International Records 1982
The Scientific Americans were a punk-wave/synth punk/dub band formed in the late 1970's in Amherst, Massachusetts. They existed in numerous incarnations up until their dissolution in early 1983
5:08 PM
The Gizmos - Biscuits & Gravy
The Gizmos Biscuits & Gravy
Rock & Roll Don't Come from New York Gulcher 2004
Punk band formed in Bloomington, Indiana. The original 1976-1977 line-up reformed in 2014 and continues to perform.
5:10 PM
The Shivvers - No Reaction
The Shivvers No Reaction
Lost Hits from Milwaukee's First Family of Powerpop 1979-82 Hyped2Death 2006
Pop rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, formed in the early 1980's with members from several other local bands including The Orbits
5:14 PM
Chron Gen - Clouded Eyes
Chron Gen Clouded Eyes
Britannia Waives The Rules V/A Secret Records 1982
with The Exploited / Chron Gen / Infa-Riot
5:18 PM
Sparks - Tips for Teens
Sparks Tips for Teens
Whomp That Sucker RCA 1981
What's in that burger? Has it got mayo? GIVE IT TO ME.
5:21 PM
Anna Meredith - Bpm 200
Anna Meredith Bpm 200 Anna Meredith
Bumps Per Minute (18 Studies for Dodgems) Black Prince Fury 2021
British composer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and vocalist.
5:23 PM
Kero Kero Bonito - The Princess and the Clock
Kero Kero Bonito The Princess and the Clock
Civilisation II Polyvinyl Records 2021
Band from London whose name is derived from the Japanese onomatopoeic words for frog croaks and a type of fish.
5:27 PM
Mu-Ziq - The Fear Remix
Mu-Ziq The Fear Remix
The Fear
5:32 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

lizbot whirrrs

5:39 PM
Chantal Goya - Tu m'as trop menti
Chantal Goya Tu m'as trop menti
Masculin Feminin RCA-Victor 1966
Soundtrack to the French New Wave Jean-Luc Godard film Masculin Feminin. Chantal Goya was born in French Indochine Chantal de Guerre and spent her career as a yé-yé girl, singing catchy pop songs. She also had the starring role of Madeleine in "Masculin Feminin"
5:41 PM
Asei Kobayashi & Mickie Yoshino - Eat
Asei Kobayashi & Mickie Yoshino Eat
5:44 PM
CLARA MONDSHINE - Caesar In Camerun
CLARA MONDSHINE Caesar In Camerun Walter Bachauer
Memorymetropolis Innovative Communication 1983
5:47 PM
Sirr TMO - Do What You Do
Sirr TMO Do What You Do
888 (Infinity) Teklife 2022
5:52 PM
Anna Meredith - Calion
Anna Meredith Calion Anna Meredith
Fibs Moshi Moshi Records 2019
5:57 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

lizbot buzzes and hums

5:57 PM
DVA - Nunovo Tango
DVA Nunovo Tango
Fonok Indies Scope Records 2008
6:00 PM
Mireille Mathieu - Une Place Dans Mon Coeur
Mireille Mathieu Une Place Dans Mon Coeur
Herzlichst, Mireille Ariola 2006
6:04 PM
Juana Molina - ¡Que Llueva!
Juana Molina ¡Que Llueva!
Segundo Domino 2004
6:08 PM
The Smittens - Capucine
The Smittens Capucine
Gentlefication Now! Dangerfive Records 2003
sextet from Burlington, Vermont, formed in 2002
6:13 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

lizbot shivers and shakes

6:16 PM
Daniel Bacalov - Abstract
Daniel Bacalov Abstract Daniel Bacalov
La Camera Astratta Cuneiform Records 1989
6:17 PM
No Joy - Signal Lights
No Joy Signal Lights
Motherhood Joyful Noise Recordings 2020
AKA Jasamine White-Gluz from Montreal
6:20 PM
TADZIO - Absence
TADZIO Absence
That Cold Grey Light BLIGHT. Records 2020
6:24 PM
Choo Choo La Rouge - Under the Icy Moon
Choo Choo La Rouge Under the Icy Moon
Black Clouds Kiam Records 2009
6:28 PM
Alec Holowka - Crimes
Alec Holowka Crimes Alec Holowka
Night in the Woods (Original Soundtrack, Vol. 1) [At the End of Everything] Alec Holowka 2017
6:30 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

lizbot shimmys & shudders

6:31 PM
Esther Phillips - Dream
Esther Phillips Dream
Capricorn Princess Kudu 1976
American soul and blues singer from Galveston, TX
6:34 PM
Francis Bebey - Matera
Francis Bebey Matera Francis Bebey
Amaya Sonodisc 1988
AKA Francisco Birago Diop from Douala, Cameroon, singer (in Duala, French and English), guitarist, flutist, journalist, sculptor, composer, musicologist, writer & polemist.
6:38 PM
Defórmica - ¡¡!!!
Defórmica ¡¡!!!
Defórmica Defórmica 2021
experimental math-rock/prog from Argentina
6:42 PM
Fantasydub - Déso (feat. Rachel Fannan)
Fantasydub Déso (feat. Rachel Fannan)
Déso - Single (feat. Rachel Fannan) - Single Fantasydub 2021
6:45 PM
Grizzly Bear - Knife (Cover Version)
Grizzly Bear Knife (Cover Version)
Friend Warp Records 2007
cover by CSS
6:48 PM
Lyres - How Do You Know?
Lyres How Do You Know?
Lyres Lyres Ace Of Hearts Records 1986
6:51 PM
Ludus - Little Girls
Ludus Little Girls
Breaking The Rules / Little Girls Sordide Sentimental 1983
6:55 PM
The Rondelles - Catastrophe
The Rondelles Catastrophe
Fiction, Romance, Fast Machines Smells Like Records 1998
teen band from Albuquerque
6:57 PM
Start - Where I Want To Be
Start Where I Want To Be
Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987 V/A Captured Tracks 2020
7:00 PM
Angel Olsen - What It Is
Angel Olsen What It Is Angel Olsen
All Mirrors Jagjaguwar 2019
7:03 PM
The Icicle Works - Conscience of Kings
The Icicle Works Conscience of Kings
The Small Price of a Bicycle Beggars Banquet 1985
7:08 PM
Simple Minds - Alive and Kicking
Simple Minds Alive and Kicking
Once Upon a Time Virgin 1985
video shot at Kaaterskill Falls near Hudson, NY
7:14 PM
Etron Fou Leloublan - Comment choisir son infirmière
Etron Fou Leloublan Comment choisir son infirmière
Face aux éléments déchaînés Gazul Records 1985
Theatrical French avant-rock band founded in 1973 led by oddball saxophonist Chris Chanet
7:17 PM
Tuxedomoon - In a Manner of Speaking
Tuxedomoon In a Manner of Speaking
Holy Wars Crammed Discs 1985
7:20 PM
Slapp Happy & Henry Cow - Apes In Capes
Slapp Happy & Henry Cow Apes In Capes
Desperate Straights Virgin 1975
7:22 PM
Snakefinger - Don't Lie
Snakefinger Don't Lie
Greener Postures Ralph Records 1980
AKA Philip Charles Lithman, an English multi-instrumentalist best known for his guitar and violin work as well as his collaborations with The Residents.
7:26 PM
L'Ensemble Rayé - Ragn'râle
L'Ensemble Rayé Ragn'râle
Quelques Pièces Détachées Disques Rayés 2009
7:29 PM
Carlastella - Nebbia
Carlastella Nebbia
Il Meglio E. N Digital 2020
AKA Italian singer Carla Bolongaro
7:33 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

lizbot crumbles

7:33 PM
Cheer-Accident - Repossession
Cheer-Accident Repossession
Variations On A Goddamn Old Man Pravda Records 2002
7:36 PM
Spoon - Tear Me Down
Spoon Tear Me Down John Cameron Mitchell
Wig In A Box – Songs From And Inspired By Hedwig And The Angry Inch V/A Off Records 2003
7:40 PM
Pierre Lapointe - L'équipage
Pierre Lapointe L'équipage
La Forêt De Mal-Aimés Audiogram 2006
Canadian singer
7:44 PM
Michael Nyman - Vermeer's Wife
Michael Nyman Vermeer's Wife Michael Nyman
A Zed and Two Noughts Caroline 1985
from the Peter Greenaway film, A Zed and Two Noughts
7:45 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

lizbot zips around the room

7:47 PM
Wendy Carlos - Yusae - Aisae
Wendy Carlos Yusae - Aisae Wendy Carlos
Beauty in the Beast Audion Records 1986
7:47 PM
Automatic - New Beginning
Automatic New Beginning N
Excess Stones Throw Records 2022
7:51 PM
Solomon Fesshaye - Save Our Place
Solomon Fesshaye Save Our Place Solomon Fesshaye
Star City / Save Our Place - Single V/A Ghostly International 2022
7:56 PM
Bézier - Reservoir (feat. Len.Leo)
Bézier Reservoir (feat. Len.Leo) N
Valencia - EP Dark Entries Records 2022
Chat is archived.
Lizbot (host) 5:00:28 PM
hello! hello!
Brian D 5:02:00 PM
Lizbot (host) 5:03:05 PM
How's things, Brian?!
Brian D 5:03:22 PM
Post-Pop Pre-Glitch Anti-Trap Neo-Vape
Lizbot (host) 5:03:23 PM
It's TOO cold in my house right now. Why am I this cold in April??
Brian D 5:03:50 PM
Got any of that on the ol turntable? Doin great you?
Brian D 5:04:07 PM
think warm
Zapshifter X 5:05:36 PM
Sometimes it snows in April
Lizbot (host) 5:06:33 PM
Hi Zapshifter X! Yeah, but it shouldn't! Mainly because my heater is on the on the fritz
Zapshifter X 5:06:41 PM
There's a song about it and everything.
Zapshifter X 5:08:49 PM
I think they have a safety device that won't let them work on certain surfaces take it off the fritz and placing it on the floor.
Roffle... 5:09:03 PM
Keeping ones wife's feet warm is implied by the marriage vow.
Lizbot (host) 5:09:04 PM
or as Sun Ra asks in Nuclear War, "what would you do without your ass" (in reference to "free your ass and your mind will follow")
Lizbot (host) 5:09:19 PM
@Brian D - I have a 7" of this Scientific Americans song and an old tape of it that my father-in-law's best friend made in the 80s and gave to my husband when he was younger. Jim Whittemore from this group saw that I was playing his stuff a while back and emailed me, which was nice!
Lizbot (host) 5:09:23 PM
Hi Roffle!
Roffle... 5:09:58 PM
Hiya Liz!
Lizbot (host) 5:10:29 PM
@Roffle - I siphon heat from my husband, my dog, etc., but not possible during the show!
Roffle... 5:11:40 PM
@Lis - Where are those goofy Japanese contraptions when ya need them?
Zapshifter X 5:12:01 PM
@Lizbot HA! My wife siphons heat from me all the time!
Lizbot (host) 5:12:21 PM
@Zapshifter - I reject April snow. I draw the line at late March. I also reject October snow. There was a year when my kid was a toddler where it snowed on Halloween and it was a wet heavy snow that look down a limb of my favorite tree and put a damper on the kids' trick-or-treating
Lizbot (host) 5:12:46 PM
@Roffle - I need a heated blanket wrapped around me right now
Lizbot (host) 5:13:08 PM
I took a very hot shower right before this show so bring my body temp up
Roffle... 5:13:47 PM
@Liz - Looking outside, I totally get that.
Lizbot (host) 5:15:53 PM
@Zapshifter X - Yeah, I am glad my husband seems to radiant an abundance of heat
Roffle... 5:16:10 PM
I have a major comforter blanket, so I tend to stay in bed on cold days. :)
Roffle... 5:16:57 PM
My Girlfriend went back to China. So it goes...
Lizbot (host) 5:17:55 PM
@Roffle - I love my comforter, but it's the kind that needs a cover all the filling always migrates to the foot of the bed. argh
Roffle... 5:19:47 PM
@Lizbot - Sounds like every pillow I have ever owned!
Christine 🦉 5:21:19 PM
Tip top! ✨
Zapshifter X 5:21:29 PM
Some pretty useful tips herein.
Lizbot (host) 5:22:24 PM
Hello Christine!
Brian D 5:22:31 PM
The mighty Sparks!
Zapshifter X 5:22:35 PM
Is herein a word or what it seems my phone really doesn't want me to type it?
Christine 🦉 5:22:58 PM
This Anna Meredith is very cool. Greetings, Lizbot 🤖 and all!
Lizbot (host) 5:23:32 PM
@Zapshifter - My phone doesn't want me to use words that are a lot more common than that, and I'm not just speaking of curses! Phones are picky!
Roffle... 5:23:38 PM
Bumps Per Minute? Funny.
Christine 🦉 5:23:40 PM
Herein is definitely a word! You're good. @Zapshifter
Lizbot (host) 5:24:03 PM
@Christine - Anna Meredith has been a great discovery. I am digging all her work.
Zapshifter X 5:24:18 PM
Thanks Christine .
Lizbot (host) 5:24:45 PM
herein is definitely a word! I sometimes wonder about auto-correct
Christine 🦉 5:24:46 PM
Griffin Jones 5:25:26 PM
God this is my fav from civ ii. Manor
Griffin Jones 5:25:36 PM
Major banger alert
Ossy Hyouka 5:25:37 PM
So kawaii 🌸💟💖
Roffle... 5:26:19 PM
Japanese all day long!
Lizbot (host) 5:26:25 PM
I mainly like this song because it reminds me of playing Katamari Damacy
Lizbot (host) 5:26:28 PM
Hi Ossy!
Lizbot (host) 5:26:51 PM
@Ossy - It's true! I feel like I"m shopping in a San-X/Sanrio shop when I hear this
Ossy Hyouka 5:26:55 PM
Like that Sgt frog, Kero!
Ossy Hyouka 5:27:01 PM
Hey Liz!
Lizbot (host) 5:27:08 PM
Hi Griffin!
Christine 🦉 5:27:38 PM
Thank you for sharing all of your discoveries with us, Lizbot! 💎 So many gems! I was listening to Exuma and the Mustangs and some others for a few days after your Bahamian show.
Lizbot (host) 5:27:41 PM
@Griffin - yeah, that song is infectious!
Griffin Jones 5:30:06 PM
The first drop hits unexpectedly hard, the instrumentals are so good
Zapshifter X 5:30:27 PM
Definitely more than a few bands I've never heard of until Lizbot's enlightenment.
Lizbot (host) 5:31:15 PM
@Griffin - YES! So good!
Lizbot (host) 5:31:50 PM
@Christine - Glad you enjoyed it! I enjoyed re-experiencing my trip while putting last week's show together!
Brian D 5:36:25 PM
Budgie yes
Christine 🦉 5:37:04 PM
Love Russel & Ron' cheekiness. They're INSTUPETOUSSSS
Lizbot (host) 5:39:30 PM
@Brian D - haha, I had a feeling you'd like my budgie mention!
Lizbot (host) 5:40:19 PM
@Christine - Ron is the cheekiest! Well, they both are, but I always lose it when Ron breaks out his Charleston-style dance during "Who Don't Like Kids" in live shows!
Christine 🦉 5:40:42 PM
I'm waiting for this to turn into the Bristol Stomp!
Lizbot (host) 5:42:47 PM
@Christine - Speaking of which, I have so many photos from that 21 Nights sparks-a-thon, but I saw one in particular last night that I had forgotten about that is absolutely bonkers. I'll have to post it on social media soon. I had a crappy camera and there was no filter or anything, but someone clapped in from of my camera while I was talking a photo of Ron doing that dance and it looked insance
Lizbot (host) 5:42:59 PM
Lizbot (host) 5:45:45 PM
my typo was intentional, I swear! "Insance," an instance of something insane
Zapshifter X 5:51:22 PM
How long you suppose it took to write this song?
Christine 🦉 5:51:31 PM
@Lizbot, can't wait to see it!
Lizbot (host) 5:52:44 PM
@Zapshifter - ha. He probably deliberated about adding more lyrics for months!
Lizbot (host) 5:53:00 PM
@Christine - Yeah, I think I'll post it tomorrow morning
Lizbot (host) 5:53:59 PM
@Christina - I'm curious what my friend is gonna do with those photos. She's a museum curator. Maybe she'll revive that exhibit due to all the renewed and newfound interest in Sparks!
Addie Plum 🐍 5:55:43 PM
Ahoy y’all!
Christine 🦉 5:55:55 PM
The world NEEDS a Sparks exhibit!
Christine 🦉 5:56:08 PM
Hi Addie!
TAndy 5:56:10 PM
Hey Addie, Lizbot, Christine, Zapshifter, etc...
TAndy 5:57:05 PM
I seem to have woken up far too early this evening. It's really nice seeing Sirr TMO on the playlist again 😁
Christine 🦉 5:57:50 PM
Lizbot and Readie TOGETHER AGAIN!!!
Lizbot (host) 5:57:57 PM
Hi TAndy!
Lizbot (host) 5:58:22 PM
Hi Addie! Guess what? I have queued up a Vermont band, coming up in this next set
Lizbot (host) 5:58:32 PM
@Christine - YESSSSS! It will be EPIC
Lizbot (host) 5:59:03 PM
@TAndy - That Sirr TMO song puts me in a pleasant trance
Addie Plum 🐍 6:01:55 PM
@lizbot oooo! I don’t actually know any Vermont bands. Looking forward to it.
Lizbot (host) 6:02:29 PM
@Addie - It's the same Burlington band that made song about hating the church street marketplace that I played on my Vermont show last summer, but I'm gonna play a different song by them
Addie Plum 🐍 6:02:31 PM
Hey Christine and TAndy!
Addie Plum 🐍 6:02:56 PM
Oh perfect, forgot about them!!
Lizbot (host) 6:05:07 PM
Vermont song coming up after Juana Molina
Lizbot (host) 6:07:02 PM
@Addie - They're called The Smittens (which seems a very cozy name)
Addie Plum 🐍 6:07:41 PM
That’s adorable. Gonna add them to my never ending favorites list in Spotify.
Ossy Hyouka 6:08:23 PM
That what I call a song for sunset meadows, like with Corrine Bailey Rae songs
Lizbot (host) 6:09:07 PM
@Addie - Yeah, I haven't heard a ton by them yet, but so far what I've heard I've liked!
Lizbot (host) 6:09:52 PM
@Ossy - apt description!
Lizbot (host) 6:10:47 PM
@Addie - Apparently the "Dana Kaplan" mentioned in this song is in the band, which figures
Lizbot (host) 6:11:03 PM
@Addie - seems like this is the "we're touring" song
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 6:11:48 PM
I am smitten with "Capucine"
Christine 🦉 6:11:52 PM
Hi TAndy, Ossy, Brian, Griffin, Roffle & (belatedly) Zapshifter X!
Lizbot (host) 6:12:52 PM
Hi Rob! Glad you like it!
Lizbot (host) 6:13:06 PM
@Rob - thanks for identifying Bahamas birds!
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 6:13:15 PM
Hi Lizbot, Christine, Addie, Ossy, and everyone
Lizbot (host) 6:13:27 PM
@Rob - I played the Attenborough station ID earlier in tonight's program in their honor
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 6:13:57 PM
@Lizbot, my pleasure! Feel free to shoot me any and all bird identification questions
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 6:14:17 PM
@Lizbot, shoot, I wasn't tuned in yet
Christine 🦉 6:16:41 PM
Hi Rob🌻!
Ossy Hyouka 6:17:36 PM
Hey Rob and Christine!
Brian D 6:17:58 PM
We were in Burl, VT same time as you. Went to Church St & it was there I tried to throw out some trash into a ... you guessed it, a trash can. Well I did not notice at the time but I got in the way of some reaching arms and my trash may have bounced off them. The young people without houses but plenty of wherewithal to "own" puppies and sleep on the street were reaching into the trashcan trying to scrounge food.
Lizbot (host) 6:19:18 PM
@Rob - oh well, you know I'll play it again in not too many shows from now - I love that ID!
Addie Plum 🐍 6:19:19 PM
Church street is pretty much the worst. Only thing I like down there is Muddy Waters coffee shop, and I’m not even sure if that’s open again after covid.
Lizbot (host) 6:19:50 PM
@Rob - And that bird ID with call samples site you sent is super handy!
Brian D 6:21:05 PM
I did not mean to get in their way though. I went into an outdoor/camp etc store to buy some stuff for the trip and they were really strict about anyone using the bathroom. Could not take purses, bags etc. We thought well that makes sense for security. But it more than likely was not so much for prevention of theft but rather prevention of ODs
Ossy Hyouka 6:22:04 PM
Sounds like Yoshiko Sai singing in english or Mia Doi Todd
Brian D 6:22:12 PM
We went to a great Nepalese joint on the northern end of town. Fresh momos. So good. They said hey, it's going to be a while. All good! Fresh made food!
Lizbot (host) 6:22:16 PM
@Addie - oh my god, yes. I loved Burlington with the GLARING exception of Church Street Marketplace! I loathe those kinds of places. At least there was a man walking around with a super-friendly blue & gold macaw on his shoulder! and some okay buskers
Lizbot (host) 6:23:52 PM
@Addie - And there are so many good thrift stores in the area - hattie cleaned up! - I don't understand the ppl who like places like Church Street...other than one independent bookstore I enjoyed there where the employees were having an enthusiastic conversation about Shirley Jackson short stories!
Brian D 6:23:57 PM
And we swam in the lake in that park by the one brewery. That was nice. Changing rooms for everyone. Just pay to park. The earth clock was there! Fun
Brian D 6:25:26 PM
I tried a new VT beer the other day. Fiddlehead. not bad. Local distributor is really good for having VT represented in PA.
Lizbot (host) 6:25:33 PM
@Brian D - I think I talked to those same crust-punks w/ the dog!
Lizbot (host) 6:26:29 PM
@Brian D - Man, I wish I'd known about the Nepalese place! Hopefully we'll get there next time. I remember you having a VT trip around the same time
Lizbot (host) 6:27:10 PM
@Brian D - Didn't see the earth clock, but we swam in Champlain up in Colchester on a warm day
Brian D 6:27:50 PM
Yep same week or overlap at least! My fave spot was a "secret" swimming hole down the Mad River. wow
Brian D 6:29:12 PM
Did a bookend of the whole trip in Woodstock, NY. Found a great airbnb right outside of town.
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 6:29:55 PM
@Lizbot, I'm looking forward to hearing it!
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 6:30:37 PM
@Lizbot, I'm glad you like xeno-canto
Addie Plum 🐍 6:30:54 PM
@Brian fiddlehead is like the yuengling of Vermont I feel
Addie Plum 🐍 6:31:55 PM
There are soooo many amazing swimming holes here @brian! I’ve got a good one for you if you’re ever back up this way!
Brian D 6:32:21 PM
Ya... I am going back to Lawsons ,Zero Gravity, Frost etc next time. It was not the best
Addie Plum 🐍 6:32:28 PM
@lizbot I have the worst luck thrifting here!!
Addie Plum 🐍 6:33:14 PM
I actually had Pethie do a proxy thrift for me at Village.
Brian D 6:33:39 PM
The Nepalese joint is Gurung on 1130 North Ave.
Lizbot (host) 6:33:52 PM
@Rob - yeah, xeno-canto is good stuff! I listened to all the field recordings of that type of cuckoo!
Lizbot (host) 6:34:12 PM
@Brian D - Thx, Brain! Gotta add that to my files for next time!
Addie Plum 🐍 6:34:39 PM
Will check Gurung out some time! We have a big Nepali community here. It’s the one good good thing we’ve got going on.
Addie Plum 🐍 6:34:56 PM
Good *food* thing
TAndy 6:35:03 PM
I love that you played a song from night in the woods 💙
Ossy Hyouka 6:36:07 PM
It kinda sounds like something in the Donkey Kong franchise, preferably in DK64 and SNES country series!
Lizbot (host) 6:37:05 PM
@Brian D - We ate at Zero Gravity twice during our time in Burlington and Colchester! I wanted that sweet sweet outdoor seating and they have an abundance of it. Now you're making me hungry. I have a tofu banh mi waiting for me downstairs for when the show is over
Brian D 6:37:06 PM
It looks like a place where the local Nepali crown would hang. Not all done up fancy. Pool tables & fun games in one room. Small bar & tables in other. Colorful place! Really nice server. Looked like a great family run joint.
Lizbot (host) 6:37:40 PM
@Ossy - huh, yeah, it's kinda video gamey. Gotta check those soundtracks out specifically because I like Bebey!
Lizbot (host) 6:39:24 PM
@TAndy - Night in the Woods is so great, isn't it?! Such great integrated storytelling, some poignant and somewhat creepy moments, and such cool mini-games, plus those great Guitar Hero-esque play-along songs! I loved the dream sequences. Just a perfect game.
Brian D 6:39:25 PM
I was just thinking about the VT trip the other day. In chat was reminded of Red Hen bakery where we got great breakfast sammiches and a bottle of some fermented hot sauce. That was near the hotel near Waterbury
Lizbot (host) 6:40:01 PM
@Addie - huh, I didn't realize there was a big Nepali presence in Burlington, but then I've only been there a few times
Christine 🦉 6:40:22 PM
Tofu banh mi? Now you're making me hungry @Lizbot!
TAndy 6:41:15 PM
@Lizbot the old DK series had some of the best music. I especially love the original three games simply for the technical marvel at how the music in those games was pulled off. I also was HORRIBLE at the rhythm minigames in Woods 😥 I could never shake off being used to PlayStation control schemes)symbols for rhythm stuff.
Christine 🦉 6:41:22 PM
This current track may summon Dave the Obscure...
Lizbot (host) 6:41:58 PM
@Addie & Brian D - We went to August First for breakfast a couple times for that delicious egg breakfast sandwich, but also - outdoor seating/open front
TAndy 6:42:08 PM
The chatbox autoscrolled when I was reading and it mashed yours and Brian's messages. I read "and such cool fermented hot sauce". I absolutely need to find a good proprietor of fermented hot sauce!
Lizbot (host) 6:42:23 PM
@Christina - You're right! Send the DTO signal!
TAndy 6:44:02 PM
Lizbot (host) 6:44:55 PM
@TAndy - I LOVED the rhythm minigames, but I was not that good at them! I really truly sucked at that "grab the pretzel" game! I could never get the hang of that! I loved assembling the robot
Lizbot (host) 6:46:35 PM
@TAndy & @Brian D - "such cool fermented hot sauce" is a band name waiting to be realized
Lizbot (host) 6:47:44 PM
And wouldn't you know, I immediately accidentally pasted that phrase into the "artist" field for the next track I'm entering in Spiniton! Ha! that band ALMOST came to be tonight!
TAndy 6:49:17 PM
STO CRUST PIZZA. Call get bite. For just Pizza for just Pizza for you'll love flavor just $9.99.
Richard from Rocky Hill 6:52:07 PM
@ Lizbot (host) "How Do You Know?" 'Cause Liz Bot tell me so! Another quadplus good installment of DoublePlus Good, thank you!
Lizbot (host) 6:52:07 PM
TAndy - Crustpunk Pizza - Delivered cold by a doggo
Lizbot (host) 6:52:19 PM
Hi Richard! Thanks!!
Christine 🦉 6:52:47 PM
Wake up and Whomp That Sucker! 💫
Lizbot (host) 6:53:37 PM
@Christine- Words to live by! imagine that mash-up!
Addie Plum 🐍 6:55:16 PM
@lizbot sorry, late response but yeah, I have to use a Nepali translator on a regular basis at work.
Lizbot (host) 7:05:00 PM
this icicle works reminds me of a less-funky orange juice. I guess cuz Ian McNabb sorta sounds a bit like Edwyn Collins
Lizbot (host) 7:05:18 PM
@Addie - No problem!
Addie Plum 🐍 7:06:15 PM
It’s kinda fun! I love using the translator services. I also get a lot of ASL speakers.
Lizbot (host) 7:07:10 PM
@Addie / @Brian D - I'm gonna play another song from that Vermont/New England roadtrip show in honor of our stop in Hudson, NY and nearby Kaaterskill Falls where the music video to the song I'm about to play next was shot
Addie Plum 🐍 7:11:16 PM
This song makes me happy.
Lizbot (host) 7:14:49 PM
@Addie - Glad you dug it! makes me happy too! Watch the video some time - just them and the waterfall, so pure and joyous!
Ossy Hyouka 7:14:56 PM
Lizbot (host) 7:17:48 PM
hmmm. something extremely loud just happened outside my house...like thunder but louder
Lizbot (host) 7:18:50 PM
okay, now I just saw a big lightning flash. I hope a tree/limb didn't come down. Our neighbor has a lot of dead trees that keep dropping medium limbs and they're super-close to our house!
Lizbot (host) 7:19:50 PM
I hope I don't lose power!
Lizbot (host) 7:20:13 PM
Having memories of the storm that took out huge tree and our power lines during my show last summer!
Addie Plum 🐍 7:20:25 PM
Oh no! Hopefully wasn’t a transformer exploding??
Lizbot (host) 7:20:58 PM
@Addie - god, I hope not! wow, this lightning is CONSTANT
Lizbot (host) 7:21:09 PM
mere seconds between the thunder
Addie Plum 🐍 7:24:35 PM
Fingers crossed for your power!
Lizbot (host) 7:25:06 PM
still constant lightning!
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 7:25:08 PM
This Snakefinger song was on a tape I made of the long-defunct Overnight Express show from WAMU in DC. I put a cassette in, turned the volume down, and went to sleep.
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 7:25:18 PM
It was like 2 or 3 am
Lizbot (host) 7:27:08 PM
@Rob - nice! I love my old cassette mixes. used to fall asleep to quite a few and bring em on road-trips to keep me awake!
jimbeaux 7:27:09 PM
Yeooo Bot! Just in time for 🐍👆
Lizbot (host) 7:27:37 PM
Hellooo JimBeaux!
Lizbot (host) 7:27:52 PM
@jimbeaux - the snake waits for you
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 7:28:22 PM
@Lizbot, yup! It was always a surprise when I played them. Sadly, all my cassettes were in damp basements for too many years and the few I played tended to break, so I tossed them all :-((
Lizbot (host) 7:28:30 PM
@jimbeaux - I love his music so much, I always think about how much other cool stuff he probably would've made had he lived longer
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 7:28:37 PM
*played in recent years
jimbeaux 7:30:18 PM
Agreee, lizbot!
Lizbot (host) 7:30:25 PM
@Rob - so many of my tapes eroded, plus were stored badly by me! yeah, mine lived in Philly basements decades
Andy Wing 7:35:16 PM
Just tuning in, flood warnings here in KOP, headed you way probably.
Lizbot (host) 7:36:42 PM
Hi Andy! Yeah, it's kinda scary right now. I haven't heard this much thunder and seen such close and frequent lightning in a long time. didn't know about the flood warnings but it figures. My car has a leaky roof right now, so that's not great !
Andy Wing 7:37:05 PM
Scanning the chat, Kaaterskill! What video?
Lizbot (host) 7:38:09 PM
I am accessing my roof situation! I had my roof repaired recently because the kitchen ceiling kept leaking. I hope it holds up! There is another spot in the upstairs hall that leaked last big storm even after the roof repair. those roofers need to come back here!
Lizbot (host) 7:38:19 PM
@Andy - Alive and Kicking by Simple Minds
Andy Wing 7:39:26 PM
There's a wonderful farmers market on NY 32 on the way back from the falls. Big shelves full of homemade pasta sauce, homemade crumb cake and tasty smoked cheddar.
Lizbot (host) 7:43:50 PM
@Andy - ooooh, that sounds SO good! I wish I'd known when I was there last August! Gotta hit that up next time! crumb cake....yum!
Lizbot (host) 7:44:07 PM
@Andy - you're making me hungry for dinner!
Addie Plum 🐍 7:44:28 PM
Homemade crumb cake! Droooool
Lizbot (host) 7:45:07 PM
@Addie - there's a crumb cake I love in Long Beach Island and I dream of it! Summer is sooooooon (sorta)
Andy Wing 7:45:32 PM
Vinnie's Farm Market - Farmers' market 3669 NY-32 Saugerties, NY 12477
TAndy 7:47:09 PM
I had no idea it was storming out!
Andy Wing 7:47:59 PM
Been there twice. I hope they survived COVID.
Lizbot (host) 7:48:44 PM
I realized I wanted to fit 3 other songs and he just enough time if I cut Wendy short! Sorry, Wendy!
Christine 🦉 7:49:19 PM
This new Automatic album keeps grabbing my ear!
Lizbot (host) 7:49:57 PM
@Andy - I love Saugerties! Attended a wedding on a farm there about a dozen years ago and I've been back a few times in recent years. I hope the vintage shops and used bookstores there survived
Lizbot (host) 7:50:11 PM
@Christine - I know! It's so good!
jimbeaux 7:50:27 PM
Instant hit💥💥
Lizbot (host) 7:50:35 PM
@TAndy - has the storm not reached you yet? It's so loud here!
Lizbot (host) 7:50:47 PM
@jimbeaux - for real!
Ossy Hyouka 7:50:56 PM
Christine 🦉 7:51:12 PM
Thanks for playing it, plus all the myriad gems since 5:00! ✨
Lizbot (host) 7:52:01 PM
@Christine - My pleasure!
Lizbot (host) 7:52:14 PM
@Christine - Thanks for joining me!
TAndy 7:52:25 PM
I love how much airtime this track has
Christine 🦉 7:52:49 PM
Love this distortion...
Lizbot (host) 7:54:20 PM
TAndy / Christine - Yeah, this track is somehow both calming me and also serving as a fitting soundtrack to the lightning show going on outside my window.
Christine 🦉 7:54:48 PM
Dream-like 💯
Christine 🦉 7:55:24 PM
@Lizbot I hope all your trees remain intact!
TAndy 7:56:00 PM
Thanks for the show Lizbot 💙
Addie Plum 🐍 7:56:04 PM
This one’s ticking all my boxes.
Lizbot (host) 7:56:17 PM
@Christine - Let's hope so! I mean, it's mostly my neighbors very dead trees I'm worried about! One already came down on her shed recently!
Lizbot (host) 7:56:25 PM
@Addie - Glad you like it!
Addie Plum 🐍 7:57:36 PM
G’night folks! Good to see you all!
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 7:57:59 PM
A great show, Lizbot!
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 7:58:14 PM
and stay safe and dry!
Richard from Rocky Hill 7:59:05 PM
@ Lizbot (host) The thunder is now rolling into the greater Princeton area ... :-0
Brian D 8:00:03 PM
Good night all be safe! Great show LizBot!
TAndy 8:00:28 PM
I heard that Bezier! Love that release
Lizbot (host) 8:00:57 PM
Thanks for hanging TAndy, Richard, Ossy, Rob, Addie, Brian, jimbeaux, Christine, Andy Wing, Zapshifter and anyone I may be forgetting! STAY SAFE OUT THERE!
Lizbot (host) 8:01:19 PM
AND Griffin! And Roffle!