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The World's Fare

Mar 22, 2022 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM

With Pangaeo

Did you swallow the worm moon?

The World's Fare
7:01 AM
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra - Gabon La Concorde: (The Concord), "Dazzling and proud…" [arr. P. Breiner]
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra Gabon La Concorde: (The Concord), "Dazzling and proud…" [arr. P. Breiner]
The Complete National Anthems of the World (2013 Edition), Vol. 4 Marco-Polo 2013
7:03 AM
Samuel Maingaud - Sukhumvit 10
Samuel Maingaud Sukhumvit 10 N
Odayin L'AERONOTE 2022
7:08 AM
Babatunde Olatunji - Mystery of Love
Babatunde Olatunji Mystery of Love
Healing Session Narada World 2003
7:14 AM
Divanhana - Pena
Divanhana Pena N
Zavrzlama CPL-Music 2022
7:19 AM
Set Break: welcome to the feast----------------------------------------------------
7:26 AM
Mista Savona & Havana Meets Kingston - The Human Chain (feat. Clinton Fearon)
Mista Savona & Havana Meets Kingston The Human Chain (feat. Clinton Fearon) N
The Human Chain - single Cumbancha 2022
7:30 AM
Heart of the Dragon Ensemble - Ga Guang Dance
Heart of the Dragon Ensemble Ga Guang Dance N
The Art of the Chinese Xiao & Hulusi Naxos World Music 2022
7:34 AM
La Roche - Lauka
La Roche Lauka N
Liye Liye Nyege Nyege Tapes 2022
7:37 AM
Pelkkä Poutanen - Paimenen sydän ja Mao Tse-tungin ajatukset ovat yhtä
Pelkkä Poutanen Paimenen sydän ja Mao Tse-tungin ajatukset ovat yhtä N
Pyhä veri vuotaa Eclipse Music / Supersounds Music Oy 2022
7:43 AM
El Molino - Moliendo parches
El Molino Moliendo parches N
Viento Sur V/A Vampisoul 2022
7:48 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:53 AM
MAMAZU - Tombi
Earthly Tapes 3 V/A Earthly Measures 2022
8:00 AM
Black Fenda - Don't Lose Your Way
Black Fenda Don't Lose Your Way N
Don't Lose Your Way - Single East African Records 2022
8:04 AM
Anne Pacéo - Mirages
Anne Pacéo Mirages N
S.H.A.M.A.N.E.S Jusqu'à la nuit/Giant Steps 2022
8:08 AM
Making Movies - Calor
Making Movies Calor N
Calor - Single Cosmica Artists 2022
8:12 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:18 AM
Dobranotch - Doina
Dobranotch Doina N
Zay Freylekh! CPL-Music 2022
8:21 AM
Tom Diakité - Fala (African Version)
Tom Diakité Fala (African Version)
Putumayo Presents Mali V/A Putumayo 2010
8:27 AM
Litku Klemetti - Poikien kyyneleet
Litku Klemetti Poikien kyyneleet N
Kukkia muovipussissa Luova Records 2021
8:31 AM
Fito Páez - Es Sólo una Cuestión de Actitud
Fito Páez Es Sólo una Cuestión de Actitud
Abre Paez WM Argentina 1999
8:36 AM
Rocqawali - Dhamaal
Rocqawali Dhamaal
Sufi Spirit World Music Network 2017
8:41 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:46 AM
Kutu - Dantada
Kutu Dantada N
Dantada - Single Giant Steps 2022
8:50 AM
Neiti Olga - Pieni
Neiti Olga Pieni
Minä, aina Luova Records 2020
8:53 AM
Mamak Khadem - Across the Oceans (feat. Chris Martin)
Mamak Khadem Across the Oceans (feat. Chris Martin) N
Remembrance Six Degrees Records, LLC 2022
Chat is archived.
Pangaeo (host) 6:58:33 AM
Good morning all and welcome the start of the spring portion of WPRB's spring schedule. Lots of fresh flavors for today's World's Fare breakfast buffet ...
VT-ALL 7:02:48 AM
Pangaeo (host) 7:03:36 AM
Good morning VT-ALL. what are you doing up so early?
VT-ALL 7:03:50 AM
Headin to hs
Pangaeo (host) 7:04:25 AM
Ah yes. Learn something today.
VT-ALL 7:04:44 AM
Most certainly
Jay Sylvester 7:06:23 AM
Good morning fellow Slovaks. Dobre dim!
Pangaeo (host) 7:08:00 AM
dobré ráno Jay
VT-ALL 7:14:44 AM
Alright, I have to go. See you later!
VT-ALL 7:14:54 AM
I'll still be tuned in tho
Pangaeo (host) 7:15:01 AM
thanks for tuning in VT-ALL.
Brian D 7:20:51 AM
Summon ye
VT-ALL 7:24:14 AM
Yeah, Robo head was great
VT-ALL 7:24:28 AM
Anyway, see ya
Pangaeo (host) 7:26:59 AM
Farewell VT-ALL, we hardly knew thee ... Morning Brian D.
Brian D 7:28:04 AM
Gabbin with Gabon
Christine 🦉 7:34:54 AM
Morning, Pangaeo, Brian, Jay & all 🌕
Pangaeo (host) 7:35:39 AM
!!! Christine 🦉. I nearly didn't recognize you. Are you using a new font?
Christine 🦉 7:37:26 AM
I just updated my Google image. Check out all this new music on the breakfast buffet!
Pangaeo (host) 7:39:32 AM
Made in the shades
Christine 🦉 7:46:58 AM
This percussion 🔥
Christine 🦉 7:48:33 AM
Go easy on the brandy; it's not even 8 am.
Brian D 7:50:03 AM
Joe King Carrasco! Way back .MTV early days
Pangaeo (host) 7:55:34 AM
Oops, Christine 🦉, forgive my brandy whine. It was a sip of the tongue.
Pangaeo (host) 7:56:05 AM
Brian D. Yes! I forgot all about that!
Brian D 7:59:56 AM
"Buena". "Party Weekend" were the hits/videos I remember. Had not heard him in years. Then saw Buena pop up on the Stiff records box last decade. Good time that one all the way through
Brian D 8:01:10 AM
So many bands/ artists on that especially in that early MTV vein
Pangaeo (host) 8:01:43 AM
Encyclopedia Briantanica!
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 8:02:30 AM
Pangaeo (host) 8:04:52 AM
Morning Chef! PAN!Gaeo
Brian D 8:05:33 AM
I seem to remember Joe King C in the same era as Blotto. They of I Want to be a Lifeguard, and (You Can't Fire Me) I Quit. But Joe KC was not all novelty like them. Just both fun stuff. I bet that other DJ that comes on after you remembers them too
Pangaeo (host) 8:06:56 AM
Kinda of in the Kid Creole and the Coconuts vein?
Brian D 8:09:37 AM
Yeah totally KC&tC! Someone turned me onto the novelty band Big Daddy a few years ago. Rhio rec band. 30 years late. That was a fun dive. The concept was aliens landed and only knew of 50s early 60s style rock and roll. But they covered the hits of the day (80s) in that style. Crazy. Jump. I Want to Know What Love Is were funny
Brian D 8:09:54 AM
Joe 8:21:33 AM
My Lithunian grandmother would have loved this track .. and she would have had choice words for President Putrid and his "supporters"
Pangaeo (host) 8:23:42 AM
Hi Joe. Thanks for the boost. I remember the days when your Lithuanian grandmother used to tune in to the show. She liked the dance songs.
Christine 🦉 8:25:13 AM
🎶 Speaking of Mali 🇲🇱, could you play Fatoumata Diawara on an upcoming World's Fare @Pangaeo? I got to see her & her band earlier this month, and it was an incredible experience.
Pangaeo (host) 8:26:47 AM
Definitely Christine 🦉. Incredible singer and guitartist! (and actor, too, I hear). Must have been a great show
Pangaeo (host) 8:27:40 AM
Litku Klemetti - this one sounds as if it could have on the early days of MTV.
Christine 🦉 8:31:03 AM
I had never seen Fatoumata before; she doesn't come to the US a lot. She played a quick four shows (Ohio, NYC, Philly & DC) and now they're back in Europe. It was energetic and transcendent! To say she connects with the audience is an understatement. Half the audience were invited onstage before the end of the show. Lotta love in the room. 💘
Joe 8:33:02 AM
Pangeato .. you were always Bessie's favorite DJ .. even back in Russia !!
Pangaeo (host) 8:37:12 AM
Joe, she always inspired me. She always used to tel me ... well, it was in Russian, so I didn't understand it, but she always said something.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 8:38:24 AM
Dama Dum Must Qalandar - a qawwali classic.
Pangaeo (host) 8:39:24 AM
Morning Dave. Classic roq radio
Brian D 8:42:07 AM
That was fun!
Brian D 8:43:30 AM
Was that in Klingon?
Christine 🦉 8:45:09 AM
Tom Diakité 💚, btw
Christine 🦉 8:49:11 AM
This KUTU single is 🔥
Pangaeo (host) 8:49:45 AM
I'm doing a
Pangaeo (host) 8:50:04 AM
Jon Solomon dance as It plays
Christine 🦉 8:52:09 AM
I am unfamiliar with the Jon Solomon dance. I imagine it has a certain amount of leaping about.
Li Maria 8:52:54 AM
Is the dance to summon or emulate him?
Li Maria 8:53:11 AM
Hello Pangaeo and everyone!
Pangaeo (host) 8:53:17 AM
I've only heard it, but it's full of leaps.
Pangaeo (host) 8:53:49 AM
Hello Li Maria. Both summon and emulate, I'd say
Christine 🦉 8:53:59 AM
Hey, Li Maria!
Pangaeo (host) 8:56:32 AM
That's about it for this week, my friends. Stay tuned for the next show, if you must, but make sure to be tuned in at 10 a.m. for Keepin' it Cued with Bernie King ... bit of a head-scratching recitation coming up on this track playing now.
Christine 🦉 8:57:02 AM
Thank you for the fresh & jumping-off-the-table selections on the breakfast buffet today, Pangaeo. 🙏
Pangaeo (host) 8:57:48 AM
thank you Christine 🦉. Always a joy having you aboard the groaning board.
Brian D 8:58:02 AM
nice gentle end here. Beautiful
Pangaeo (host) 8:59:02 AM
Thanks Brian D, for your always advancing contributions.
Joe 8:59:53 AM
"You are the wineglass" Bessie always said that to you Pangeato .. in Russian of course
Christine 🦉 9:00:24 AM
Remember to take it easy with the brandy in your coffee; it makes pronunciation easier. Especially if some of it's in Klingon.
Brian D 9:00:44 AM
Hee hee
Pangaeo (host) 9:00:48 AM
I kling on you all
Brian D 9:01:13 AM
How many sides on a klingogon