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Mar 5, 2022 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM

With CJ

A show with more variety than Big Smoke's Cluckin' Bell order

S04E04 - Error Codes

Follow the Train
11:02 PM
Acid Mammoth - Them!
Acid Mammoth Them! Acid Mammoth
Under Acid Hoof Heavy Psych Sounds 2019
11:07 PM
Kadavar - Last Living Dinosaur
Kadavar Last Living Dinosaur Kadavar
Berlin Nuclear Blast 2015
11:11 PM
Stonefield - Through the Storm
Stonefield Through the Storm Stonefield
Far From Earth Flightless Records 2018
11:15 PM
Mars Red Sky - Up the Stairs
Mars Red Sky Up the Stairs Mars Red Sky
Mars Red Sky Vicious Circle 2013
11:22 PM
Set Break: CJ's Set Break
11:30 PM
Thee Oh Sees - I Got a Lot
Thee Oh Sees I Got a Lot Thee Oh Sees
Metamorphosed Castle Face 2020
11:49 PM
Trin Tran - Fashion Has Happened to Fashion
Trin Tran Fashion Has Happened to Fashion Trin Tran
Far Reaches - EP Castle Face 2014
11:51 PM
Wax Chattels - Parallel Lines
Wax Chattels Parallel Lines Wax Chattels
Wax Chattels Flying Nun Records 2018
11:57 PM
Trin Tran - Eyes the Size
Trin Tran Eyes the Size Trin Tran
Far Reaches - EP Castle Face 2014
12:00 AM
Set Break: CJ's Set Break (Halftime)
12:04 AM
Wax Chattels - NRG
Wax Chattels NRG Wax Chattels
Wax Chattels Flying Nun Records 2018
12:07 AM
Bye Bye Tsunami - J - Pop Love Banana Murder
Bye Bye Tsunami J - Pop Love Banana Murder Bye Bye Tsunami N
Bye Bye Tsunami - EP Nefarious Industries 2021
12:10 AM
Virtuaverse.Ost Blood Music 2020
12:13 AM
C:\>Edit Config.Sys - EP Data Airlines 2016
12:19 AM
Dope Stars Inc. - Take It
Dope Stars Inc. Take It Dope Stars Inc.
Terapunk Dope Stars Inc. 2015
12:23 AM
meganeko - The Cyber Grind
meganeko The Cyber Grind meganeko
The Cyber Grind - Single meganeko 2020
12:28 AM
Mega Drive - Wire Rot
Mega Drive Wire Rot Mega Drive
Neuroframe Mega Drive 2021
12:35 AM
Set Break: CJ's Set Break
12:35 AM
WWW - Virus Negro Digital
WWW Virus Negro Digital WWW N
Mundo Virtual - EP fichinesruidozafarla 2021
12:37 AM
303 [2021 Remaster] Twisterella 2021
12:39 AM
WWW - Placer Artificial
WWW Placer Artificial WWW N
Mundo Virtual - EP fichinesruidozafarla 2021
12:41 AM
HONDALADY - timecode (2021 Remaster)
HONDALADY timecode (2021 Remaster) HONDALADY
TVTB (2021 Remaster) Twisterella 2021
12:49 AM
pond - Lights of Leeming
pond Lights of Leeming Pond N
9 (Deluxe Edition) Spinning Top Records 2021
12:53 AM
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Catching Smoke (feat. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith) [Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Remix]
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Catching Smoke (feat. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith) [Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Remix] King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard N
Butterfly 3001 KGLW (King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard) 2022
12:55 AM
Mdou Moctar - Afrique Victime (Live)
Mdou Moctar Afrique Victime (Live) Mdou Moctar N
Afrique Victime (Deluxe Edition) Matador 2022
Chat is archived.
TAndy 11:01:26 PM
Hey hey hey!!
Commie Francis 11:01:50 PM
i'm glad i guessed right who was on next!
Commie Francis 11:02:10 PM
i forgot it's not always cj anymore
CJ (host) 11:02:55 PM
Hey y'all!
TAndy 11:03:12 PM
ready to kick some ass tonight
Ossy Hyouka 11:03:48 PM
Like that kick ass chill song on the setbreak all the time!
CJ (host) 11:04:30 PM
one of my favorites haha
TAndy 11:05:11 PM
How was the show last week?
Ambrose Hughes 11:05:25 PM
Howdy CJ!
CJ (host) 11:05:36 PM
Howdy Ambrose!
CJ (host) 11:05:48 PM
@Andy oh the Mdou Moctar show?
CJ (host) 11:05:54 PM
TAndy 11:06:26 PM
You guys see the Chef there?
TAndy 11:06:45 PM
He gave the venue his officially sanctioned BAM a few chats ago!
CJ (host) 11:07:02 PM
lmfao if only
TAndy 11:08:09 PM
need more concerts this year asap things are opening back up
CJ (host) 11:08:21 PM
would've been nice to have the chef there - probably would've made a better meal than what we grabbed at a bodega after the show
TAndy 11:09:12 PM
TAndy 11:09:40 PM
king gizz coming to the philly area in may but unfortunately it's the night before i fly out to cali 😔
CJ (host) 11:10:30 PM
I got the same problem 😔
TAndy 11:10:45 PM
they'll be back at e-factory in october iirc!
Colin 11:10:59 PM
my co-worker told me to check out acid mammoth yesterday! dj cj did the leg work.
CJ (host) 11:11:42 PM
CJ (host) 11:12:37 PM
@Andy yee, I can actually make that one thankfully
CJ (host) 11:12:55 PM
I can't believe I'm gonna miss them going on tour with Spellling though
TAndy 11:13:07 PM
I can't get AXS tickets since they think my work internet is a Robot, so I'll have to do it tomorrow!
Colin 11:13:45 PM
Along the theme of this set I saw uncle acid last thursday night.
TAndy 11:13:46 PM
Hopefully no repeat of last time I went out there to see FlyLo (95 shut down for construction, missed every opener)
CJ (host) 11:14:49 PM
@Colin nice! another group I gotta see live one of these days
CJ (host) 11:15:12 PM
@Andy ah man that sucks
CJ (host) 11:15:21 PM
gotta love construction work
TAndy 11:15:33 PM
12 days till Monolord though I'm freakin stoked
CJ (host) 11:15:37 PM
got enough construction out here by the studio to make a noise album
Colin 11:16:17 PM
king buffalo was the opener. it was a fun show for sure.
TAndy 11:16:30 PM
Not the metal band with the jackhammer for the drums 💀
CJ (host) 11:17:33 PM
@Colin I gotta add that to my list of king bands
CJ (host) 11:17:44 PM
maybe I'll try a full King show again
TAndy 11:18:35 PM
A kings and queens show anthology
Colin 11:18:51 PM
the king band list is getting to be pretty long. all these bands got some confidence to be walking around, i am king.
CJ (host) 11:19:18 PM
@Andy gotta end that one off with DJ's Shadow's Kings and & Queens
CJ (host) 11:20:11 PM
@Colin got a whole monarchy of music at this point
TAndy 11:21:33 PM
@CJ Make a special third "Joker" edition that's just edgy songs off youtube that have The Joker as the song picture lolol
CJ (host) 11:21:47 PM
CJ (host) 11:21:57 PM
Bro I gotta do that
CJ (host) 11:22:34 PM
actually would be pretty timely, just saw the new batman movie
TAndy 11:22:42 PM
NO SPOILS i gotta see it
TAndy 11:22:54 PM
The first DC movie I'm actually hyped for since the Nolan trilogy lol
TAndy 11:25:15 PM
The Joker show intro could be the George Costanza clip where he yells "Ya know we're living in a society!!"
Colin 11:25:59 PM
M3. Monarchy Music Month!
Colin 11:27:15 PM
that first set was great!
TAndy 11:27:56 PM
I believe you may be referring to Electronicore, though that has more in common with Metalcore specifically. Otherwise I think of stuff like Infected Mushroom, which an old forum user just called "Buttrock Goa" hhhhh
CJ (host) 11:28:08 PM
currently debating whether I should start monarchy music month next week or do that during the next WPRB drive
TAndy 11:28:58 PM
When is the next drive?
TAndy 11:29:15 PM
Kingsday in Holland is April 27 so that's also a valid timeframe
CJ (host) 11:29:26 PM
@Andy hmm, that seems like some of the tracks I'll play later tbh
CJ (host) 11:29:39 PM
thanks for the heads up on that haha
CJ (host) 11:30:21 PM
that reminds me, still haven't found an answer to your question from last week tbh
Ambrose Hughes 11:30:44 PM
@CJ, can't seem to update the playlist ATM ?
CJ (host) 11:30:51 PM
also yeah I don't think we've officially announced the drive times yet but it's probably around there
TAndy 11:31:06 PM
oh yeah i forgot about that
CJ (host) 11:31:40 PM
@Ambrose whoops, didn't click on the next track, should be updated now
CJ (host) 11:32:06 PM
won't be changing for a while though lol
Ambrose Hughes 11:32:13 PM
@CJ there we go, thanks! This song maf!
TAndy 11:32:45 PM
I do have some stuff to take care of at work so I'll be a bit less frequent in chat (for now) maybe
CJ (host) 11:36:34 PM
no problem lol, good luck!
TAndy 11:40:06 PM
turns out the equipment isn't as trashed as i'd thought, hell yeah
Ambrose Hughes 11:40:32 PM
CJ, have you caught Oh Sees live?
CJ (host) 11:41:52 PM
unfortunately haven't! looks like they'll be in the area this September though
Ambrose Hughes 11:42:36 PM
Oooh, that is great news!
CJ (host) 11:42:46 PM
might grab some tickets with some other DJs, really hoping that fits into my schedule!
Ambrose Hughes 11:44:49 PM
How would you classify this sound?
CJ (host) 11:47:34 PM
honestly have no clue
CJ (host) 11:47:50 PM
way too much going on in 22 minutes to describe it as one thing
TAndy 11:48:18 PM
now that's progressive
Ambrose Hughes 11:50:10 PM
JOHN Dwyer never ceases to amaze me
Ambrose Hughes 11:51:17 PM
Smooth segue dj
CJ (host) 11:53:02 PM
rip, saw your message and then that last transition happened lol
Roffle... 11:57:03 PM
I am fine now personally. My list of things to do. Better. I have no issues with just leaving a tad bit of volume for my neighbors.
Roffle... 11:57:38 PM
Good for them.
CJ (host) 11:58:30 PM
gotta let the whole neighborhood jam out haha
Ambrose Hughes 11:58:39 PM
@Roffle it's Saturday night ffs!
Roffle... 11:59:07 PM
I am into nice!
Ambrose Hughes 12:00:13 AM
Nice is for Xmas and new years
TAndy 12:01:12 AM
Roffle... 12:01:28 AM
I just want yo give back for my wake up in the morning!
Ambrose Hughes 12:01:33 AM
Trinity Tran on Castle face 👍
Colin 12:01:36 AM
hey, that last set was pretty dang fantastic!
Ambrose Hughes 12:01:51 AM
Roffle... 12:02:36 AM
Nice music given back is a gift.
jimbeaux 12:03:09 AM
Yeoooo CJ & peeps!
Ambrose Hughes 12:03:47 AM
Yeaux Jimbeaux!
Roffle... 12:03:57 AM
jimmy! :}
TAndy 12:04:05 AM
CJ (host) 12:04:27 AM
hey jimbeaux!
Roffle... 12:05:30 AM
It's only midnight!
Colin 12:06:25 AM
I like how we get double shots on this train.
Ambrose Hughes 12:06:58 AM
Choo choo!
jimbeaux 12:07:06 AM
I thought that oh sees track was 12 different bands...
Roffle... 12:07:56 AM
Bullet trains are the best! Japanese time travel.
CJ (host) 12:09:03 AM
if only we had a bunch of those trains over here! would love to cut my commute time to NYC down
Ambrose Hughes 12:09:04 AM
@Roffle, you can testify?
CJ (host) 12:09:22 AM
@jimbeaux so true
CJ (host) 12:09:51 AM
@Colin some of these albums are too good to only include one track haha
TAndy 12:11:13 AM
TAndy 12:11:25 AM
I listened to that entire album last week, it was a total banger
Ambrose Hughes 12:11:41 AM
@CJ, an album ought to have at the very least two good songs.
CJ (host) 12:12:30 AM
also true 😅
jimbeaux 12:12:57 AM
Yeah, we need better train infrastructure...cars are killing us with convenience.
Roffle... 12:13:09 AM
Okay, my head feels better with this in a mathy way. I'm good!
Ambrose Hughes 12:14:34 AM
@jimbeaux, big time. Potus promises change ...watch this spot.
CJ (host) 12:14:45 AM
@roffle plenty more of that coming up!
TAndy 12:15:02 AM
CJ (host) 12:16:05 AM
I feel like if we had modern public transport infrastructure it'd possibly be more convenient than cars for a decent amount of people - no insurance or anything to worry about when the train always arrives on time and often
TAndy 12:16:22 AM
Final boss music right here
Colin 12:16:27 AM
I've recently had some, your train system is better than mine, envy recently.
Roffle... 12:16:38 AM
Thank you CJ!
Colin 12:16:48 AM
tandy found the words to describe this set!
TAndy 12:17:16 AM
I would love better public transport to go around, but dammit I love driving. It may also mean less cars on the road, meaning more fun for people like me.....
Colin 12:17:35 AM
this genera is now called bad ass final boss music.
jimbeaux 12:18:05 AM
Thomas the Train Envy 🚂🚋🚋🚋🚋
TAndy 12:18:18 AM
I feel that a big hindrance for public transport for a lot of our country is the fact that everything is so spread out, meanwhile in Europe a lot of urban centers don't have so much sprawl, with industry in the middle of nowhere like we do here.
Colin 12:19:02 AM
jim with final boss emoji moves!
Colin 12:19:34 AM
that is true tandy, we spread our selves out pretty good over here.
jimbeaux 12:19:49 AM
Need better/safer bike infrastructure. Sprawl does make it tougher.
Ambrose Hughes 12:21:00 AM
@Tandry, agreed! On a small scale it def has it's perks.
Colin 12:21:50 AM
man spreading coast to coast! on a positive note, at least in the burbs the bike trail network has seen some development. could be faster. lots of unused rail lines.
TAndy 12:22:40 AM
This song goes hard
Colin 12:22:43 AM
this dope stars track
TAndy 12:24:06 AM
There's a couple of YouTube channels that cover the infrastructure issue perfectly. Not Just Bikes and City Beautiful
CJ (host) 12:24:25 AM
there's a bunch of dope stars tracks I can't play due to lyrics unfortunately, but they do go hard
TAndy 12:25:11 AM
Jeez... Never thought I'd hear Crossbreed on WPRB but here we are
Roffle... 12:25:50 AM
This is boss! I love where the train is going tonight! I think Mike needs to explore podcasts for WPRB! Fuck the FCC!
CJ (host) 12:26:11 AM
amen haha
TAndy 12:26:18 AM
A curse word!!
TAndy 12:26:24 AM
TAndy 12:28:13 AM
This puts me in a mood to blast some angerfist later tonight
CJ (host) 12:28:51 AM
honestly if any kids out there are getting their music from wprb they deserve the privilege of hearing curse words lmao
jimbeaux 12:29:17 AM
Will check out those YT channels andrew!
Roffle... 12:29:31 AM
Growing up is just a thing!
Roffle... 12:30:33 AM
Every househole has HBO and whatever these days.
Roffle... 12:30:56 AM
Roffle... 12:31:41 AM
Hole, might not be off that much... lol
jimbeaux 12:31:42 AM
One of my kids has a few fave prb shows.
jimbeaux 12:32:53 AM
Househole...the new cozy.🕳
Roffle... 12:36:02 AM
lol Jim!
TAndy 12:36:24 AM
This album has been getting a lot of airtime on PRB lately!
CJ (host) 12:36:44 AM
if only the tracks were longer
CJ (host) 12:37:00 AM
I gotta play it as a VR junkie
Roffle... 12:38:24 AM
I won't bother to request "Add it up". Just sorta wanna though.
Roffle... 12:39:12 AM
Bleep, bleep! lol'
CJ (host) 12:40:24 AM
many, many tracks by that name lol
Roffle... 12:41:52 AM
Violent Femmes. LOl
Roffle... 12:42:38 AM
Just kidding
CJ (host) 12:48:23 AM
oh lmfao
CJ (host) 12:48:39 AM
only if I wished for the wrath of the FCC
Roffle... 12:49:26 AM
Those sudo gods would riot!
TAndy 12:49:29 AM
mucho kawaii daysoo nay
TAndy 12:50:04 AM
CJ (host) 12:50:07 AM
alright now for something less kawaii
CJ (host) 12:50:10 AM
new pond
TAndy 12:51:05 AM
Might actually get the deluxe album on vinyl if they have it
Roffle... 12:51:13 AM
Launch! Nice
TAndy 12:52:25 AM
Absolute belter of a show tonight CJ, huge ups!
Roffle... 12:53:24 AM
Wonderful show CJ! Loved the good tunes!
TAndy 12:53:48 AM
new king gizz too? you're after my heart
CJ (host) 12:53:59 AM
gotta end off strong!
Roffle... 12:56:49 AM
My day is better and I appreciate it wit my ears.
Colin 12:57:07 AM
that was a pretty great ride crew!!
Ambrose Hughes 12:57:50 AM
CJ, this was real deal. Thank you!
CJ (host) 12:58:35 AM
Thanks for hopping on the train tonight everyone! Glad y'all enjoyed!
CJ (host) 12:58:47 AM
Take care!