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A Lull in Conversation

Feb 3, 2022 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

With Lili

SHE'S BACK (who allowed this?)

another spring full of flying flooery. flying fololoery. flying foolery. there we go.

A Lull in Conversation
3:04 PM
Amy Reid - Fractured Reality
Amy Reid Fractured Reality N
Dome Trax - EP sound as language 2021
3:09 PM
Natural Man Band - The Hammer
Natural Man Band The Hammer N
Living in a Chemical World Lumpy Records 2019
3:12 PM
Pardoner - Came Down Different
Pardoner Came Down Different
Came Down Different Bar/None Records 2021
3:15 PM
Deziak - Moods of the Ocean
Deziak Moods of the Ocean
Deziak's Odyssey self-released 2021
3:19 PM
Mom Jeans. - Graduating Life
Mom Jeans. Graduating Life N
Graduating Life - EP Many Hats Distribution with Sequel Music Group 2021
3:22 PM
Carpool Tunnel - Better Now
Carpool Tunnel Better Now
Better Now - Single Sound B Studios 2019
3:29 PM
Amyl and The Sniffers - Starfire 500
Amyl and The Sniffers Starfire 500
Amyl and the Sniffers ATO Records 2019
3:32 PM
The Lazy Eyes - Hippo
The Lazy Eyes Hippo N
Hippo - Single self-released 2022
3:35 PM
Just Friends - Fever
Just Friends Fever N
Basic EP Pure Noise 2022
3:40 PM
UNPOP - Imperfect
UNPOP Imperfect N
Moby Night Shift Media 2021
3:41 PM
Trauma Harness - Organ Donor
Trauma Harness Organ Donor N
Organ Donor/You are the Hero Lumpy Records 2021
3:45 PM
Martha And The Muffins - Act Like a Woman
Martha And The Muffins Act Like a Woman N
Marthology: The In and Outtakes Popguru 2021
3:55 PM
The Lazy Eyes - Cheesy Love Song
The Lazy Eyes Cheesy Love Song
EP1 - EP The Lazy Eyes 2020
4:01 PM
Wau Wau Collectif - Yaral Sa Doom II
Wau Wau Collectif Yaral Sa Doom II
Yaral Sa Doom Sahel Sounds 2021
4:04 PM
The Marias - All I Really Want Is You
The Marias All I Really Want Is You N
CINEMA Nice Life/Atlantic 2021
4:07 PM
Rebe - jamon
Rebe jamon
solo pasiones... - EP Elefant Records 2021
4:11 PM
Golden Apples - Wildflowers
Golden Apples Wildflowers N
Shadowland Lame-O Records 2021
4:15 PM
Born Ruffians - Ring Finger
Born Ruffians Ring Finger N
PULP Wavy Haze Records / Fontana North 2021
4:18 PM
Spud Cannon - Thrum a Dum
Spud Cannon Thrum a Dum
Next Time Read the Fine Print Next Time Read The Fine Print 2017
4:26 PM
Mom Jeans. - Edward 40Hands
Mom Jeans. Edward 40Hands
Best Buds Many Hats Distribution with Sequel Music Group 2016
4:31 PM
The Eradicator - I'm a Squash Man
The Eradicator I'm a Squash Man
The Eradicator Stonewalled 2017
4:33 PM
WWW - Realidad Virtual
WWW Realidad Virtual R N
Mundo Virtual - EP fichinesruidozafarla 2021
4:35 PM
The Anniversary - All Things Ordinary
The Anniversary All Things Ordinary R
Designing a Nervous Breakdown Vagrant Records 2000
4:39 PM
The Story So Far - Solo
The Story So Far Solo
The Story So Far Pure Noise Records 2015
4:46 PM
Holy Wave - Mouth Mountain
Holy Wave Mouth Mountain
Relax The Reverberation Appreciation Society 2014
4:50 PM
Holy Hive - Hypnosis
Holy Hive Hypnosis
Float Back To You Big Crown Records 2020
4:55 PM
4:58 PM
Remember Sports - Like a Stone
Remember Sports Like a Stone R N
Like a Stone Father/Daughter Records 2021
Chat is archived.
Brian D 3:08:57 PM
This Tom character seems to think that they've cornered the market on foolery. Timfoolery, Tanyafoolery, Terryfoolery, Tinafoolery why even Richardfoolery and Harryfoolery as well...
Brian D 3:09:14 PM
They are all valid fooleries
crucialobject 3:13:45 PM
wonderful show already!
lili (host) 3:13:58 PM
right? i wanna see some tracyfoolery. tammyfoolery. tyronefoolery.
Esoterica 3:14:55 PM
hi lili!
Brian D 3:15:08 PM
Note we requested that Richard rename his foolery using his full first name. This is a family program.
Jon Solomon 3:21:23 PM
Waiting in a foggy wooded parking lot while reading a book is a nice way to enjoy this show.
Jon Solomon 3:21:33 PM
(This is how I am enjoying this show.)
Esoterica 3:23:11 PM
stay safe, jon!
Esoterica 3:23:17 PM
and howdy
lili (host) 3:24:43 PM
fog + music is my favorite... i get bay area flashbacks
DSM 3:25:23 PM
Hey lili and foggy friends.
Esoterica 3:25:49 PM
if you see adrienne barbeau, run, jon (reference to the old "the fog" horror flick lol
DSM 3:26:20 PM
Yeah, I used to live in SF and the fog came in like clockwork at 4 in the summer. So weird coming from the east coast. But loved.
DSM 3:26:43 PM
Eso, that's one of my fave horror movies. Great atmosphere
Brian D 3:28:19 PM
Mom Jeans. Carpool Tunnel. All good names and songs. Edward Fortyhands a great name and silly game as well
Esoterica 3:28:21 PM
yeah it is cool, dsm! stepehen king didn't write it did he?
Esoterica 3:28:26 PM
DSM 3:29:46 PM
I don't think so, but he did write Christine which John Carp directed
Brian D 3:30:15 PM
Remember that 70s 80s horror movie "The Noun"? Or The Verbing? Or that band The Plural Nouns?
DSM 3:31:32 PM
ha, yes quite a few Brian!
Brian D 3:32:39 PM
Life rejuvenated as Amy L and co pump out of the speakers!
Brian D 3:35:04 PM
Set a chorus of your flangers to phase!
Brian D 3:36:14 PM
Great set here wow Lili
mark 3:36:51 PM
@esoterica fog wasn’t written by Stephen king but film screenplay co-wrote by Debra hill as lizbot often mentions was from Haddonfield NJ
Esoterica 3:41:09 PM
thx, mark!
Esoterica 3:41:22 PM
right, debra hill!
Bud Burroughs 3:46:04 PM
Really liking this Trauma Harness tune. I'm not familiar with them, and I'm shocked that it's from 2021 - sounds like 1985! (In a good way...)
Brian D 3:46:26 PM
Yeah that was catchy
Griffin Jones 3:50:09 PM
just joined and already looking up the whole trauma harness discography. great tune
Brian D 4:01:43 PM
Oooo love this Wau Wau!
lili (host) 4:08:10 PM
sahel sounds never fails :D
Jon Solomon 4:23:30 PM
All Sahel releases name your price tomorrow on Bandcamp. Go bananas!
Jon Solomon 4:23:40 PM
Or nuts! Or a third expression of your choosing!
Grady 4:28:37 PM
can u play some www ...
lili (host) 4:30:52 PM
fasho! what're u in the mood for?
Grady 4:31:18 PM
literally anything except track 4 off their latest (i think track 4 is the one that is slower than the rest)
Grady 4:31:21 PM
maybe fiesta lan
Grady 4:31:25 PM
or realidad virtual
lili (host) 4:32:44 PM
is realidad virtual cleano burrito?
Brian D 4:34:12 PM
Hopes and dreams were squashed...
grady 4:34:18 PM
yea they r all spanish
grady 4:34:22 PM
Brian D 4:34:44 PM
Sent myself a reminder about Sahel Sounds on Bandcamp tomorrow Jon thanks!
Brian D 4:45:36 PM
Fee-CHEE-ness-roo-ee-DOE-sa-FAR-la. (Or roo-ee-DOE-tha for Spain ha)
Brian D 4:59:46 PM
Really fun show Lili!
lili (host) 4:59:59 PM
thanks for tuning in brian!
lili (host) 5:00:09 PM
love love love to all!!