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The Downer Party

Jun 27, 2021 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

With Casey

The Downer Party
6:00 PM
Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - One Track Mind
Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers One Track Mind
L.A.M.F. Track Records 1977
6:03 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:04 PM
Morbo - En el cubil
Morbo En el cubil N
¿A quién le echamos la culpa Cintas Pepe 2021

Punk rock from Peru

Titles translate as In the den / Whom do we blame?


6:07 PM
The Nerves - Hanging on the Telephone
The Nerves Hanging on the Telephone
The Nerves 1976
Cover of The Nerves' 1976 self-titled EP

First track of the LA power pop trio's sole self-titled, self-released EP; famously covered by Blondie on their album Parallel Lines

Reissued last year on Splattered Records

6:09 PM
The Love In - Late As Usual
The Love In Late As Usual
The Love In Out There Records 1987
Cover of The Love In's 1987 self-titled EP

Opening track to the Orange County band's only EP, compiled last year on Captured Tracks' American jangle pop rarities collection Strum & Thrum

Bandcamp | Vinyl

6:13 PM
Slade - Mama Weer All Crazee Now
Slade Mama Weer All Crazee Now
Slayed? Polydor 1972
6:16 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:20 PM
Curse Reverser - An Invitation
Curse Reverser An Invitation N
Paper Dinner 2021

Cover to Curse Reverser's debut album Paper Dinner

Pay-what-you-want single from the band's forthcoming debut Paper Dinner, featuring members of Line Leader


6:23 PM
Det Jordiska - Mitt Liv Är En Promenad
Det Jordiska Mitt Liv Är En Promenad N
Grisarnas År Lazy Octopus Records 2021
6:27 PM
WASNT WISNT - Can You Stand Up
WASNT WISNT Can You Stand Up N
Disassembling Already Dead Tapes & Records 2021
6:33 PM
São Paulo Underground & Tupperwear - Perenquén
São Paulo Underground & Tupperwear Perenquén N
Saturno Mágico KEROXEN 2021
Cover of São Paulo Underground & Tupperwear's album Saturno Mágico

Forthcoming collaboration between Brazilian and Chicago bands due out September 17


6:42 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:45 PM
METZ - A Boat to Drown In
METZ A Boat to Drown In
Atlas Vending Sub Pop Records 2020

METZ and Preoccupations' upcoming tour, including dates in Brooklyn (December 9), New York (December 10) and Philadelphia (December 11)

Upcoming tour with fellow Canadians Preoccupations, including 12/9 at Elsewhere in Brooklyn, 12/10 at the Bowery Ballroom and 12/11 at The Foundry in Philadelphia

Bandcamp | Vinyl | Tickets

6:52 PM
Daughters - The Flammable Man
Daughters The Flammable Man
You Won't Get What You Want Ipecac Recordings 2018
6:54 PM
mclusky - No New Wave No Fun
mclusky No New Wave No Fun
mclusky Do Dallas Too Pure 2002
6:57 PM
Rotura - Palabras
Rotura Palabras N
Estamos fracasando El Lokal 2021
Pay-what-you-want album from this Barcelona punk band Bandcamp
7:01 PM
Deap Vally - American Cockroach
Deap Vally American Cockroach N
American Cockroach Cooking Vinyl Limited 2021
7:04 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:06 PM
Preoccupations - Espionage
Preoccupations Espionage
New Material Flemish Eye Records 2018

Touring with METZ this fall

Bandcamp | Vinyl | Tickets

7:10 PM
REBE - jamon
REBE jamon N
solo pasiones... Elefant Records 2021
7:14 PM
The Cure - The Funeral Party
The Cure The Funeral Party
Faith Fiction 1981
7:18 PM
STOOPS - Holding Back Your Hair
STOOPS Holding Back Your Hair
STOOPS 955995 Records DK2 2018

Pay-what-you-want album from live-in-studio guests including Randle Patrick McNuthing, Endling and Fast Car, Slow Car


7:22 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:26 PM
Haitus Kaiyote - Red Room
Haitus Kaiyote Red Room N
Mood Valiant Brainfeeder 2021
Cover for Hiatus Kaiyote's new album Mood Valiant

First new album in 6 years from the Australian neo-soul group

Bandcamp | Vinyl

7:29 PM
Joey Pecoraro - You Never Told Me That
Joey Pecoraro You Never Told Me That N
Old Time Radio Alpha Pup Records 2021

Forthcoming album from this Detroit producer

Bandcamp | Vinyl

7:32 PM
Evan Geiger - no we keep up
Evan Geiger no we keep up
south facing 2020
Lo-fi Hip Hop Beats To Relax/Study To™ from Fargo,ND


7:36 PM
Japanese Breakfast - Be Sweet
Japanese Breakfast Be Sweet N
Jubilee Dead Oceans 2021

Tickets still available as of yesterday for last Philly date 8/11 wit Spirit of the Beehive and first Brooklyn date 10/14 on their

Bandcamp | Vinyl | Tickets

7:39 PM
CDG - Audiophiles
CDG Audiophiles N
Unconditional Domestic Departure 2021


Bandcamp downloads benefit Mutual Aid Alliance Portland and Fires Igniting the Spirit

Bandcamp | Vinyl

7:42 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:45 PM
Bad House World Gone Mad 2021
Cover of POSITRONIX EP Bad House

Pay-what-you-want EP from this fantastic Philly post-punk band

Bandcamp | Cassette

7:48 PM
Priests - Doctor
Priests Doctor
Bodies and Control and Money and Power Don Giovanni Records 2014

Second EP from this sadly defunct DC band

Bandcamp | Vinyl

7:51 PM
Media Jeweler - Brushstrokes
Media Jeweler Brushstrokes N
The Sublime Sculpture of Being Alive Fire Talk 2021
7:53 PM
Pom Poko - Andy Go To School
Pom Poko Andy Go To School N
Cheater Bella Union 2020
7:56 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:58 PM
Indigo Ranch - Moorish Rose
Indigo Ranch Moorish Rose
Love or Perish Moorish Rose Records 2021
Chat is archived.
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 5:59:25 PM
alright alright chat is open what's up everybody?
Jon Solomon 6:04:57 PM
Sweatin'. Chatin'. The usual.
Corage Mike 6:05:02 PM
Just got up from a nap. How are you?
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 6:08:10 PM
Same here Jon, although I just got back to my room after leaving the door closed with the AC running and it feels nice like an icebox
the_dude 6:41:30 PM
Aw man I think I got that memo, just woke up from a heavy nap myself, and now I'm stoked on this jam!
the_dude 6:56:58 PM
Oh and on that Mets song, and daughters is one of my fav bands...great show already Casey, glad to hear you again!
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 6:57:16 PM
Thanks Dude!
the_dude 7:00:14 PM
Of course! And pretty sure I heard Rotura for the first time on Tobias' show recently, definitely good to hear them around the station
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:01:39 PM
Yeah I've been really impressed with all this Spanish language punk we've gotten recently
the_dude 7:24:15 PM
Oh nice, so how does that work, the station is still getting sent music you have access to? Sounds cool
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:30:39 PM
Yeah. I don't know exactly how the music directors have been doing it, but a lot of labels have done digital promos for a while. My impression is we only got to using those for the station out of necessity in the past year but DJs make their own recommendations and I think some people have checked the mail periodically to collect promo CDs
the_dude 7:40:53 PM
Interesting, thanks for the info, always curious how the wprb machine operates behind the air waves. I imagine digital promos were big this past year
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:43:19 PM
Yeah I think college radio stations were most of the last holdouts for physical promos but probably in the worst position to rely on them last year
jimbeaux 7:44:51 PM
Whazzup downer partay?
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:45:23 PM
Hey Jimbeaux! Been wondering when you were gonna show up
jimbeaux 7:46:19 PM
Went to NY botanic garden...road fried!
jimbeaux 7:47:22 PM
I will be driving the Cross Bronx Xpressway in my dreams.
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:48:08 PM
Well I hope you had a good time. Sounds like a nice trip
jimbeaux 7:49:02 PM
What band did you say blew your mind? Sure that's an expansive list...
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:50:50 PM
the_dude 7:51:47 PM
Yeah that track ripped, glad they're local, hope to catch them somewhere soon
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:51:53 PM
Heard them a week or two ago on Dana's show driving home from work
the_dude 7:52:09 PM
And don't you love that distinct priests sound?
jimbeaux 7:52:56 PM
That was good stuff! Yeah Priests...saw them open for Screaming Females. Ripping'.
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:53:12 PM
I was just gonna say that's the first time I heard them!
the_dude 7:54:00 PM
That would be a fun show, damb
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:54:13 PM
Screamales are playing the Church again in November if I'm not mistaken
jimbeaux 7:54:28 PM
At that show? Was at F.U. church. Was my oldest kids first punk show!
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:56:23 PM
Wasn't Vacation one of the openers for that? I think I missed them and I was upset after I heard their record
jimbeaux 7:56:50 PM
Yeah, vacation and Tenement.
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:57:45 PM
I think I caught Tenement but maybe it's just cause they were the opener at the same place the first time I saw them
jimbeaux 7:58:15 PM
Ye old Don Giovanni showcase!
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:58:51 PM
Love it. Miss it dearly
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:59:25 PM
I was right. They are playing the Church again 11/6
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 8:00:09 PM
Take care everyone. Thanks for listening!
the_dude 8:00:14 PM
Mrs. Dude says hi Casey, she's a big fan of your show, definitely putting that one on the calendar, thanks again, cheers!
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 8:01:38 PM
Thank you ma'am 😊