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oh, he's still on air?

May 23, 2021 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

With xenfoyel

Music with words you can't understand; Music without words you can understand. Gregorian chants, synthetic vocals, ambient electronica. In that order, with some wiggle room in-between.

oh, he's still on air?
10:00 AM
VOCES8 - Miserere Mei
VOCES8 Miserere Mei
Lux Decca Music Group Ltd. 2015
10:08 AM
VOCES8 - Sleep
VOCES8 Sleep
After Silence IV. Elemental
10:13 AM
Björk - Vökuró
Björk Vökuró
10:16 AM
Radmila Dimic - Ko T' Pokida Sa Grla Đerdane
Radmila Dimic Ko T' Pokida Sa Grla Đerdane
Ko T' Pokida Sa Grla Đerdane / Što Grad Smederevo
10:20 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:21 AM
Ichiko Aoba - iam POD (0%)
Ichiko Aoba iam POD (0%)
10:27 AM
Satomimagae - Uchu
Satomimagae Uchu N
Hanazono PLANCHA 2021
10:31 AM
Moses Sumney - Gagarin
Moses Sumney Gagarin
græ Jagjaguwar 2020
10:37 AM
Yves Tumor - Blood & Innocence
Yves Tumor Blood & Innocence
When Man Fails You
10:43 AM
Eartheater - Fantasy Collision (La Petite Mort Edit)
Eartheater Fantasy Collision (La Petite Mort Edit) N
Phoenix: La Petite Mort Édition PAN 2021
10:47 AM
Ana Roxanne - Immortality
Ana Roxanne Immortality
~~~ - EP
10:51 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:52 AM
Nikolaienko - Mirrorage
Nikolaienko Mirrorage N
Rings 2021
10:54 AM
Balam Acab - Fragile Hope
Balam Acab Fragile Hope
11:00 AM
Olivier Alary - My Night, My Day
Olivier Alary My Night, My Day
11:05 AM
Grouper - Opened Space
Grouper Opened Space
Cover the Windows and the Walls
11:11 AM
Malibu - Tilting On Windmills
Malibu Tilting On Windmills
One Life - EP
11:19 AM
HVAD & Pan Daijing - Zhao Hua
HVAD & Pan Daijing Zhao Hua
Mono No Aware 2017
11:26 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:27 AM
Dedekind Cut - ☯
Dedekind Cut
$uccessor (Ded004)
11:32 AM
Andy Stott - Leaving
Andy Stott Leaving
Luxury Problems
11:35 AM
Vanessa Amara - Leopards, Pt. 2
Vanessa Amara Leopards, Pt. 2
Leopards Posh Isolation 2020
11:39 AM
Kara-Lis Coverdale - Imgs /R
Kara-Lis Coverdale Imgs /R
11:44 AM
Tim Hecker - No Drums
Tim Hecker No Drums
Ravedeath, 1972
11:47 AM
Andy Stott - Time Away
Andy Stott Time Away
Faith In Strangers
11:53 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:55 AM
Yiruma - Serenade in D-Flat
Yiruma Serenade in D-Flat
Blind Film SME Korea Inc. 2013
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nyctophiliac (host) 10:01:40 AM
good morning everyone
Pat Von CC 10:03:27 AM
Hello, hello!
nyctophiliac (host) 10:04:06 AM
glad to have you here !
Rhonda Haley 10:16:47 AM
I always love our old reverent music. We are centuries apart from the original composers, singers, and musicians. Just imagine what it was like to be in the middle of a performance group in an actual cathedral. At our time so far removed, it is always a privilege and a joy to be centered for a while with such beautiful music.
nyctophiliac (host) 10:17:37 AM
very well put, although both vokuro and sleep were modern choral pieces aha
nyctophiliac (host) 10:17:56 AM
this current song is a 50s-era recording of a folk song
Rhonda Haley 10:23:55 AM
Also love music in other languages. We all speak the same highs, lows, and mellows.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 10:59:02 AM
Nice selections this morning, nyctophiliac.
nyctophiliac (host) 10:59:24 AM
thank you dave, nice to see you stop by :)
DSM 11:25:26 AM
This is pairing very well with a fruit salad I’m eating
nyctophiliac (host) 11:26:31 AM
glad to hear, I just enjoyed a thick slab of watermelon myself !
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 11:27:33 AM
I had strawberries and raspberries.
DSM 11:27:59 AM
Fruit season in full effect!
DSM 11:57:21 AM
Great show, have a wonderful week!
nyctophiliac (host) 11:57:32 AM
thanks, you too :)