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oh, he's still on air?

Apr 18, 2021 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

With xenfoyel

Starting with some luscious electronica/ambient into to k-alt pop inspired tracks, going full blast into hyperpop and club-y "oonts oonts" beats to get you off your feet before drifting off into some songs working with orchestral orchestration in the 21st century

oh, he's still on air?
10:01 AM
FKA twigs - Preface
FKA twigs Preface
LP1 Young 2014
10:04 AM
Arca - Gratitud
Arca Gratitud
Mutant Mute 2015
10:07 AM
Flora Yin-Wong - Lugere
Flora Yin-Wong Lugere
Mono No Aware PAN 2017
10:10 AM
Björk - Claimstaker (feat. Arca)
Björk Claimstaker (feat. Arca)
Utopia 2017
10:14 AM
Toby Fox - Uwa!! so Temperate♫
Toby Fox Uwa!! so Temperate♫
Undertale Soundtrack 2015
10:14 AM
Balam Acab - Riding on an Arc of Light
Balam Acab Riding on an Arc of Light
Free Etherea
10:17 AM
Vegyn - Fake Life
Vegyn Fake Life
Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds 2019
10:20 AM
aNTOJE - P34chbuttr++
aNTOJE P34chbuttr++
TUJ Tape
10:21 AM
yeule - Desire
yeule Desire
Pathos - EP 2016
10:26 AM
Aseul - Dying Practice
Aseul Dying Practice
Slow Dance
10:29 AM
OOHYO - Butter Chicken
OOHYO Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken - Single
10:34 AM
yukari - Marginal Man
yukari Marginal Man
10:39 AM
Ashmute - Summer's Gone
Ashmute Summer's Gone
Summer's Gone - Single Gost 2018
10:43 AM
Rainbow note - Cherry Blossom
Rainbow note Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom - Single
10:47 AM
Silica Gel - Kyo181
Silica Gel Kyo181
Kyo181 - Single
10:51 AM
Paulie Leparik - Middy Titty
Paulie Leparik Middy Titty
Neon Daydream
10:52 AM
Kero Kero Bonito - Lipslap
Kero Kero Bonito Lipslap
Bonito Generation Sony Music Labels Inc. 2017
10:56 AM
SOPHIE - Vyzee
Vyzee - Single Numbers 2015
11:00 AM
Gozling - Shadowork
Gozling Shadowork
Shadowork - Single
11:03 AM
shawn wasabi - Burnt Rice (feat. Yung GEMMY)
shawn wasabi Burnt Rice (feat. Yung GEMMY)
Burnt Rice (feat. Yung GEMMY) - Single
11:05 AM
Gesaffelstein - Destinations
Gesaffelstein Destinations
11:09 AM
Arca - Riquiquí
Arca Riquiquí
KiCk i XL Recordings 2020
11:11 AM
Eartheater - Preservation
Eartheater Preservation
Trinity 2019
11:15 AM
Weyes Blood - Andromeda
Weyes Blood Andromeda
Titanic Rising Sub Pop Records 2019
11:20 AM
Caroline Polachek - The Gate
Caroline Polachek The Gate
Pang Perpetual Novice 2019
11:21 AM
Yedgar - Life Cycle
Yedgar Life Cycle
Life Cycle E.P.
11:25 AM
Kirara - Worries
Kirara Worries
11:33 AM
Toby Fox - Determination
Toby Fox Determination
Undertale Soundtrack 2015
11:34 AM
James Blake - Assume Form
James Blake Assume Form
Assume Form 2019
11:39 AM
Oneohtrix Point Never - Still Stuff That Doesn’t Happen
Oneohtrix Point Never Still Stuff That Doesn’t Happen
Age Of Warp Records 2018
11:43 AM
Sevdaliza - Amandine Insensible
Sevdaliza Amandine Insensible
Children of Silk - EP Twisted Elegance 2015
11:47 AM
Alanis Morissette - Til You
Alanis Morissette Til You
Havoc and Bright Lights Epiphany Music 2020
11:51 AM
Mathew Joseph - Moonshadow
Mathew Joseph Moonshadow
Moonshadow - Single Mathew Joseph 2019
11:53 AM
Joanna Newsom - In California
Joanna Newsom In California
Have One On Me 2010
Chat is archived.
nyctophiliac (host) 10:02:11 AM
good morning everyone, happy sunday
the_dude abides (your pledge) 10:03:42 AM
Sup nycto!
nyctophiliac (host) 10:04:01 AM
welcome to the show mr dude! glad to have ya
nyctophiliac (host) 10:06:39 AM
omg i just realized, in my show description it says "orchestral orchestration"--it's supposed to be "electronic orchestration"
nyctophiliac (host) 10:06:48 AM
i just can't proofread apparently
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 10:13:01 AM
nyctophiliac (host) 10:13:49 AM
she's my all time fav artist !! she's hard to fit in a set sometimes since her music is so unique :(
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 10:14:55 AM
Well I'm so happy to have tuned in when she was playing! I've barely heard her music though actually :O what's a good starting point for diving in?
nyctophiliac (host) 10:16:26 AM
her first 4 albums are all pretty accessible and a great place to start! Debut is full of jazz inspired tunes, Post is very theatrical and pop, Homogenic is PEAK electronic music, and Vespertine is a lush orchestral album
nyctophiliac (host) 10:16:56 AM
her later works are amazing in their own right (my favorite album is Vulnicura, her seventh) but I think those take more time to get acclimated to
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 10:28:35 AM
Thank you!! I'll definitely be going on some explorations
nyctophiliac (host) 10:31:14 AM
of course :) hope you'll find something you enjoy
the_dude abides (your pledge) 10:33:40 AM
Recently been checking out her first name sugarcubes , where do they fit in for you?
nyctophiliac (host) 10:34:54 AM
To be honest i haven't listened to much of the sugarcubes, but they're a very groovy group and her voice is still much appreciated
nyctophiliac (host) 10:36:13 AM
i should probably do a deep dive into that part of her discog this week
the_dude abides (your pledge) 10:36:32 AM
Right on,yeah seem more if I had a more formed opinion I'd share it lol, still new to me but I like them. Seem more straightforward and rock than her solo stuff
the_dude abides (your pledge) 10:36:44 AM
So it and put some favs on next week's show!
nyctophiliac (host) 10:37:31 AM
I will def consider it! I was thinking of doing some classical programming next week but things are always subject to change :P
connor 10:53:40 AM
great great great show
nyctophiliac (host) 10:54:12 AM
thank you thank you i try my best
nyctophiliac (host) 10:54:27 AM
was worried people weren't gonna vibe with these upbeat tracks
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 10:55:07 AM
This is a big bop
nyctophiliac (host) 10:55:35 AM
i agree, KKB has such a fun vibe
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 10:55:41 AM
W.P.R.B. "Where People Respect Bops"
nyctophiliac (host) 10:55:55 AM
I cant decide which part of my set is my favorite today dkjfkdsj
nyctophiliac (host) 10:56:02 AM
and yessss i love that acronym
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 11:17:42 AM
OOOO I heard a song from this album recently on wprb and it also caught my ear, I guess I should listen to the album!
nyctophiliac (host) 11:18:23 AM
Ooh which DJ is also playing Weyes Blood? i must've missed their show
nyctophiliac (host) 11:18:41 AM
(and for the record, yes you definitely should!)
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 11:18:53 AM
I'm not sure, sorry! They played A Lots Gonna Change according to my notes haha
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 11:19:08 AM
AND they're from doylestown pa, not far from me!
nyctophiliac (host) 11:19:16 AM
no prob dw, and yess that one is really good too
nyctophiliac (host) 11:19:53 AM
if you don;t have time to check out the full album, listen to "Movies" cause that's my favorite
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 11:21:50 AM
Those unce unce songs def were great btw
nyctophiliac (host) 11:22:08 AM
glad you enjoyed them :D
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 11:22:16 AM
I will! Thanks!
nyctophiliac (host) 11:24:35 AM
of course, always here to provide song recs B)
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 11:48:52 AM
Such a great show!!
nyctophiliac (host) 11:49:18 AM
Thank you for supporting it so much ! Really excited for my closing track hehe
nyctophiliac (host) 11:49:27 AM
it's a special one
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 11:49:51 AM
Oh deer
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 11:51:04 AM
This songs chorus reminds me of something musically... it may or may not be Email Me Back by Britney Spears
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 11:51:39 AM
Blended with mitski's your best american girl
nyctophiliac (host) 11:51:49 AM
have to admit i haven't listened to much Britney, but i'll have to check that one out
nyctophiliac (host) 11:52:02 AM
ooh now that sounds interesting
connor 11:53:37 AM
oh hell yeah all time favorite
nyctophiliac (host) 11:53:58 AM
Joanna has quite literally gotten me through this semester
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 11:56:52 AM
Her debut album took me a few relistens to really get into and appreciate
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 11:57:14 AM
Also kate bush vibes now
nyctophiliac (host) 11:57:23 AM
Milk Eyed Mender is definitely her most inaccessible i think, that's fair
nyctophiliac (host) 11:57:39 AM
I cannot choose which of her albums is my favorite though, they're all so special
connor 11:58:13 AM
structurally its the most accessible, but her vocals in that era put some people off in a big way
nyctophiliac (host) 11:58:37 AM
yeah I would say the same
nyctophiliac (host) 11:58:49 AM
i love it all the same though
nyctophiliac (host) 11:59:08 AM
Swansea has been on REPEAT for me this week
nyctophiliac (host) 12:00:50 PM
love this last verse so much
Dan Ruccia 12:01:29 PM
Don't know this album nearly as well as the others for whatever reason. Her lyrics are always soooooo good!
nyctophiliac (host) 12:01:44 PM
her lyricism is unmatched!
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 12:01:48 PM
That was amazing
nyctophiliac (host) 12:02:03 PM
thank you all for tuning in, see y'all next week hopefully!
connor 12:02:15 PM
thanks for the show!
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 12:03:06 PM